Today’s little dessert is better than a lollipop or something!

As long as I do it, our family can’t wait to serve this plate.

It’s still an old friend who appears,

Sweet potatoes and iron stick yams.

Both of them are rich in dietary fiber, and they are good for the stomach,

It is a high-quality whole grain that I think I can arrange for my child a few more times!


The calcium supplement plan for the baby must be arranged.

Fragrant cheese crumbles, directly added to sweet potato yam puree, its calcium supplement effect is particularly good,

The calcium content is 8 times that of milk, which is a real “calcium supplementation master”!

– Sweet potato cheese filla

· Reference age ·

Babies over 12 months old who are not allergic to ingredients

· Ingredient preparation ·

80g iron stick yam / 150g sweet potato

70g of shredded cheese / 8g of sugar / 4 slices of toast

Excipients: egg liquid, cooked sesame seeds

The above ingredients represent the amount of preparation only

It does not represent the amount of meals your baby eats

· Procedure ·


Peel and cut sweet potatoes and iron stick yams, and remember to wear gloves when handling yams. Steam for 15 minutes, remove when cooked through.


Steam sweet potatoes and yams, mash into a delicate sweet potato yam puree, and set aside for later use.


That’s when the cheese crumble comes in.

I have always used this Ruimu original cheese crumbs, mainly with clean ingredients,

There are no messy additions either. And the milk aroma is particularly pure, and it tastes good when made.


Put the crushed cheese in the sweet potato yam puree, and add a little sugar to taste, if you are a baby, you can do without it. Mix all kinds of things evenly, set aside for later.


Take out the toast slices, you have the kind of mousse circle at home, use the mousse ring, or use a large bottle cap like me, the size of the bottle cap of the baby’s can, and cut out a few round toast slices.


Sandwich the sweet potato cheese filling between the two slices of toast to make it slightly thicker. Smooth out the surrounding filling and press slightly to allow the cookie to hold.


Wrap the cookie in egg wash and roll it in a pile of sesame seeds.


Brush the non-stick pan with oil, keep the heat low all the time, and put this sweet potato cheese sandwich in it.

In fact, this one cooks very quickly, and the filling inside is cooked by us, mainly to bake the cheese.


Turn a few more sides of the cake in the pan, let it heat it fully, and finally cook it through.


No child can refuse this kind of sticky and brushed dessert, nutritional, and not at all mother-free, it must be arranged at once!

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