Originally just casually decorated modern style, did not expect the effect after completion so amazing, 150 square meters of three-bedroom only used 140,000 yuan to achieve remarkable results, living room should be the most eye-catching space in the decoration, a variety of furniture should be suitable. Pay attention to the influence of light in the room, usually the living room is the brightest place. The existence of TV walls or effect walls in living room decoration can add a lot of color to the living room decoration, but pay attention to the choice of color, and do not contrast too much with the overall space.

The light coffee-colored sofa with the white marble coffee table is particularly beautiful and atmospheric, and the living room wall is also designed with decorative strips, with different sizes of hanging picture decoration, so that the layering of the entire living room is instantly improved a lot.

The living room features textured wooden floors and gray and white carpets, and the warmth is set off by natural light and ambient wall lighting.

The living room adopts a built-in through-roof TV cabinet, which not only increases the storage space of the whole house, but also can be used as a bookshelf to place and display crafts and green plants.

The requirements for bedroom decoration will be more stringent than other spaces, because the bedroom is a place for people to rest, in order to ensure that you have a good sleep, the bedroom must have sound insulation conditions, and the aesthetics of the bedroom also affect the mood of the owner, so a beautiful and private bedroom is very important.

The wall opposite the double bed abandons the traditional TV design, boldly adopts a projector, and is paired with a built-in white top-top wardrobe, which is full of modern style.

The bedside wall of the bedroom adopts a pink color scheme, and the wall is designed with a geometric decoration, with a solid wood double bed and bedside table, which is particularly beautiful and warm.

Although the space in the bathroom is not very large, there are a lot of projects, and waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-slip is the focus, so do not save on the budget of the cost. Especially in the pipeline design, we must consider a comprehensive point, the water seepage test must not be ignored, otherwise it is really very troublesome to want secondary construction in the future. In addition, the bathroom can design the basin in a relatively dry area, as far away as possible from the bathing area, and the height of the installation should also be considered comprehensively on the height and usage habits of the family.

The decorations of the restaurant can be ordered, after all, everyone’s eyes pay attention to the dishes on the plate, and the various decorations should be careful not to overwhelm the master. The light can be warm to enhance the atmosphere of the meal.

The original woody desk + multi-layer shelves are placed with green plants and literary knick-knacks, which are easy and practical and natural.

The two most important points of kitchen decoration are visually clean and refreshing; The second is to have a comfortable and convenient operation center. Cabinets should take into account science and comfort. For modern families, the kitchen is not only a place for cooking, but also a space for family communication, a leisure stage, necessary decorative supplies can still appear, decorative paintings and decorative objects can be placed.

The kitchen is beautiful and exquisite, and the circulation is also very reasonable, the white lacquered cabinets above, the original wood color below, and the middle wall is paved with geometric tiles in warm colors.

Do you know that children’s room decoration pays attention to detail? The decoration of the children’s room is mainly to meet the child’s use function and give the child a self-supporting space. Children should set up an independent children’s room for them from the age of 5, and cultivate children’s reading concentration and develop interests by setting up a special reading area.

How to decorate the entrance? Speaking of the entrance, do you know how uncomfortable it is to go out and change your shoes without a chair? It is absolutely necessary to put a shoe change chair in the entrance! After placing the shoes and chairs, hang clothes poles and mirrors in the upper margin, which not only makes full use of the space but also makes more beautiful, making every corner of the entrance come alive.

At the entrance entrance, a built-in entrance shoe cabinet was made, and some standing slippers could be placed underneath. The shoe cabinet is a three-zone design, the lower cabinet can be placed in the shoes that are often worn, followed by the middle part is an open storage space, you can easily place mobile phones, bags and other items when you come back from work, and the top can place some daily necessities, such as: umbrellas, shopping bags, etc., the overall design is very humane, and beautiful atmosphere.

Floor plans

Occasionally, when you come back from work, you can put your mobile phone, bags and other items temporarily, and some daily necessities can be placed at the top, such as: umbrellas, shopping bags, etc., the overall design is very humane, and beautiful and atmospheric.

, the top can be placed some daily necessities, such as: umbrellas, shopping bags, etc., the overall design is very humane, and beautiful atmosphere.

Floor plans

Floor plans

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