Curtains also play an extremely important role in villa design and decoration. The color of the curtains directly affects the overall perception of the villa interior, and it is necessary to correctly choose the curtains and match the villa interior decoration. This requires mastering some skills in advance. Next, Hebang decoration takes you to take a specific understanding of how to correctly choose curtains and matching skills between curtains and villa interiors!

First, how to choose curtains correctly

1. When choosing curtains, the practicality and noise resistance of curtain fabrics can shield the outside world well. Generally speaking, the sound absorption effect of thicker fabrics is better than that of lightweight fabrics: cotton and linen curtain fabrics shade the sun, strong light in summer, and choose a good shading effect to ensure high quality.

2. The choice of curtain cloth depends on the room, and the curtains in the villa interior should pay attention to choosing the right curtain cloth, from the living room to the balcony, bedroom and other windows, and choose different curtains according to the different rooms.

3. The curtains show elegance, and the curtain cloth shopping mall also has rich stripes. If the window is short, do not select horizontal stripes or small flower images. If the vertical display is beautiful, small windows should not choose large stripes. Stripes on windows can be taboo, slanted.

4. Window fabric, among which window screen fabric includes cotton and linen, gauze, flannel, artificial fiber, etc. Cotton and linen are the most common curtain fabrics that only need to be cleaned and washed.

Second, the matching skills of curtains and villa interior

1. The color matching skills of curtains and interior decoration should consider the overall effect of the living room. But in general, thin fabrics such as cotton, nylon, roving, mesh fabrics can not only penetrate a certain degree of natural light, but also provide privacy and security during the day. In addition, this fabric is characterized by a soft texture, lightness, etc., so it is best to hang it on windows.

2. The matching skill of curtains and interior decoration is thick curtains, which has an important impact on the formation of a unique indoor environment and reduces external interference. Therefore, we should pay attention to the use of thick curtains. When buying thick curtains, it is better to choose curtains made of corduroy, wool, gold velvet and ramie.

3. The color matching of curtains and villa interior decoration should consider the color pattern of curtains. The color of the fabric should be consistent with the living room and chosen according to the local environment and season. Use cool fabrics in summer, warm fabrics in winter, and neutral fabrics in spring and autumn.

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