Magnetic switch means that it is induced by magnets, this “magnet” is a magnet, magnets also have several kinds, the magnets commonly used on the market are Limb Magnetic, Permanent Magnet, Burning-sensitive Iron Flip, etc. The switch is the reed switch. Reed switch is the abbreviation of dry reed switch, is a passive electronic switching element with contacts, with simple structure, small size and easy to control and other advantages, its shell is generally a sealed glass tube, the tube is equipped with two iron elastic ** electric plates, but also filled with inert gas. Usually, the two magnetics made of special materials in the glass tube are separated. When a magnetic substance approaches the glass tube, under the action of the magnetic field lines, the two * in the tube are magnetized and attract each other to touch, “and the suction table will be together, so that the electric arm connected to the node is connected.” After the external magnetic force disappears, the two magnetisms are separated due to their own elasticity, and the line is disconnected. Therefore, as a line switching device that uses magnetic field signals to control, reed switches can be used as sensors for counting, limiting, etc. (mainly used in the production of door magnets and window magnets in security systems), and are also widely used in various communication equipment. In practical application, a durable magnet is usually used to control the connection and incense of these two metal sheets, so it is also called “magnetron”.

Magnetic switch is a wire switch device that uses magnetic field signals to control, and can be used as a sensor for counting, limiting, etc., and is also widely used in various communication equipment.

1. When more than two cylinders with magnetic switches are used in parallel, in order to avoid mutual interference with the movement of magnetic bodies and affect the detection accuracy, the distance between the two cylinder barrels should be greater than 40mm.

2. The torque of tightening the screw when switching should be appropriate. If the torque is too small, the orientation of the optimal device of the switch may be offset.

3. The relationship between the * small action range of the * large action range of the * large speed VRMN of the * large speed VMAX magnetic switch and the action time te of the load carried by the magnetic switch is vmax=lrmin/tc

4. For safety considerations, the distance between the two magnetic switches should be 3mm larger than the distance of *large hysteresis.

5. The slave magnetic switch shall not be installed next to strong magnetic field equipment (such as electric welding equipment, etc.).

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