Scrub | Stay away from goosebumps | Keep away from dry skin

#21天图文打卡挑战 (Phase 2)#

If you are rough or do not scrub all year round

So here are a few scrubs for you to choose from

1.Oh baby scrub 104

He’s an old influencer, but you know it

When he buys it, it gets more and more smelly, and the plastic smell is super unpleasant

It’s hard to push away, but he’s gentle and clean

2. Lux Plant Seed Scrub 49.9

The taste is rich in the same fragrance of Zumaron

The texture is like melted ice cream and it’s soft

After rubbing it off, the graininess is quite strong

The key is that after washing, it is particularly moisturized

The point is that he has niacinamide in it and it has a whitening effect

The value for money is super high

3. Dove Scrub 57

He’s Genlux, much like root ice cream, soft and fine

But her frosted feel will be a little stronger

4. Olay Scrub 99

This one is really, really not pricking people at all, and I’m afraid of pain, so I chose it

The scent is also very similar to skin care products

After washing, it is invincible and moisturized

The only downside is that it is not particularly easy to wash

5. Granny Scrub 39.9

I heard that this is a great treasure of Russia

Squeeze it up Oh my God, do the fighting nations use this coarse grain~

It is recommended that everyone do not buy indiscriminately!

The above is a collection of scrubs prepared for all beautiful women today~

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