May be due to the age and the heart width body fat, in the choice of pants, for formal trousers or jeans began to gradually reject the mentality, but more and more like casual and comfortable sweatpants, this is not ~ recently started 90 points men’s fleece warm sweatpants wear feels really good, so share with you, like friends may wish to take a look!

The pants are dark hemp gray, don’t ask me why I chose this color, because it looks young, and it is also good to match clothes, of course, you like black or navy blue, and it is also available on the Xiaomi Youpin platform.

The top material of sweatpants is 93.8%, and 6.2% is spandex, the bottom layer is 94.7% polyester, 5.3% is spandex, in terms of touch and wearing experience, I personally think it is quite good, the fabric is very thick, has a certain texture, not the kind of thin products on the market.

Looking at the composition of the fabric, you may not be able to feel the texture of the sweatpants, but you can see that the surface has a delicate bamboo plain grain, and this composite fleece fabric is still good in the actual experience and touch.

The brand logo next to the sweatpants pocket, the delicate decoration shows the personality at the same time, but also plays a good embellishment, making the pants look less monotonous.

The pockets of sweatpants are very deep, so it is still possible to put some mobile phones, keys, headphones every day, and thanks to the thick fabric, even if multiple objects are placed in the pocket, there is no need to worry about falling, which I still like.

The specifications of the 90-point men’s plush warm sweatpants are designed for the Chinese body type, so that we don’t look too bloated when we wear them, what? Ask me why these pants look so big, I chose XXL! I didn’t say earlier that the years have grown and the heart is wide and fat, and choosing the largest size is suitable for my figure, but it looks big, the upper body is thin, and I will show you later.

The design of the waist drawstring will hardly pick the figure, as long as the length of the pants is appropriate, in fact, it does not matter much whether the daily tie is tied, the high-elastic pants can also shrink the waistline, do not worry about the embarrassment of slipping, but when exercising, I personally feel that it is necessary to adjust appropriately, so that even if you are strenuous in exercise, you can achieve a more comfortable state.

The same fleece inner material is soft and delicate, while bringing comfort to wear, it also has a good warmth effect, like our southern region, this pair of pants in winter can basically eliminate the need to add thermal pants.

The ribbed cuffs have good elasticity, and can effectively avoid cold air when it is cold, which has improved the warmth effect a step further, and the elasticity is moderate, without too tight feeling.

The details on the inside of the cuffs are displayed, there are no extra threads, and the stitching is quite tight.

Similarly, the turner with the trouser pocket is also very solid, and there is no need to worry about the problem of falling objects due to breakage.

By the way, speaking of trouser pockets, I suddenly remembered that there is another one on the back of the sweatpants, it is still good to put some tissues when going out for a walk or exercise, well, for the details of the 90-point men’s plush warm sweatpants is here, let’s see the effect of wearing.

The weather is getting cooler, the sweatpants are coming at the right time, are you ready? If not, you may wish to consider it, 90 points men’s plush warm sweatpants, I believe you will like TA!

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