Compared to pure plant essential oils,

Plant pure dew temperament is more mild, safe, widely used, and affordable.

As a member of the aromatherapy application, Pure Dew has become a treasure in aromatherapy along with essential oils and vegetable oils.

Hydrosol is also often referred to as water essential oil

, because it was born from the process of refining essential oils.

Oil-water separation occurs during essential oil distillation and extraction, because the density is different, the oil will float on it, the water will sink, and the condensate solution located below is the hydrosol.

It can be said that hydrosol is a 100% saturated distillation stock solution.

In the beginning, the skincare value of pure dew was not recognized, so for a long time it was discharged as sewage as waste after distillation of essential oils.

Until aromatherapy became popular, people suddenly discovered this special “distilled water” –

Its main components include trace amounts of organic acids, flavonoids, polysaccharides and other substances, as well as trace essential oil components (0.1% ~ 0.5% of hydrophilic components in essential oils, such as alcohols, aldehydes, etc.), components soluble in water but not soluble in oils and fats in plants, and extremely small amounts of plant fibers.

The presence of these substances gives the hydrosol its appearance

Weak acid state

It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, balances the flora, and soothes and calms the skin.

Trace amounts of substances can also replenish some nutrients that the skin needs,

It also has a toning effect on the skin,

For example, some plant fruit acids can help improve the keratinization of the skin and soften the stratum corneum of the skin.

How can we let go of this kind of thing that is rich in a variety of nutrients, does not contain any additives such as alcohol, flavors, preservatives, etc., is mild, has a wide range of effects, and is highly safe to make people look beautiful?

So next, let’s talk about several kinds of pure dew commonly used in summer!


Lavender Hydrosol

The pH of lavender hydrosol is usually very close to that of the most “balanced” skincare products

, making it ideal for regular use on any skin type.

Especially with it

It has a regenerative effect on damaged, dry and fragile skin

And highly regarded.

Lavender is an essential oil ideal for treating skin conditions and is one of the most suitable plants for acne, inhibiting the growth of bacteria, avoiding skin infections, soothing the skin, balancing excessive oil production and lightening scars.

When using, you can directly make a wet mask compress, and then apply aloe vera gel for subsequent moisturizing, which can effectively smooth out acne redness and swelling. It can also be made into a face spray to combat damage caused by excessive dry and hot weather.


Orange blossom hydrosol

Neroli Hydrosol is very good for the skin, stimulates the regeneration of healthy new cells, has a certain rejuvenating magic, neroli is suitable for every skin but helps the most for dry or sensitive skin.

Neroli also balances the skin’s water and oil and brightens the complexion.

Can be applied directly to the under-eye area with a cotton pad to relieve dark circles.

Neroli Hydrosol is gentle and safe, and can also be used during pregnancy.


Damascus Rose Hydrosol

Rose Hydro has a fragrance with a cooling and very gentle astringent effect for normal to dry, mature, sensitive and dull and lifeless skin.

It can be used as a hydrating spray at work to control the brightness of the skin and enlarged pores in the face of computers.

Dry-skinned babies use this hydration effect is very good, carry it with you as a hydrating spray, it is very convenient, and can also relieve heat and cool pores.


Roman chamomile hydrosol

The most common skin problem in summer is not oil and sweating, but sunburn, and strong UV rays are everywhere, exposing the skin to the outer lines from the moment you step out of the room.

It may be that just the time to go downstairs to pick up a courier is enough to make the skin red a few degrees, and even produce a slight tingling sensation.

And Roman chamomile hydrosol is perfect for this time. Its calming and smoothing effect can help the skin to expand capillaries converge,

It helps to restore daily calm to burning skin, and its repairing effect also helps to slow down damage caused by UV rays.

Roman Chamomile Hydrosol is also very helpful for skin care, it is still complete

Orientation makeup remover, cleanser and lotion.

Chamomile has a good astringent effect due to its acidic pH value, and is very effective for acne and oily skin when used with orange blossom hydrosol; When used with witch hazel hydrosol, it helps mature skin and when used with lavender or geranium hydrosol, it is suitable for very dry skin.

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