Recently, the topic of “996” has exploded in public opinion, and office workers who have suffered from overtime have spoken out for themselves.

However, in fact, there is a more tiring job in the world than 996, that is, with a baby.

24*7 working hours, can’t act, can’t steal lazy, want to squint and doze off? Sorry, the child is thirsty, hungry, tired, and there is no difference between the intermission. Therefore, every father and mother who accompany the healthy growth of their children, you are all superhumans!

When we evolve into Superman…

Superman Cultivation Notes

So, since when did we “evolve” into Superman? Is it from being busy to methodically changing the baby’s diapers, or while enduring backache and discomfort to breastfeed the baby?

In fact, if you think about it, as early as when we welcomed this little life, we were already “superman”.

Girls in their twenties originally liked to study blush lipstick the most after work, and their favorite thing to do was to travel with girlfriends, occasionally coquettish and with the willfulness of a girl. But… Because she looked forward to this little angel who fell from the sky, she began to pay attention to maternal and baby products, and she couldn’t help but read the knowledge of pregnancy preparation in her spare time, for fear that she was not doing well enough.

And the big boy who was ready to add “daddy” to his identity label, quit smoking and alcohol, started a regular routine, and occasionally secretly played a game in the early hours of the morning was full of guilt. When this little seed takes root, fathers-to-be look forward to it every day.

Since the time of preparing for pregnancy, Mom and Dad have had great changes physically and psychologically, and opened the superman mode~

After pregnancy, the mother becomes omnipotent. Once a concubine sent a private letter to the king, telling me that she was in the rising stage of her career, and the unexpected arrival of the baby caught her off guard, how to choose work and baby? At the time, I told her to weigh her physical condition and deal with the conflict between work and pregnancy as much as possible. A few months later, I received an update from her: the project she led won the gold medal in the industry, and the baby was very healthy every time she had a pregnancy test, and she proudly said to me “The baby is very well-behaved, and there is a little life in the belly to work together so happy!” ”

High-intensity work makes mother’s pregnancy more difficult, but I believe that there must be many “superhuman mothers” who are enjoying such “hard sweetness”

Huo Siyan talked to Hum about the past when she was pregnant with him in “Mom is Superman”:

– “The first picture you took in your mother’s belly when you were a child was a B-ultrasound picture, one point four or four centimeters. I was holding it and crying. “

– “Your dad puts the first picture of your life in his wallet, and you know how much Mom and Dad really love you.”

– “Will I move then?” In case I jump, will your stomach feel uncomfortable? “

– “Actually, I don’t hurt, every time you kick me, I feel like you miss me and are saying hello to me.” So every time you move, I feel very happy. “

When preparing for pregnancy and pregnancy, parents are very happy despite their hard work.

Try to do our best, because we are the “superman” who protects this little life! Superman needs to replenish energy in order to have more powerful guardian powers. Essential good things for pregnancy and pregnancy, expectant parents come to find out~

/ Superman Daddy’s Pregnancy Booster

Menevit Men Pregnancy 90 capsules

Poor eating habits, drinking, environmental pollution, and work pressure will make the quality of the tadpoles decrease, if you want to see the baby quickly, remember to take one a day during the pregnancy preparation stage.

Superman’s mom’s nutrition gas station

Chuangying Slian folic acid tablets 93 tablets

Pregnant women prepare for pregnancy during pregnancy, and folic acid tablets before pregnancy

Folic acid can prevent 85% of neural tube malformations in newborns, effectively prevent birth defects, and expectant parents can start taking it 3 months before pregnancy.

Alevit Multivitamin 100 tablets

Pregnant women folic acid supplementation with calcium, iron, multidimensional elements during pregnancy

Contains folic acid and 18 kinds of multi-nutrients, does not contain iodine, in line with the nutritional needs of pregnant mothers in China.

Deciavi D Calcium Chewable 90 tablets

Dawang mentioned in last week’s Kopp that pregnant mothers need calcium supplements in the third trimester! Because the baby will consume a lot of calcium from the mother every day in the third trimester, calcium supplementation is essential in order for the baby to develop healthy bones and protect the mother’s own bone health. Diqiao imported good calcium from the United States, through the combination of calcium + VD, promotes calcium absorption and supplements sufficient calcium nutrition during pregnancy for mothers.

Use superhuman strength to protect your baby’s health at all times

Bangli Health fetal heart rate monitor home Doppler radiation-free

Fetal movement, pregnant women listen to the fetal heart rate stethoscope

When the baby is in the tummy, listening to the heartbeat of the baby is not only very happy, but also keeps control of the baby’s health at all times. Banglijian fetal heart rate monitor has a large probe, high sensitivity and clear sound, which is a small helper for fetal heart rate monitoring carried by parents with them.

Superman’s power is escalating!

Energy Up :

When the newborn falls to the ground, Mom and Dad’s “superman” power will be upgraded again.

For mothers, the first is physical changes, because of obesity and bloat, lack of sleep, haggardness, back pain, and exhaustion caused by childbirth. Milking and working during the day when the baby sleeps; When the baby wakes up, feed, burp, play with it, and do everything in its power to tease the crying hysterical baby; At night, I was interrupted by the baby’s crying again and again, tired until I was dizzy, and I had to get up to feed the night milk. The girl who was afraid of trouble and would be willful and coquettish in the past became full of responsibility because of this little life.

Of course, “Superman Dad” is not idle, they are not handshaken. In addition to the work of breastfeeding, they are also involved in the rest of the work of bringing children.

However, even if new parents have seen more parenting treasures, they will always be busy when it comes to getting started, and Superman parents are in a state of “lack of energy” every day.

Take the small matter of bathing, it seems simple, but it is a lot of practice

Babies often cry aggrieved into “tears”

。 There are many reasons for crying, small babies are sensitive by nature, leaving their mother’s arms in an unfamiliar environment (bathtub) will feel uneasy, and the water temperature is not suitable, too hot / too cold will make the baby cry, you must know the baby’s

Delicate skin

There will be a difference between the feeling of temperature and that of adults. The third point is that the toiletries are irritating or the water accidentally gets into the eyes or ears, and the baby feels pain.

When Qiqi was a little baby, I used the super gentle Johnson & Johnson baby care series for him, and threw a few small toys in the water, and the little one didn’t mention how happy it was to take a bath.


Add an invisible layer of “protective clothing” to your baby

Johnson & Johnson baby milk shower gel 1000ml + 300ml

Baby bathing

Johnson & Johnson does not need to be introduced by Dawang, and the 120-year-old American brand is trustworthy. The lightly acidic formula gently removes dirt from your baby’s skin and protects your baby’s ‘natural sebum membrane’. The natural milk formula is soap-free, and pure rice protein and vitamin E/C/B5 moisturize your baby’s skin.

Johnson & Johnson Baby Moisturizer Baby Touch Massage Oil

Moisturizing, moisturizing, nourishing skincare, newborns, detaline

Natural mineral oil ingredients absorb easily by your baby, while leaving a moisturizing protective film that locks in moisture. Mild formula with no coloring and no preservatives, baby loves it, mom rest assured.

Superman’s golden ration

Another baby product that mothers are most concerned about is their rations~ The quality of infant milk powder is directly related to the baby’s nutrient absorption and healthy growth.

Mead Johnson Platinum Infant Milk Powder 3 Stage 850gx2 Cans (1-3 years old)

Imported from the Netherlands

Every bite of beauty comes from high-quality milk from European farms and has undergone strict production quality inspection in Dutch factories. 3 cups a day to help the baby easily reach the recommended DHA level, the ~ innovative breakthrough PDX + GOS prebiotic combination of the nutrient absorption stick, care for the baby’s little belly, not afraid of fire and constipation, and protect the baby’s health like a “superman”.

Superman parents open up bigger worlds for their children

Escort your baby’s growth

In the baby’s growth period, it is necessary to give him the best care and make the child’s growth more exciting. “Superman parents” have to juggle their own work at the same time, and they also have to face children who are increasingly demanding in all aspects of the family.

To open up a bigger world for your child, you need to have a strong body.

When I went to pick up Qiqi from kindergarten, I would always habitually observe each child who left the kindergarten (this may be an occupational disease haha), and I found that children who are usually very active and “talkative”, and like to ask their parents 100,000 whys, most of them are very healthy children. On the contrary, children who are more stuffy/crying will have slightly worse physique (such as lower than average height).

Qiqi, this “little talker” will also report to me when he gets home, xxx was posted by the teacher today, how xxx behaved, especially coincidentally, these children who love to interact with teachers and actively participate in various activities are the first type of children mentioned earlier.

Their bodies are great, and if they are willing to explore everything new, they can have a broader horizon.

Just like in “Where Did Daddy Go 5”, the little puff with a soft and cute appearance is actually a sports athlete. Liu Genghong said in the program that he will often take the little puffs to climb the mountains and participate in various outdoor activities to enrich the child’s childhood.

In addition to cultivating athletic ability, Liu Genghong also pays special attention to the aspect of eating, and he has previously given children reasonable dietary supplements in Xiaohongshu PO.

When it comes to children’s dietary supplements, the first reaction of parents is to supplement calcium~

Yes, calcium is indeed a necessity for a child’s growth and development stage. Children under 1 year old, they have enough calcium in the amount of milk they consume, so there is usually no calcium deficiency, so the focus of calcium supplementation is children over 1 year old. Because many children now have the bad problem of picky eating, the intake of high-calcium foods is insufficient, so

Calcium deficiency during development is common

Calcium deficiency can lead to poor tooth development, height retardation, and night awakening, etc., so once the baby is found to have such a situation, it is necessary to quickly supplement them with calcium.

Make children’s growth more exciting

Tomson By-Health Fitness Multi Children’s Baby Calcium Tablets Pregnant Women

Calcium supplement for teenagers, cow’s milk calcium chewable tablets

Imported milk source from New Zealand, high concentration calcium is easy to absorb. Help Superman’s parents turn on the milk calcium 2.0 supplement mode, even if they don’t have time to drink milk, they are not afraid of their children’s calcium deficiency~

Energize Superman’s parents

While caring for the health of the baby, parents should not forget themselves. Strengthen your own immunity to better devote yourself to work and accompany your child’s growth.


21 gold vitamin multidimensional element tablets 100 tablets

Multivitamin vitamin B calcium iron

1 specially added lysine + 20 vitamin minerals that are prone to deficiency. Two capsules a day, replenish the body’s needs, prevent and treat various diseases caused by the lack of multidimensional elements, and fill the energy of “Superman” parents!

180 capsules of Aojiabao Bone Augmentation Sugar

Cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, mouse hand… Long periods of sitting make many young parents develop various joint problems prematurely. If you want to be a “superman” who protects your baby, you must actively prevent it. The loss of ammonia sugar can cause cartilage wear, thereby affecting joint health, Aojiabao Bone Nitro Sugar solves the problem at the root, maintains and repairs cartilage, and relieves a variety of joint symptoms.

We are all supermen!

Not only is it all safer

Every father and mother are superhuman in the eyes of their children, they have transformed from immature to omnipotent adults, taking meticulous care for babies and caring for their healthy growth.

To be a powerful “superman”, you must have intimate helpers.

The good things recommended for you today cover the growth stage from pregnancy to pregnancy to the baby, there must be what you just need~ When choosing maternal and baby products, we pay the most attention to

Health and channels

, the baby’s eating and wearing is careful and careful. But if you choose from a thousand choices, you will still be afraid of accidentally stepping on the pit to buy a fake, wasting money and harming the health of your family.

The king tells you the good news Oh, all the good things recommended for mothers and babies today come from

Ali Health Pharmacy

If the parents who protect the child are superhumans, then Ali Health Pharmacy is a “super pharmacy” that protects the health of the whole family.

Strictly enforced

“Super pharmacy” standard

, that is, “global finding, big data selection, sampling review, full-link monitoring, drug traceability and licensed pharmacist round-the-clock service” and other six major operation processes, not only complete goods, think what we think, but also achieve the ultimate safety, and superhuman parents to witness the wonderful growth of the baby.

“Not only is it safer” – Ali Health Pharmacy works with Superhuman parents to escort the healthy growth of children.

By the way, I almost forgot to say: from April 20th to April 22nd, every night at 20:00 and 20:30, you will have a chance to search for “Ali Health Pharmacy” in hand

1 yuan flash sale to 500 yuan no threshold coupon

“Superman” parents hurry up and act~

A skincare enthusiast focused on science

A makeup café who doesn’t like to wear beautiful eyes and doesn’t have European double eyelids

She has a son, but she can’t be called a spicy mother

Lazy cancer patients who like to travel, but do not like to write travelogues

Libra type A blood

Which of the above points pokes you in the heart

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