The orange name comes from fruit, orange. It is the color of the extension, which is adjusted by red and yellow. It represents the second color of the energy after the row is in red.

Color is an indispensable factor in shaping self-image. The color accounted for 80% of the entire visual information, and psychologists also tell us that there is a very wonderful connection between everyone’s personality and colors. It can also be roughly judged from the person’s character. Different colors reflect the tendency of different personality.

1. “Orange” color story

Orange is a striking color and a symbol of vitality. In addition, there are other symbolic meaning.

The picture on the left is the pioneer of France portrait of Fragonal, “Reading girl”. The side of the girl is sitting on the side, the instrument is thousands, very elegant and quiet. The large-scale orange youthful feeling, at the same time, the golden yellow dress is very full, adding a girl’s charm. The beauty of youth is very harmonious, and it is very harmonious. So this picture is also highly rated by famous aesthetic historia.


On the right, a picture is the most famous painter Frederick Leiden’s “hot June”, which is also a unique perspective. Plus a large-scale gorgeous orange, highlighting this work is extravagance, giving people a sense of energy. Indeed, benefited from orange striking characteristics, in life, many things are applying orange to attract everyone’s eye.

About orange unique culture, first need to start from yellow. Yellow symbolizes the perfect color, noble characteristics, so the ancient emperor of my country uses yellow, and the red represents lucky and power, orange happens to be in Huanghe

Between red

Another change in the colors. In Chinese Buddhism, orange is the color representing the great achievements, this is the highest realm of human beings in Buddhist ideology. Therefore, orange is also a symbolic color of Buddhism. Tang Yan’s dress is a typical, and he is wearing an orange.

In short, orange represents an abstract feeling of youth, vitality, vitality, health, and warmth, socializing and affinity, causing attention.

2. Fashion match of orange beauty

1) Orange + black

Brightening orange and mysterious black encounters, so that orange appends extra warm on black, which is a very suitable color matching method.

In the left, the fashionable orange leather skirt is equipped with the same color leather boots, highlighting the wonderful match, wanting a sense of aware of a simple black top to make you stand out.


In the right, orange and black-coated striped knit sets, lively, no more accessories, the whole visual gives people warm feelings.

2) Orange + white


Orange represents vitality, white represents fresh, orange and white match, give people a simple, neat sense, give people a strong visual impact, there is a strong contrast. Wearing orange and white costumes, you can perform a very generous girl.

In the left, the large-area orange and small-area white combination are used. For women in the workplace, if you want to shape more energy, strength, authority, and use this matching method. In addition, not only the color matching of up and down, one piece of accessories, such as a belt, a handbag, a pair of shoes, can also make your overall matching with a nunish.


In the right picture, the casual occasion orange is mixed with white, orange is more suitable for warm colors, and the affinity color is more comfortable, unique colorful interpretation is unique. If you want to try the proportion of approximately five or five points, there is no hard height condition. Don’t try it easily.


3) Orange + gray


Black and white ash is recognized as a colorless color, so the stimulating effect of the brain brought to people can be relatively weak. Wear gray alone makes a low-key, negative, silent impression. After gray is orange, it will produce a profound visual effect.


In the figure, orange is mixed with gray, giving people a sense of cool, very suitable for people with strong ability to control. The indifferent gray suit is low-profile and elegant, with warm orange hats and bags, giving people the eyes bright, instantly full of vitality.

4) Orange + coffee

Orange with brown, is a great color combination of warm colored people. As we all know, the same color system is in the strongest balance in the conduction effect of the visual. The coffee color is very beautiful, giving people a sense of connotation, and with orange, it can quickly ignite the brown.

Orange and brown color two colors are different. In the left, the glossy light coffee set is equipped with a quality, and the orange in the small area (1: 9) is embellished, and there are many vitalities in calm.


In the right picture, the bright orange and low-key coffee stitching are used on the coat, and the inner and lower matching are simple, how can I miss the special straight line?

5) Orange + powder

When the orange encounters pink, it is a soft side of women. Pink is the most feminine color, pink represents women’s pure and beautiful, if you can use pink in the process of clothing, you can not only make us look beautiful, you can give cute, delicate, gentle impression. Orange and pink combinations produce a very elegant and gentle feel. If you dress an orange and powder, you will make people feel pity, I feel that you are no big girl.


In the left, who said that pink can only match the romantic girl, look at the model on the model pink silk jacket with orange pencil pants,


Hard tare fabrics make the entire set of large-scale modern fans.

In the right, the upper hand is warm and orange, and the face is suitable for warm colors. The pink is pink. Match.

6) Orange + yellow


Bright yellow gives people a bright, sunshine, positive feeling. So yellow costumes can create a young family and a dynamic style, create a happy flavor. Orange is mixed with yellow, more visual sense of light, lively, and bright.

Orange and Huang match two extremely high-profile color combinations, if you master a bad proportion, then there is no taste, in the left, just the 1: 9 gold ratio of 1: 9, let you show your young charm.

In the right picture, the warm yellow shirt warm color is a single product of the people, the two high-profile color matching has joined the neutral neutralization, if you think that you can refer to the injection colorless, overall fashion high street Fan.


8) Orange + Green

Orange with green is a complementary color of fresh matching, giving people a sense of grade. The green represents a beautiful nature, making people feel gentle. If you put green into the clothing or makeup, you give people robust, understand people, straight, relax. Orange is green, will give people affinity, easy to accept, create a casual sense.

Orange and green combination want more taste, you must reduce the color saturation, such as the left, orange top with green pleated skirt, neck green streamers echo, more intensive.


In the right, dark orange shirts and military green jackets and trousers match, unique color schemes warm color talent casual occasion, let leisure, you can don’t have one.


9) Orange + blue

Orange itself represents high-profile, passion, and eye-catching colors. And more representatives are calm and calm. The collision of two colors gave people a strong visual impact.

In the left, you can take an orange sweater in your eye, orange and blue 2: 8 gold proportion, visual attractive eye, join the popular pockets with the color of the sunglasses, how to make the details decide to success or failure? When the treasure blue and orange are combined, it will give more people with a constant, rational feeling, relatively mature.

In the right picture, the orange wide legs are full, with blue handbags, in addition to attracting eyeballs, more reflecting this kind of fashion and open sense.

10) Orange + purple

Purple itself has gorgeous and unique advantages. When orange is purple, this is the most combination of all combinations.


The classic lavender of the left figure can wear the soul, giving mysterious and tempting. Orange as a small area of ​​handbag color, cleverly lights up the entire screen. These two colors make women with elegance, noble, high temperament, because of this bright joining, with some small playful, instant fashion, and vitality show.

In the right picture, the large-scale orange kit is combined with a small area of ​​the rude belt combination. The entire picture is not only strong, but it can highlight the modern fashion, graceful and gorgeous, the taste is full, the stage feels full.

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