Xinhainan client, Nanhai Net, Nanguo Metropolis News on October 22 (reporter Wang Hongxu) Among children’s foreign body injuries, the most common are tracheal foreign bodies and digestive tract foreign bodies, but there is also a very dangerous vaginal foreign body that is often ignored by parents. Recently, a 5-year-old girl was taken by her parents to the Hainan Provincial Women and Children’s Medical Center due to increased lower body secretions.

A round plastic ball is seen under hysteroscopy. Photo courtesy of the hospital

Increased discharge from the lower body of the girl Examination reveals a foreign body in the body

Recently, a young mother took her 5-year-old daughter to the gynecology department of Hainan Women and Children’s Medical Center. “Doctor, my baby’s underwear often has yellow, pus-like things on it, it seems to be vaginal discharge, and the perineum is still a little red and swollen, and it has been more than twenty days now.” The child’s mother said that she took the child to several hospitals, suspected vaginitis, and did not improve after using several drugs.

After receiving the treatment, Wang Xiaohua, a gynecologist at Hainan Women and Children’s Medical Center, found that the little girl had stuffed a foreign body into her ear, and told the child’s mother that “vaginitis” had not improved for so long, on the one hand, other vaginal diseases should be considered, and on the other hand, vaginal foreign bodies. Both of these may cause similar symptoms, and doctors recommend that parents determine the cause through ultrasound.

On the same day, after the B-ultrasound results came out, doctors and parents were surprised to find that the little girl’s vagina had a spherical foreign body, which should be the culprit of “redness and swelling of the perineum and increased secretion”, and a hysteroscopy was needed to be removed.

Doctors from Hainan Provincial Women and Children’s Medical Center make preoperative preparations. Photo courtesy of the hospital

Successful removal of the plastic ball with hysteroscopy with the hymen intact

After hearing that the foreign body was going to be operated on, the girl’s mother asked nervously: “Doctor, she is so young, will this operation damage the hymen, will it affect her in the future?” This is also a problem that many parents are very concerned about when children visit the vaginal foreign body.

In this regard, Dr. Wang Xiaohua said that the hysteroscopy mirror body structure is slender, the lens body diameter is 4-6mm, while the hymen diameter of the young girl is 4-7mm, and the hymen in the state of anesthesia of the child is in a relaxed state, with a certain expansion and elasticity. Therefore, hysteroscopy can pass smoothly through the hymen of the young girl without easy damage, and can maintain the integrity of the child’s hymen and vagina. Among them, due to the different shape and toughness of each hymen, after the vaginal foreign body is inserted into the body, some children will cause hymen damage, which can be remedied by hymen repair in the later stage.

After the girl was admitted to the hospital to complete various relevant examinations, the gynecologist of Hainan Women and Children’s Medical Center performed hysteroscopic foreign body removal on the girl under general anesthesia. During the operation, it was found that the girl’s entire vagina was red and swollen, and the foreign body was located about 1 cm inside the hymen. The doctor carefully pulls the foreign body out gradually, and completely removes a round plastic ball with a diameter of about 0.8 cm without vaginal bleeding and no damage to the hymen.

Doctors at the Hainan Provincial Women’s and Children’s Medical Center used a hysteroscope to remove a round plastic ball from the girl’s body. Photo courtesy of the hospital

Be wary of vaginal foreign body injuries in children Do not wear open pants for your baby

Because babies are curious about the world and are also good at imitating. In the process of exploration, many children will swallow all kinds of small things, and will also curiously stuff buttons, coins, toothpicks, pen caps and other small toys into their noses, ears, vaginas, etc.

In daily life, vaginal foreign bodies are not uncommon, mostly young girls aged 3-10 years, most of them are ignorant and curious because young girls are ignorant and driven by curiosity, and they unintentionally insert foreign bodies into the vagina when playing, or they may be stuffed by others. If the vaginal foreign body cannot be removed in time, it will lead to serious consequences such as vaginitis, vaginal adhesions, vaginal damage, displacement and even perforation.

In this regard, the doctor reminds parents to try not to wear open pants for the baby, which may cause foreign bodies such as particles to enter the child’s vagina or bacterial infection to cause inflammation. When going out with your baby, it’s a good idea to give your child diapers or cotton, breathable panties. In early childhood, timely sex education should be carried out, teaching children to understand privacy, protect privacy, and tell parents immediately once touched.

In addition, parents should accompany and guide correctly, be alert to the occurrence of foreign body injuries in children, and achieve early detection, early diagnosis and active medical history to help diagnose as soon as possible. Hysteroscopic technology has an ideal effect on the diagnosis and treatment of vaginal foreign bodies, the method is simple to operate, and the damage to the child is small, which can improve the clinical diagnosis and treatment effect.

If the baby has the following conditions, go to the gynecology department of the regular hospital in time:

1. Increased vaginal discharge

2. The vulva is red, swollen and itchy

3. The underwear has blood stains and secretions

4. Vaginitis has not been cured after repeated treatment

5. Abnormal walking posture and so on


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