It is clear that you can take the lady route, but you have to take the trend route. There’s nothing wrong with chasing a sense of trendiness, but the key question is whether it’s right for you.

Dressing up for yourself is more important than blindly pursuing a sense of fashion trends.

Maybe for young people, it is easier to accept personality trend style dressing and like fancy style clothes, but you look back,

Simple and atmospheric clothing items can still be worn with a sense of fashion

At the same time, the challenge in collocation is also relatively strong, and it tests everyone’s aesthetic ability.

In winter, when warm clothing is the main thing, you can try to put down cumbersome and personalized clothes, and use simple and atmospheric clothing items as the mainstream of fashion, which can still play a role. As far as knitted items are concerned,

Solid color styles are more advanced to wear than bright colors that make people look dazzling

Girls give up the bells and whistles of knitwear, choose a solid color style, simple atmosphere and high-grade, winter is suitable for “minimalist style”, grab a knitwear casually, create a simple shape is too comfortable.

Choose knitwear in solid colors to create a high-end minimalist style that shows both texture and taste

, Let’s take this opportunity to feel it!

Fashion highlights in this issue: minimalist knitwear, how to use knitwear to create a light luxury look?

Minimalist knitwear

When it comes to minimalism, it must be clearly defined in everyone’s hearts, yes, a single plain clothing is a typical feature of a very simple product. The solid color knitwear shows the texture of the clothing with a single style, making it very temperamental for everyone to match.

A crewneck sweater with a classic black soothing charm, or an intellectual elegance in taupe

As well as khaki off-the-shoulder styles, among other things

, combined with each low-key and high-end color to present the dressing style, are very textured and tasteful, suitable for every age group of people to choose and match, but also can wear a different sense of beauty, showing unique styling characteristics.

How to create a light luxury look with knitwear?

There are many styles of knitted pieces, which can be switched freely as winter clothing, showing different style characteristics in different styles.

To create a light luxury look with knitwear, it also depends on the type of minimalist style

, the color is uniform, the tone is deep and advanced, and at the same time avoid a certain sense of fancy in the matching, you can fully show the light luxury charm of a dress.

Dark blue sweater with smoked gray wide-leg sweatpants

Use knitted pieces as a fashion base,

If you want to take the minimalist and light luxury route, then you should also master some tips in collocation

, avoid choosing colorful and personal pieces, on the contrary, the more casual sports clothing items are more suitable to match.

Among them, you can choose a blue knitted sweater with deep colors to match,

The soft texture of the fabric adds quality with a soft and delicate texture

At the same time, getting rid of the constraints of classic and versatile colors, choose deep and advanced dark blue as the main color, showing the high-end beauty.


Choose a pair of smoke-gray wide-leg casual sweatpants to match, the dark blue and high-grade gray color matching effect is a very eye-catching and high-class color matching

At the same time, under the harmonious matching of clothing patterns and the matching of fabric texture, it is further displayed to increase the role of fashion beauty and enrich personal styling, highlighting the sense of elegance and atmosphere, which is very attractive.

Pink knit cardigan paired with cream wide-leg pants

The key to the fashion charm of light luxury styling lies in color matching, uniform clothing colors,

And the color of a garment does not exceed two colors, the same dark color or the same light color, can fully play a role

。 If you want to create a high-end textured outfit with its light-colored clothing, it is recommended that you choose clothes with a softer tone.

For example, a taupe knit cardigan and cream wide-leg pants are good choices

, taupe pink mixed with a touch of delicacy and softness, combined with the casual laziness of the cardigan version and the fashion characteristics of the short version, can fully show the sense of elegance of wearing, age reduction and beauty.

Collarbone low-neck yellow slim-fit knit with black leg pants

Generally speaking, in order not to lose the temperature of wearing, the knitted items chosen are either round neck styles or high neck styles, and rarely have styles that show collarbones.

The choice of style that exposes the collarbone leaves a certain sense of space at the neck to show the beauty of the collarbone line and increase the eye-catching

And under the design of slim fit and fluffy cuffs, it shows the fashion beauty in a sexy way combined with cute and playful, full of charm. Also, if it is a choice

A cropped collarbone-baring knit with skinny black pants with small feet is a good choice, looking tall and thin

For knitted pieces that look out for taste, try minimalist styles

, you can easily achieve a glamorous look!

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