Belts have become a fashion, and looking closely at international fashion exhibitions, designers are already inseparable from belts. Especially for men, there are not many accessories that men can choose from, and belts are definitely the protagonists of this.

Let’s introduce several ways to buy a belt, choose a belt that highlights your charm according to your style, in addition, when women give gifts to their husbands, boyfriends and other members of the opposite sex, belts are also a very good choice.

So let’s talk about men’s belt types

There are two types of men’s belts, which are formal belts and casual belts. When many people choose a belt, the first step is wrong, thinking that the automatic buckle belt is the most formal, any clothes can be used, and when wearing a suit, it is also matched with an automatic buckle belt, in fact, the automatic buckle belt belongs to a casual belt, not a formal belt. Let’s talk about the difference between formal belts and casual belts

Formal belts

The style of the formal belt is a pin buckle belt, the style is simple, and there is preferably no obvious pattern on the buckle head. The color is mainly black, brown, and the material is genuine leather. Mainly with a suit and leather shoes, the leather belt is 3 cm, not too wide or too narrow. The dress belt should have 5 holes, and the third (or middle) hole should be exactly the right one.

Belt section process requirements: the use of full-plant tanned head layer of cowhide. Double layer of thin cowhide, hard leather core sandwiched in the middle, not too thick, the outer layer should be glossy. Single-layer thick cowhide is generally not used as a formal belt. The buckle head is preferably pure copper in the primary color, and can also be plated with platinum and rhodium plating. The stitches should be fine, preferably with sutures up and down, so that they are strong. The buckle head should be sewn to death, the worse is to fix it with screws, and the worst is to fix it with teeth.

The pin buckle belt has a long history and is an original match for suits with a classical taste. Especially in foreign countries, the style of formal belts is more particular, you can see that the formal belts of foreign big brands are all conservative and simple pin buckle type.

Leisure belt

The styles of casual belts mainly include automatic buckles, smooth buckles, etc., and some of the more fashionable pin buckle belts also belong to the casual category. Casual belts are also available in a wide range of materials, including various other leathers and canvases in addition to cowhide.

Due to the beautiful style and easy to use, the sales of casual belts are much greater than formal belts, generally speaking, ordinary people wear suits for very little time, casual belts are often more in line with daily requirements.

The automatic buckle belt does not need to be eyed, generally there are teeth behind the belt, and it can be tightened or relaxed when used. The pin buckle belt or smooth buckle belt has eyes on it, and it is inserted by the pin when used. From the perspective of convenience, automatic buckling is more convenient and fast. From a durability point of view, almost most pin buckle belts are more durable. The automatic buckle will have tooth surface loss, and the service life depends on the brand and quality of the belt.

Let’s talk about the leather of the belt

Crocodile skin

Crocodile leather is the platinum of leather, known for its luxury rarity. Crocodile leather’s wild texture and tough quality and many other advantages, coupled with factors such as the scarcity of leather production and the extremely complex production process, make crocodile leather belts expensive, but these can not stop people from loving it, many high-end leather goods brands will have several crocodile leather top products.

Belts made of crocodile leather are mostly spliced in many pieces, and they are already expensive in terms of their craftsmanship and material, so in addition to first-line luxury goods, other belts made of whole crocodile leather are basically not credible. However, for a civilian who advocates environmental protection and cannot afford the high cost of crocodile skin, my attitude is very strong: there is no killing without buying and selling.


Cowhide products have a hard and stiff texture, the embossing and natural texture effect on the belt make the belt more attractive, coupled with the excellent toughness and durability of cowhide, the price of cowhide belts is relatively expensive.

Expensive first-layer cowhide is often used to make business clothing belts; The price of two-layer cowhide is relatively low and is generally used to make leisure belts. The disadvantage of the second layer of cowhide is that it is easy to fade, especially in the summer when sweating more, it is not recommended to use the second layer of cowhide belt when wearing light-colored clothing.


Sheepskin is softer and lighter after peeling and layering, the belt texture is beautiful, the luster is soft and natural, the toughness of the sheepskin belt is worse than that of cowhide, the belt made of sheepskin is far less than crocodile skin and cowhide belt, generally used to make delicate wallets, gloves and other products.


The pores on the surface of pig leather are round and large, and the three are juxtaposed in a group, arranged in a triangle, each group is far apart, the leather surface is uneven, and the hand feels hard and rough. Even after polishing, it is recognizable. And there are great differences in the thickness of the skin of each part of the whole pig, and the cost is not low to make a belt with excellent quality. Perhaps because of cultural differences, pigskin has a fairly average status in the Celestial Empire, but in the eyes of Europeans and Americans, pigskin products are cost-effective and quite popular.


PU is commonly known as artificial leather, is one of the common belt materials, its biggest advantage is low price, bright and diverse colors, a variety of styles, but the toughness of leather is extremely poor, a PU material belt may only be used for 2 months ~ 3 months.

3. Belt buckle

The belt buckle, also known as the belt head or belt buckle head, is a hardware accessory at the front of the belt that is used to decorate and secure the entire belt. The change in belt trend is largely caused by hook fastening. The shape and size of the hook buckle also show the charm of men, the pin buckle belt shows the fashion and masculinity of men, and the board buckle shows the calm and rough of men.

Pin buckle:

It is divided into five categories: single pin buckle, double pin buckle, Japanese buckle, plate buckle, and automatic buckle.

Single pin buckle

: Black, chestnut, brown and brown single-pin buckle belts with formal wear are stress-free, and attending casual occasions is like a fish.

Double pin buckle

: The belt is more casual, unless the color is particularly calm (such as black), it is generally not recommended to wear a double pin buckle belt with formal wear.

Plate buckle

: The belt made of the buckle has a strong atmosphere, especially those golden buckles, which are deeply favored by middle-aged uncles.

Automatic buckle

: There is no hole in the belt, behind the belt is the car teeth, a sound that clangs when pulled, and the length is easy to adjust. You can say that the automatic buckle is convenient, but just like quartz watches and mechanical watches, automatic buckles are the quartz watches of the belt world. With the automatic buckle, a cottage atmosphere comes to the face. No matter how well you wear a suit and leather shoes, as long as you use the automatic button, you will instantly destroy your whole body image. And such a belt, the tooth surface of the belt surface wear is fast, a belt can be used for about 3 months.

4. Color

Fashionable men choose belts, the color requirements for belts are relatively richer, but unlike women in fashion, men’s choices are more subtle, and color changes are relatively subtle. Calm black and maroon are the first choice for formal occasions; Different from the rigid black one, dark brown and fashionable men hit it off; Light brown is a must-have for fashion and leisure. In the field of fashion and leisure, the color of the belt is relatively rich, in addition to light brown, royal blue, dark gray, reddish brown, white, etc. are quite marketable.

5. Size

The width of men’s belts is generally 2cm ~ 4cm, men in formal wear require atmospheric calm, so the choice of belt is usually about 3.5cm, the belt is too narrow to give people a non-mainstream atmosphere of washing and cutting, too wide belt is suitable for casual occasions.

The length of the finished men’s belt is usually 110cm~130cm, of course, some brands also prepare 150cm belts for some comrades with wide waists and fat bodies. After purchasing the belt, the clerk will cut and perforate the belt according to your personal waistline. When wearing the belt, usually the end of the belt is between the first trouser trip and the second trouser trip, and the longest should not exceed the second trouser trip, otherwise no matter how stylish the belt upper body, you can only be a turtle instead of a local tycoon.

The width of the belt has a great relationship with each person’s body type, not only with the matching clothes and the occasions attended.

People with a wide waist and a fat body are recommended to choose a belt with medium width and narrow (that is, about 3cm wide), too thin and incompatible with the body shape, too wide to highlight the waist more rounded; People with a thin and tall body can choose a 4cm belt, which can coordinate the thinness of the body shape through the width of the belt, which plays a complementary role.

Choosing a belt that suits you can also add points to your outfit

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