Aside from the waterproof coating, there are many fabrics for raincoats, among which the more commonly used are Oxford cloth and spring yarn.

Oxford cloth, also known as oxford spinning, belongs to a type of polyester. It is a versatile and versatile fabric. Originating in England, traditional combed cotton fabrics named after the University of Oxford began around 1900. The raincoat is mostly made of nylon oxford cloth

Oxford cloth

Spring yarn is a kind of fabric full of vigorous vitality and showing natural style, the most common varieties are semi-elastic spring yarn, full elastic spring yarn, matte spring yarn and so on. Raincoats are mostly made of full-play spring yarn.

Waterproof oxford cloth

Characteristics of Oxford cloth: the feel is harder than spring yar, wear-resistant, and good waterproof. Therefore, most of the waterproof Oxford cloth raincoats are single-layer, commonly used in labor protection work. Chunya Spinning is commonly known as rainproof cloth, which can also be called “coated nylon anti”. It is characterized by smooth surface, light and strong texture and wear-resistant, no shrinkage, fast drying, and good hand feeling. Therefore, Chunya spinning raincoats are mostly double-layered, plus the mesh lining is comfortable to wear.

Spring Ya Spinning

What are the specifications of Oxford cloth? Such as 1680D, 1200D, 900D, 600D, 420D, 300D, 210D, 150D and other oxford cloth. Oxford cloth functional classification: fireproof and flame retardant cloth, waterproof oxford cloth, PVC oxford cloth, PU oxford cloth, camouflage oxford cloth, fluorescent oxford cloth, printed oxford cloth, composite oxford cloth, etc.

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