Immersion-interaction-imagination (immersion-interaction-imagination) as the three basic characteristics of virtual reality, “people” as the dominant form of interaction has created today’s VR glasses. According to everyone’s different needs, the concept of VR game consoles and VR home theaters is becoming more and more accepted.

And as popcorn movie lovers, with the establishment of families, the growth of children, personal free time is less and less, there is no time to go to the theater and want to experience the giant screen of the sense of both visual trade-off, VR theater both privacy and portability have a good guarantee, this time the author tried Skyworth S801 head-mounted theater for a week, but also to share with you, spit on the advantages and disadvantages of the product.

Simple packaging

This Skyworth VR all-in-one machine is positioned as an affordable private giant screen theater from the beginning of its design, the product model is S801, and the front packaging is a close-up of the product.

When the package is opened, the box distinguishes between the VR all-in-one machine and the accessory box, and the VR all-in-one part is protected by a black strip sponge above.

The family portrait includes a VR all-in-one, sponge mask, instruction manual, charger, data cable and elastic band.

Skyworth VR all-in-one machine S801, body size 177 x 106 x 133 mm (including sponge mask), weight about 319g, body has champagne color as the main body, front color is matte black. Due to the characteristics of its all-in-one computer, it can run independently of the computer and mobile phone, thus avoiding the influence of cables on the wearing experience.

In terms of hardware, Skyworth uses Allwinner’s 64-bit quad-core SOC–VR9, customized for the VR & AR market, ARM Cortex A53 architecture, with a high level of system integration and more powerful video playback functions and lower power consumption combined features, Mali T760 GPU supports up to 6K video decoding. With 2GB LPDDR 4X running memory and 16GB storage, the overall configuration is not high, and the game effect is average, but it is completely enough to watch videos as a VR theater.

Skyworth VR all-in-one S801 uses two aspherical lenses to achieve a viewing angle of 100°, embedded with a Fast-LCD 2.5K flash screen, supporting a resolution of 2560 x 1440 and a refresh rate of 72Hz. There is a stereo panoramic display next to the lens, which can bring the immersion of the sound field when wearing, and the distance sensor in the middle of the lens can confirm the wearing status at any time, and there will be sound prompts when it is removed and put on.

The power switch is at the bottom of Skyworth VR all-in-one S801, in addition to the microphone, TF card slot, volume up and down buttons are also here.

Both sides of the fuselage are controlled and interfaced, the left side is the status light, Mirco-USB charging interface, 3.5mm headphone interface; On the right side there are the back button, OK key, and Home button. The product is positioned as a theater, so there is no random distribution of VR controllers, all operate the 6DO gyroscope inside the fuselage to control the focus, and the button on the right side completes the operation. The first time you use it, you can press and hold the home button to position the main perspective directly in front, and the operation is simple.

Another very important part when wearing is the comfort level of the mask, the mask part is soft enough, skin-friendly, and comfortable enough, but if you want to adjust between a good sealing immersion effect and “heat”, this requires a reasonable adjustment and matching of the elastic band.

Enter the try-on

The specific effect also brings feelings.

After several adjustments, Skyworth all-in-one machine can completely isolate the ambient light, and after opening, the entire field of view is inside the fuselage, the immersion is still very good, there is enough space inside the mask, even if you wear glasses, you will not delay normal viewing.

Lens viewing effect

Sky UI is Skyworth based on Android 7.1.2 system optimization new version of VR operation interface, due to its Android characteristics, can install all Android applications. Sky UI itself integrates cinema, panorama and VR functions, and more than 5,000 blockbusters can be watched at any time (VIP permission required).

The 4K video effect selected in panoramic mode is very good, every detail of the environment under 360° panoramic viewing can be fully displayed, although Skyworth APP also has a lot of videos, but may be due to network bandwidth limitations, no local copy into the video is clear.

Cinema mode, the left and right eyes play the same picture at the same time, and you can switch between the five scenes of home theater, space capsule, iMax, midnight starry sky, and car theater, so that you have the feeling of being immersed. If you choose Angle Lock, the viewing angle remains dark except for the screen itself, and no matter how you move your head, the video is always in focus of your eyes.


As a traditional TV brand Skyworth, this VR all-in-one S801 focuses on a thousand-yuan head-mounted giant screen theater, which is very close to the people from the perspective of price positioning. Designed for VR, the Allwinner VR9 processor can easily decode 4K, 6K and other high-definition videos; Sky UI interface developed based on Android 7.1.2 is simple to operate, compatibility for all kinds of Android applications is very good, more than 5,000 blockbusters and network video resources are rich, but because there is no handle, so the use of the need for head movement and side button operation to complete slightly inconvenient, if you want to buy cheap and good effect of the VR all-in-one, it is recommended to take a look at Skyworth VR all-in-one S801. If you buy it, it is still very convenient to set a package with a handle.

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