As people’s aesthetic level gets higher and higher, many popular elements will appear every year, but sometimes when we carefully examine these popular elements, we will find that many fashion elements have appeared in the past, and they have appeared again, but only slightly changed. And the polka dot pattern has also appeared in front of people’s eyes again after a long period of dormancy!

Look1: Ruffled V-neck polka-dot dress

The overall design of this skirt is a dress that belongs to the sexy style, which is related to the deep V design of the skirt. But there are two other elements in the whole dress that lower the sexiness of the skirt itself, one is ruffles and the other is white polka dots. The design of the ruffled neckline makes the skirt pure, and the polka dots themselves are a very playful and cute element, so the perfect combination of the three makes this skirt have the purity and playfulness of a girl in the sexiness, perfect!

The price of this skirt is 1139 yuan, in addition to the orange yellow and white dots to choose from, there is also a white and red dot to choose from. Compared to orange, the pure breath of white is a little stronger.

This dress is also a ruffled V-neck + polka dot design, but the ingenuity is that a tonal belt is tied around the waist to highlight the curve of the waist, which is full of femininity. Of course, this dress is available in a pure red style in addition to champagne polka dots. The price is 399, the price is very close to the people!

Look2: Polka-dot wood-eared V-neck dress

Or it seems that the design of this skirt seems ordinary, the brighter place is only the V-neck design and the wooden ears of the neckline, but the whole skirt is very comfortable and natural, not eye-catching but making the person who notices feel comfortable. And the biggest caution of this skirt is on the back! The light fabric makes the entire back loom, which is simply praised!

Look3: Deep V polka dot dress

Also a deep V design, this polka-dot long-sleeved dress is completely sexy when worn on the body! The design of the deep V determines the general style direction of the entire skirt, after all, the deep V is too eye-catching. Black and white itself is the most classic color combination, and when it is combined with polka dot elements, there is a touch of mystery in the sexiness, a touch of retro, and a touch of playfulness. Paired with a pair of red high-heeled booties, it’s a visual shock!

Depending on the size of the polka dots, it feels completely different. The same is the deep V design, the density of small polka dots dilutes the sexiness brought by deep V, in addition, the two design elements on the sleeves are also full of caution, making people’s eyes still fall on the skirt.

Look4: Slip polka-dot dress

Slip dresses have always been a favorite style. The red long dress is lined with neat small polka dots, which may not be noticeable when you look at it casually, but these small polka dots quietly change the style of this skirt, making the original intense red become fresh and natural. Layered over long black sleeves and a white casual coat, it even conjures up a quiet, laid-back life.

Look5: Shirt sleeveless dress

Polka dot elements may only occupy about one-third of the section of this dress, but this only one-third can be combined with the remaining stripes and solid color parts, while lively and playful, while intellectually elegant. The splicing of the two, that is, there is a visual impact, and there seems to be a perfect transition, which is very eye-catching!

Look6: Knitted paneled polka-dot dress

The simplest black and white, but also the most comfortable colors. The black tight-fitting knit top outlines the most beautiful curves of women, which should make people feel sexy design, but because of the skirt with black dots on a white background and the bow around the waist, it becomes pure, quiet and elegant, which is simply loved!

Look7: Polka-dot jumpsuit with a neckline

The same black and white, casual taste of black and white solid color jumpsuit with corresponding color polka dots, with the casual and restrained of mature women, but also with the youth and playfulness of a girl, the spark makes the whole design look young.

Look8: Bohemian openwork polka-dot dress

Don’t underestimate the polka dot element, as long as it is properly designed, it can be perfectly integrated into any style of clothing. Bohemian style has always been the first choice for leisure vacations, but when the polka dot meets bohemia, “wave” and “wave” can actually hit a bigger wave. The beige big skirt and small gray polka dots are cute and interesting?

Look9: Vintage polka-dot fishtail dress

If you think that this dress looks prosaic, you really ignore the various cautions of this dress: puff sleeves cover the thick lines of the arms, the design of the chest outlines the silhouette, the fishtail skirt lengthens the leg shape, and the polka dots themselves have a retro taste, and the style of this skirt suddenly rises up!

Look10: Black and white polka-dot dress

As before, this dress also uses black and white to interpret polka dots, but the design of the two clothes is relatively simple and straightforward, allowing people to see at a glance what effect the two strong colors of black and white will have when matched with polka dots. It doesn’t disappoint that even the simple design looks generous and decent, perfectly combined!

Doesn’t a dress feel monotonous after a whole summer? The polka dot element will make you like

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