This 30°+ temperature is sticky and sticky all day long, uncomfortable!!

I am looking forward to a comfortable shower after work~

When the fine water spray is evenly sprinkled on the body, it instantly drives away the summer heat and exhaustion~

However, the reality is:

Many showers are not powerful enough,

Especially living on a high floor and bathing with a secondary pressurized stream of water. Often before the body is soaked, the water flow suddenly becomes smaller~

I can’t appreciate the happiness that comes with showering at all!

What’s more, the current water quality is really not OK enough!

Generally, tap water has chlorine residue!

If it is not filtered, not only the skin will become worse and worse, but the hair quality will also be damaged~

Inexplicable itching of the skin, easy allergy, acne; Dry hair and a lot of it?

If you get hit, you probably used this bath water with chlorine residue~

In the face of the embarrassment caused by small water pressure, slow water out, and poor water quality, in fact, a shower can solve it~

That’s right, that’s it —

Vatti Vanti Pressurized Water Purification Shower.

Water purifier + skin beautifier + supercharging design as one, it is simply incredible!

Vatti Vant

Pressurized water purification shower

The editor searched for similar showers on a certain treasure, and the result was directly persuaded by the price~

This shower with pressurization, skin beautification and chlorine removal functions,

Most of them are in three or four hundred, and the ordinary ones also need two hundred jumps~

So it took a lot of effort to finally find this “flat version” – Vantage beauty shower ~

No matter in appearance, texture, function, it is not inferior to those Internet celebrity showers. But only for a third of the price!

Mrs. is so fragrant~

Many people think that if the water flow is small, it will be a big shower… sorry, you think too much~

Generally, the big shower is vertical flowing water, which cannot spread around, plus the water pressure is insufficient, and the water hit the body has no strength at all, but it seems that the spray area is large, and in fact you can’t feel the pleasure of taking a shower~


Water consumption is 2-3 times that of ordinary showers,

The water bill for the second pressurization is also very expensive!

Overhead shower comes out

Vantage beauty shower comes with a supercharged design,

Not afraid of low water pressure, so that you can take a shower on the 20th floor ~~

Voila~ As soon as I pulled the switch, the fine mist-like water column “swooped” out like an arrow.

It adopts the principle of variable diameter current boosting, and the water flow first forms a “reservoir” inside the shower, and then passes through countless needle-sized fine outlet holes to boost the output.

It can make the water more stable, even, fine and fast~

The outlet hole is only 0.32mm,

If you don’t look closely, you really can’t find it~

No contrast, no harm~

If the ordinary shower is compared to a small fountain, the Vantage skin shower is directly a sky-piercing water column,

The water jet is directly ×3!!

This boosting effect is not casual~

Under the impact of uninterrupted high pressure water flow,

Hit the body crispy numbness, as if the acupuncture points of the whole body can be stimulated,

Very tired, comfortable enough to want to scream!

It also removes dirt from the surface of the skin.

The active water molecules fully penetrate into the skin, keep the skin moisturized, and prevent pores from clogging acne acne~

In addition, the fine holes of the shower reduce the water intake area and increase the speed of water outlet.

Saves about 50% more water than traditional showers!

The water bill saved for several months is enough to buy a new shower~

Why the emphasis on chlorine removal? The reason is that in order to ensure the safety of water quality, water plants usually add a large amount of chlorine for disinfection.

If not filtered, tap water

Residual chlorine is irritating our skin, and even after being absorbed by the epidermis, causing damage to the body~

Other than that

Sediment and rust in community tanks and water pipes will also cause secondary pollution~

So, in addition to residual chlorine, tap water also has a large number of calcium and magnesium ions, heavy metals and impurities.

After each bath, these powders and bacteria remain on the body, clogging pores and getting dirtier the more you wash,

Causes allergies, acne, acne… In the long run, it will also lead to premature aging of the skin~

In response to such cases, Vantage skin shower uses double filtering:

Energy stone particles + non-woven filter element, sterilization and chlorine removal purify water quality.

The filter element is also a multi-layer fiber structure:

The outer wrap is a high-density non-woven fabric, which can initially intercept sediment, impurities, heavy metals…

; The inside is micron-sized PP cotton, which can deeply filter bacteria and residual chlorine.

You can see that the picture below is a filter element that has been used for 8 weeks, you can imagine how dirty the water you usually use!

* It is recommended to change the filter element once every 3 months, which can ensure the health of water

The shower head is also set

calcium sulfite ball filter,

It can further efficiently adsorb residual chlorine, microscopic organic matter, heavy metals that have slipped through the net…

Skin shower

After removing residual chlorine, the water is softer, cleaner, sterilized and beautiful.

The water is clean, and when you take a bath, you can clearly feel that the water quality is soft and dense, and you can feel comfortable to soak in the water all day long.

And it’s not like washing and drying before,

Even the acne on the back is much better!

Wash your hair with this water, and the scalp is clean,

The hair quality is better, and the hair falls less.

The first time I saw the Vantage beauty shower, I was immediately captured by this look.

The matte surface is full of high-end feeling, small size with this year’s most popular dark green, very fresh in summer,

Can be seamlessly docked with various home decoration styles~

The overall workmanship is super good, no burrs and no scratching hands~

The general body adopts is

ABS material, high temperature resistance, anti-falling, do not worry about hand slippage and breakage,

And it is not like ordinary stainless steel that rusts for a long time and is difficult to clean.

Vantage Beauty Shower gives several purchase options:

Standard package (shower + chlorine removal water purification box + filter element x1)

Long-lasting set (shower + chlorine removal water purification box + filter element x4)

Replacement filter element (filter element x3 )

You can choose to start according to your needs, and it is too comfortable to take a bath with it!

Filter element replacement is also very simple,

No tools are needed at all, and each interface is easy to twist ~ girls can also do it!

A good shower determines the entire bathroom experience, starting with water to care for the health of the whole family, it is really recommended to start this Vantage skin shower.

Purify water quality, supercharge and save water, the price is less than one-third of similar products,

Less than 100 yuan can make every bath like doing SPA~

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Vantage supercharged shower



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