[Watch Home Watch Tasting] If women are like water, then men are like the wind should be the most appropriate metaphor. Men are like the wind, sometimes like the north wind, fierce and slaughtering, even in the face of difficulties, they do not flinch; Sometimes men are like spring breeze, gentle and delicate, rippling in women’s hearts. Men are like the wind, so they love to pursue speed, and in the stimulation of extreme speed, feel the freedom of the wind. Today, the watch home brings you a watch of the Fiada extreme series, reference model: G782.WBW.

Since 2009, Fiada watches have been officially used as designated timepieces to accompany Chinese motorcycle teams in the Dakar Rally. The Dakar Rally, known as the game of the brave, is the toughest rally in the world. As the harshest and most adventurous motorsport, it is known all over the world and is keenly followed by extreme sports lovers and adventurous people around the world.

With a diameter of 42 mm, this watch is inspired by a sports car speedometer, and the elegant black dial is decorated in a bright and eye-catching red, which follows the speedometer color scheme and is still stylish and elegant.

The sapphire crystal glass of the crystal has been treated with anti-glare on one side, the display is clear, the hands and hour markers are simple in shape, the lines are tough, and the middle is filled with fluorescent material, which can be clearly read at night.

The simple and elegant crown is printed with a Fiada brand logo at the top, and the deformation of the brand’s initials “F” implies the meaning of “flying”, and the upper end of the crown is the chronograph start/pause button, and the bottom is the chronograph zero button.

The watch features a stainless-steel strap polished in satin and matte finishes to create a fine workmanship and rich layering.

The case is made of stainless steel, and the timely and inconspicuous sides also highlight the brand’s intentions, and three clean satin lines enrich the sides of the watch.

The clasp adopts a butterfly double snap closure, which is easy to wear without affecting the overall beauty of the strap, and the details of the buckle are fine and the lines are smooth and perfect.

The 12-o’clock orientation of the dial is a 60-minute chronograph display, the red color at the top of the chronograph seconds hand is bright and eye-catching, and the entire dial has been processed in different ways such as matte, matte and honeycomb to create a rich sense of layering.

The 6 o’clock orientation of the dial is the small seconds dial, the 9 o’clock orientation is the 12-hour chronograph display, the background is a simple line depicting the outline of a racing car, and the two red lines between 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock resemble the taillights of a speeding car.

The 4-o’clock orientation of the dial is equipped with a date display window, and the 3-o’clock orientation is inlaid with the brand logo, symbolizing its brand identity.

This watch is equipped with an imported multifunctional quartz movement with precise timing, a tight bottom design on the caseback, a six-petal pattern engraved on the case back, and a water depth of 50 meters.


Since 2009, Fiyda has joined hands with the Chinese motorcycle team for four consecutive times to challenge further. Accustomed to the busyness of urban life and eager to break the rules, only the brave can live out the wild charm. As a professional watch brand, Fiada innovatively interprets the classic watch culture, integrates the “enterprising” attitude to life into the tradition of watchmaking, and takes the slogan “heart is farther away” as an important brand culture, which is the belief of every man working hard in the city. At present, the domestic public price of this watch is 2480 yuan. (Photo: Shawsen, the home of the Textwatch House)

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