What are the advantages of plate evaporators in sugar industry applications?

Plate evaporators have the following advantages in the sugar industry:

1. High evaporation efficiency

In the starch sugar and sugar alcohol industry, as far as the III. effect evaporation device is concerned, the average evaporation capacity per unit heat transfer area of the plate evaporator can reach 30-50kg/㎡·h, which is 2~4 times higher than that of the tubular evaporator, so the heat transfer area required under the same conditions is small. In the juice industry, the average evaporation per unit heat exchange area can reach 30-70 kg/㎡·h.

2. Compact structure and small footprint

It is especially suitable for the transformation of old factories, technological transformation and other occasions that make full use of the original equipment and overcome space limitations; For plate evaporation systems with large evaporation capacity of 20-30t/h, it can be installed in a space of 11*6*4m.

3. Short residence time of materials

For the four-effect evaporation device, the time from the material entering the I effect to the IV effect is about 4 minutes. The time at the I. high temperature is only 20-40 seconds, which is suitable for evaporation and concentration of heat-sensitive materials.

4. The amount of liquid holding is small

The height of the plate evaporator is small, and the static pressure of the liquid column is not more than 15kPa, which reduces the power of the material pump and reduces the temperature difference loss of the liquid column.

5. Easy installation and maintenance, flexible operation, large equipment margin

A set of four-effect evaporation concentration device can generally be installed in 7-12 days. The plate bundle can be disassembled for cleaning, replacement, or the number of plates can be increased or decreased as needed to change its heat transfer area.

6. Convenient inspection

Since the equipment is on a small plane, patrol and inspection are very convenient, and PLC control system can also be added.

7. Low cost of input equipment

Plate evaporator as a new type of evaporation device, its equipment price depends on the amount of evaporation, generally 304 material 10T evaporation capacity three-effect plate evaporation device as the boundary, the larger the evaporation capacity, the more favorable the price.

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