Recent weather in Chengdu

Big sun for a while

A heavy rainstorm for a while

But this does not affect the enthusiasm of the people of Chengdu who can play and eat

You have to ask:

What do Chengdu people rely on to spend their hot summer days?

We would say:

Fondue and fruit!

After eating the hot pot and a tooth of watermelon, Morty has a good cool ( ̄『 ̄)

What do Chengdu people rely on to spend a rare weekend?

Mahjong and orchards!

While playing mahjong and picking fruits to eat, others call it alive, and Chengdu people call this life.

Nourished by a sunny day

The fruits around Chengdu also lived up to expectations

They all raised their voices and shouted, “We are ripe!” We are ripe! ”


Fa Zi pulled to the local meat test

Sorted out for everyone

The best and most complete fruit picking map around Chengdu!

Golden grapes, more beautiful than crystals

The grandmother of Jintang County said that the first batch of more than 30 precious grape varieties such as black ti, golden finger and beauty finger in Jintang have been ripened. In the summer of Chengdu people, it is purple when it comes to Jintangche!

(Image source: Jintang Zero Distance)

You see bunches of grapes lined up here, waiting for your pick.

Each grape is very full, just pick one and put it in your mouth. En~ The skin is thin and the flesh is thick and sweet, and the ba is suitable for the plate! Quietly Mimi tells you that the second grape picking festival in Jintang Zhao Town on July 2 has begun. Now you can grab free grapes and grape juice that you picked freshly picked.

Address: Jinguoyuan, Zhao Town, Jintang County, Chengdu

Route: Chengdu City – East Third Ring Road – Hurong Expressway – Chengba Expressway – Yingbin Avenue – Chengjin Avenue – Gucheng Street – Zhaozhen – Jinguoyuan

Longquan water peach, sweet than first love

Chengdu people playing mahjong under the peach trees in Longquan Mountain have been popular all over the country, and the peaches in Longquan are also selling better and better year by year. This year’s peaches ripen early, and friends who want to taste early should do it quickly.

(Image source: Palm Longquan)

You see this peach, a big round, crisp and sweet, juicy and fleshy soft ~ saliva is about to flow out~

Nearby there is also Po Lion Lake, which has clean water. Pick fruits in the morning, play cards and drink tea at the lakeside farmhouse in the afternoon, and eat some special farm dishes in the evening to spend a leisurely weekend.

Address: Changsong Township, Baihe Town, Longquanyi District, Chengdu

Route: Chengdu City – Jackie Chan Avenue West Section – Chengjian Express Passage – Changsong Village

Qingbaijiang plum, crispy over pancakes

The plums in Hongyan Village of Qingbaijiang are wild plums raised by nature! The green one looks so comfortable. With a light pinch, the “pop” will be made into two petals with a crisp sound, and a bite, sweet and sour, is simply too fresh to want!

(Image source network)

Climb the observation deck of Hongyan Village, and look at the more than 2,000 acres of plum forest, which is full of freshly ripe plums, pressing the branches and bending down, and tourists under the trees can pick them as soon as they reach out.

In addition to experiencing plum fruit picking, you can also taste local wild vegetables, local chickens raised in the forest, bile water tofu processed by stone grinding, green pork back pot, nine bucket bowls and other farm dishes.

Address: Hongyan Village, Qingquan Town, Qingbaijiang District, Chengdu

Route: Chengdu – Chengmian Expressway (Qingbaijiang Exit) – Chengxiang Town – Yaodu Town – Qingquan Town

Shuangliu fragrant pear, fragrant over Chanel.5

The sugar content of Shuangliu Mushan fragrant pear is 12%–13%, the skin is thin and crisp, and the taste is suitable; One bite, the juice splashes, the mouth full of sweetness, that feeling is really… Not swinging anymore!

(Image source: Shuangliu City Lookout)

As far as the eye can see, the green of the garden cannot be closed, the fragrant pears are hung all over the branches, and there is a hint of the sweetness of pears in the air. Come to the pear garden, pick how you want, no pollution, pick it without washing it and eat it~

Enough picking, next to the Makiyama Racecourse. Horseback riding at Makishan Racecourse, you can see lotus flowers, and you can also go fishing. Let you wave enough at once!

Address: Shengli Town, Shuangliu District, Chengdu

Route: Chengdu City – Chuangye Road – Yixin Avenue – Dajian Road – Muhua Road – Mushan Road – Shengli Town

Dujiangyan kiwi, red over small fresh meat

Dujiangyan red heart kiwi is really too red, all red overseas. Every year, there are more than 5,000 meals of red heart kiwi fruit, which are eaten by foreigners!

Dujiangyan Hongkou Township now has more than 10,000 mu of kiwifruit base, and basically every family is growing kiwifruit. It’s been cultivated for more than 20 years!

Thanks to its unique location, the red heart kiwi here is delicious and has a very comfortable bite.

Address: Dujiangyan City Hongkou Township 10,000 mu kiwifruit base

Route: Xujia Town – Xiang’e Township – Hongkou – Dujiangyan Scenic Area – Yutang Town – Zhongxing Town – Qingcheng Mountain View Area – Daguan Town (this route integrates agriculture and tourism, you can not only enjoy 10,000 mu of kiwifruit orchards, experience the fun of picking, but also enjoy the scenery of Qingcheng Mountain and Dujiangyan).

Dayi blueberries, blue across the ocean

As we all know, Dayi’s blueberry base is not only large-scale, but also has a wide variety, and Fazai once stood in front of the fruit shelf in the supermarket and looked away from blueberries, because imported blueberries are really too expensive, okay?

This Anren Blueberry Picking Expo Park, adult tickets 100 yuan, children tickets 50 yuan, you can eat casually when you go in, see clearly, it is casual to eat! With this appetite, if you don’t eat it for five hundred yuan, you will definitely not come out!

Address: Chengdu Dayi County Anren Blueberry Picking Expo Park

Route: Depart from Chengdu, follow the Chengwenqiong Expressway to the “China Museum Town”, and follow the signs to arrive.

Every fruit is so tempting

The hair boy almost didn’t know where to pick it

So, Fa Zi willfully decided:

The whole big event,

Please eat fruit for all Chengdu people

↓ The event is simple and bold

Chengdu departure, Chengdu food and Chengdu districts (cities) and counties of the most qualified self-media and tourism departments together to select the most suitable fruit picking garden for you.

It’s all meat testing!

Restless is definitely not wanted!

We also take you shopping, shopping, eating…

Not just picking fruits, but also the most characteristic local food, the best local attractions. In short, wherever the fruit is ripe around Chengdu, we will press it! And……

No money!

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You have to ask:

We would say:

(Image source: Jintang Zero Distance)

(Image source: Jintang Zero Distance)

(Image source: Palm Longquan)

(Image source network)

(Image source: Shuangliu City Lookout)

No money!

No money!

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