Don’t mention gray and rush to say “not for my skin color”. How many kinds of gray are there, come ~ let’s count together first:

Dark gray πŸ‘‡

Light gray πŸ‘‡

Luma Grothe

There are brown tones πŸ‘‡ in gray

Gray is cool πŸ‘‡

Dylana Lim Suarez

Whiteish lime πŸ‘‡

Silver gray πŸ‘‡ due to the material

And also……

There is a gray color called “Greige”, which is patented by Giorgio Armani. Armani has been very successful in blending brown and gray to create his signature one

Warm gray


Be likeπŸ‘‡ in life

“Greige” This gray color is highly harmonious πŸ‘‡ with beige in the home

Many Hollywood mansions will use this color scheme, which is also in the category of “luxury”, but it is very calm.

In the world of color, there are many variations in the color value difference

, This truth should not be difficult for women to understand, because – women all buy lipstick πŸ’„, the same big red, how many different big red everyone understands. The same goes for gray!

Claudia Schiffer

Gray has a naturally calm, noble feeling,

Therefore, those who can “use it properly” are a minority.

So, when buying gray clothes, we really recommend that you try it yourself, of course, there is an easier way – buy gray tones from trusted brands, if you match the style of a brand, then the gray it brings out is often the kind you like.

For example, the Giorgio ArmaniπŸ‘‡ we mentioned above

Giorgio Armani Spring 2022

For example, I like it very much

Brunello Cucinelli

, their family is known for its luxury cashmere products, but in fact, if you really understand this brand, you will find that it is not only the material that makes people feel “luxurious”, its products exist because of some firm ideas, and these concepts are the real luxury part of the current society.

Brunello Cucinelli Spring 2022

Because of its concept, its products can bring some deep resonance, and it may be precisely because of this resonance that the gray of this brand, regardless of its depths, is completely the ideal gray I imagined.

This is the higher pursuit of consumption – a kind of recognition and trust, which is also what everyone needs more in addition to “buying, buying, buying” now.

Gray is a cool color, and the skin of Asians is mostly warm colors, saying that “gray is not suitable for Asians”,

Mainly because of this dark, cold, and yellow “bite” in the skin tone

, but this is only a general judgment in a large range, does not mean that gray cannot be touched, absolutely avoided.

Because to tell the truth,

If it is yellow and black leather, most of the colors of cool colors are not suitable

Is it possible to choose among those pitiful colors for a lifetime? Of course not, if you get more ideas for collocation, or learn some tips, won’t there be more color choices?

Adults, who wouldn’t like it, have more choices.

The editor liked gray back then, or because

Kate Moss

I saw more street photos, and her gray LOOKS seemed to be trimmed with gold and nailed directly into her brain with iron nails.

Even in those days, the European and American fan = gray directly in the mind.

Later, I watched more of her street photography and found that Kate Moss was the only choice

Light gray, stony gray

Wearing, this set of photos with Depp back then is so beautiful that it is speechless, just the right 90s aesthetic – a little more too much, less than enough simple beauty, with Kate Moss’s body without any fat (and the exquisite frog mouth bag), gray, a restrained but not heavy color, interprets the moment is the most appropriate.

With so much foreshadowing, did it make you think a little more about gray? Next, we will use street photography to show you how to match gray:

(To say here, it’s not that we don’t want to use domestic street photos and pictures in a book to demonstrate to everyone, but that the copyright dispute over pictures really gives us a headache.) And even if they are all yellow skin, in the matter of color matching, everyone can only refer to more than practice, because a color is suitable for themselves, other people’s demonstrations are useless, you have to wear it yourself on the body and look in the mirror to know. οΌ‰

From the color axis, you can see that

Any color that reduces saturation can get gray

Take an example 🌰

If you look best in green every day, then follow the green that suits you best, gradually reduce the saturation, and you will find the gray-green color that suits you best.

Some yellow-skinned people are very suitable for wearing olive green, like the Yoyo Cao dress above, which is the gray-green after olive green reduces saturation, which is not as ugly as expected, right?

Needless to say, cold white skin is blue-gray, or directly white gray in black, and the cold of skin color can piece together a very ethereal temperament, which is a color that can give people a “sense of distance”.

Looking back at the spectrum above, gray is a color with very low attack power (because the brightness with attack power has been reduced). Because of this, adding texture to gray will not have such a strong stylistic hint, and for people who don’t like texture much, gray is a starting attempt.

Like what:

A gray cabled sweater will not be so retro, and it can also look simple with a pair of light blue jeans~

The gray check is not as “British” as the brown check, and even with the “good girl” bow shirt, it will not look like a school uniform, but a very professional feeling.

Like this coat with a clearer pattern, it is easy to look old-fashioned when changed to other colors, but obviously ~ gray is more likely, such as wearing a baseball cap can also be younger, more street.

In addition to looking “formal”, gray can also make it have both “retro” and “urban” expressions.

Julia Haghjoo

In addition to the texture and pattern, the material has a great influence on gray, so to speak: gray is like an actor with a wide range of plays, what material “matches” with it, it can perform different plays.

For example, the same knee-length coat, furry tweed and leather, is completely the difference between earthlings and Ex Machina~

It’s also a knit, with tight stitches that look a lot like a stiff tweed, but the softer ones are particularly “intellectual” (and gray is more like what women writers would wear than other colors).

The same round neck style, the same wearing method on the shoulders, the mink texture looks a little more “arrogant”, but the overall atmosphere is still within the range of “simple style”.

This demonstration is more intuitive, basically the same gray, but the suit fabric and the sports sweatshirt fabric are completely opposite to the style attributes. BTW, this is also a good matching idea, other colors can also be copied.

Put it back on the shelf without being sad,

There are no colors you can’t wear, only ways to match them that you haven’t mastered yet.

Marta Cygan

For example, Asians rarely can control this charcoal gray (because it is darker and tends to darken the skin tone), the solution is to expose the skin as much as possible, use the skin to bring the rhythm of the color, and let the skin tone “dominate” (especially near your face).

Alternatively, adjust the charcoal gray to the color of the bottom, with a lighter gray with a more uplifting skin tone.

There are also some people who will look “colorless” even if they wear light gray, this time to remember – make good use of white items as reflectors πŸ‘‡

The white underlayer is the existence of a “facial reflector”, which is especially useful in autumn and winter!! White and gray also create a sense of “color progression” and look more harmonious visually.

That’s what I’d like to call it

“OL color matching ceiling”

, basically the colors that the banists love to wear are included, and the Yoyo 150+ small person is not embarrassed to control at all, which shows that the compatibility between these colors is extremely high.

A little bit of experience with editing is –

Before finding your “true gray”, buying gray coats is more likely to be worn

。 Although it may be more expensive, it is more cost-effective than buying gray knitwear.

These two color combinations may break the rules a little, but we are very happy to see these “out of line” combinations in our daily lives, because they show the richness of our aesthetics.

By the way, don’t forget [silver gray], when you feel that you wear gray items so badly, use silver to embellish it,

There must always be stars in the dark night, this night is charming!

In the end, or leave the position of the finale to “all gray”, is there someone like the editor? You know that wearing gray is not as good as wearing other colors, but you still have an obsession with it, and you like to wear gray from head to toe?

If so, then you are also the same [gray heavy lover] as the editor. Gray originally has the subtext of “keeping a distance”, and the whole gray is even more so, and gray’s sense of professionalism is also very strong, and it is not as solemn as black, nor as squeamish as white.

Some describe gray as one

“Lightweight and stylish”

Even if you wear it all over, you can feel a light posture. However, avoid wearing a walking stainless steel plate,

The key is to distinguish between shades of gray or materials

, This is the most important thing to look thin when wearing gray!!


Reference price: 1,225CNY

32% ultra-fine alpaca + 32% ultra-fine merino wool, the delicate texture and warmth are handed over to them to complete, the blended material makes this V-neck Polo knitwear more silhouette, and there is a little waist design, changing the bug that this type of knitwear does not show the waist.

Its gray color is really too advanced!! It is the kind of fashionable smoky gray, the kind of ~~ that is often seen in urban movies and TV series


Reference price: 1,330CNY

89% wool, 11% tinsel, you can see from the photo that the thickness of the fabric is just right, and the drape is really worth boasting! Don’t think it’s very hard Oh, it won’t prick people when worn closely, the classic smoke-gray, mixed with some silver metal yarn, the sparkling star texture that comes with it is really charming, look at it from a distance ~ I don’t know what you have, but I just feel that there are always some stars flashing there….

A whole body of high-grade gray is talking about this look! Because of the low-key gray itself, you can use some ingenuity in the design, which is very “four or two pounds” feeling~ A small design that seems to be inadvertently makes your gray top have a special temperament.

Simpleretro suit pants

Reference price: 268CNY

With this simpleretro gray trousers is just right, its smoke gray is also very positive, the material itself can ensure the kind of drape that the trousers need, and it is not easy to deform. The length is anxile to give your booties more space to show!


Reference price:



Winter likes this kind of longer and wider scarf, warmth is one of them, more importantly, because its volume is enough, so it can highlight the texture you want, just put on a black turtleneck, the overall look is also very “expensive”.

100% cashmere is also good or bad, this cashmere scarf is made of Albass cashmere, combed twice, choose ultra-fine first-class cashmere with a fineness of 14.5 microns and a length of 36 mm, what does this do? The texture is more delicate, the warmth is better, there are many colors to choose from, this light gray has a little warm gray meaning, even if it is a yellowish skin tone, it can also set off a good complexion.

Some colors become classics because there are a group of women who can always find empathy from it and are loyal to their inner feelings and external choices. For example, gray is restrained, low-key, and unfazed. What about you? Is that such a woman?

From “donkey hooves” to big hits, where did platform boots start to become fashionable?

After three days at home, I thought: I want to dress up my home like clothes!

Why do the post-90s generation love the fashion of the past so much?

Image source: Visual China Network Invasion and Deletion

Written by Teresa Zhao

Visual Design: Alalei

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