Yes, you heard it right. When driving at low speed on urban roads with this top-equipped model, it is very depressing; When driving at a speed of 120km/h on the highway, it is also very depressing; After getting off the highway intersection, he was stopped by four traffic police uncles… What exactly is going on? And listen to me.

As mentioned in our title, the vehicle driven this time is a new Guangqi Honda style and top-equipped. In the author’s opinion, the configuration that impressed me the most about the top-equipped model is the 12-speaker BOSE audio. Of course, with these high-end goods, the vehicle is also worth a lot, priced at 166,900, less than 3,000 yuan different from the entry-level Accord.

Well, getting to the point, since we have introduced the design and configuration of the vehicle many times before, today we will mainly talk about the driving and riding experience of the top configuration. And that’s where the real selling point of style lies.

Why is it depressing to open?

Speaking of driving, the reason why the style is very depressing is directly related to its power system.

All models are equipped with 1.5T engines, and as we all know, 1.5T engines are considered ancestral power in the current Guangqi Honda series models. Down to Binzhi, up to Accord, Haoying and Guandao, there are 1.5T versions, but the power tuning is different. But in the author’s opinion, Guangqi Honda’s 1.5T is the best existence when paired with the style. Because of the positioning of the style and the sports coupe design, it can complement this 1.5T to maximize the completion and release of the potential of this 1.5T.

The whole car is not heavy, about 1.4 tons, but the 1.5T engine on the style is very strong, with a maximum of 182 horsepower and a peak torque of 240 Nm. With the innate sports coupe “low-lying down” design, it gives people the feeling of “big horse-drawn cart”.

The first leg of the test drive is a city road, stop-and-go, and the stylish CVT gearbox is very cooperative. Even if you stop and go at a speed of less than 30km/h for a long time, you will not feel the slightest setback. However, this engine is not so “safe”. Gently press down the throttle a little and the power will respond positively, without hesitation, to give you the speed you want. But at the same time, the engine is teasing your desire to drive: I still have a lot of potential, giving a feeling of “restlessness”. But driving at low speeds on urban roads, you can never step on the accelerator a little more. Continuing in such a state, knowing that the vehicle has great potential but cannot be used, the author is really depressed in my heart.

I don’t know how long it took, but finally, I entered the highway section. Just after the toll booth, there was a burst of ecstasy in my heart, and I could finally release the ultimate ability of this 1.5T engine. Step on the accelerator deeply, the vehicle moves forward quickly, and the speed on the digital dashboard also increases rapidly, 50, 70, 100, and soon comes to the 120km/h speed restricted area. At the same time as the speed increases, the engine sound also reaches the driver’s ears, which is also very thick and powerful, without a little tearing feeling.

Surprisingly, most small-displacement turbo engines will slow down after the speed reaches 90km/h. But obviously, this 1.5T from Honda will not. Even at 120km/h, the stylish 1.5T is still full of power and has deep potential. Helplessly, there is no way to continue to step on the accelerator deeply, only to run at a speed of 120km/h. And continuing this state makes the author have a sense of depression that I want to speed up and can’t get it up.

Why was it stopped by the traffic police?

The highway section covers a distance of more than 50 kilometers, and I feel that time flies quickly, and before I can react, I get off the highway. But just out of the highway toll gate, we saw seven or eight cars and felt that the traffic police in front seemed to be waving to us. After communicating with the co-pilot, it was confirmed that the traffic police were pulling us over. I thought, I didn’t exceed the speed limit, I have always been driving in strict accordance with the traffic limit.

When the vehicle pulled over, a traffic policeman walked to the driver’s seat and asked for an ID card without asking for a driver’s license and driving license. Then three more traffic policemen approached, one of them checking the frame number under the front windshield, and the other two looking around the vehicle.

I probably understood what the situation was, and said with a smile: Uncle policeman, the car has not been changed, and the factory is this yellow. The traffic police also looked up and smiled: you can go.

Indeed, among the joint venture models of more than 100,000 yuan, yellow cars are rare, and the author can think of the old Focus many years ago. And the yellow car with the Honda logo, it is estimated that the traffic police uncle is also the first time in his life to see it, and it is not surprising that he was stopped.

The ride feeling of the top-of-the-line style

As an A-class car, especially a Japanese sports A-class car, there doesn’t seem to be much to say just about the ride experience. It is nothing more than a large space, sound insulation and noise reduction, and so on.

However, please note that this time we are driving a top-of-the-line model, and the biggest feature of this car is that it has a 12-speaker BOSE audio, which can be called “the best Honda car”. Based on this, then its riding experience has to be talked about.

In the Guangqi Honda brand, the cooperation between international big names such as audio systems and BOSE is the first time in style. From the actual auditory experience, the performance is also remarkable. Whether sitting in the driver’s seat or in the back seat, there is a surround and three-dimensional listening experience. And the sound line is very thick, and the position layout of the audio is also very exquisite, the actual experience, I feel that this sound system can also largely make up for the innate lack of sound insulation and noise reduction of A-class cars.

Written at the end:

The top matching style, and the entry-level version of the Accord is less than 3,000 yuan, many people may think, with this budget, I might as well buy the Accord, after all, both cars are 1.5T, but they are a level behind. But after the actual experience, the author wants to tell you that these two are really not the concepts of “chicken head” and “phoenix tail”.

In the author’s opinion, Honda’s 1.5T engine, whether it is engine sound or power level, has a better hearing experience and power experience in style. And this feeling must be something that Accord’s 1.5T can’t give. This set of power plus 12-speaker BOSE audio, these two points alone, the author believes that it is worth the money.

Of course, this feeling is only known after the author really opened it. If you’re also struggling between a high-end style and an entry-level Accord, you might as well take a test drive.

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