In the mountains in spring and summer, birds chirp and insects chirp, and the water gurgles. In this vibrant and beautiful scenery, exploring and walking through the mountains is the fun, but the mountains and rivers are so steep that we must set off in a good way.

In order to better meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, adidasTERREX launched a range of functional equipment in May that is compatible with excellent technology and excellent materials. This not only brings effective support for outdoor activities, but also encourages friends to constantly break through and build a new self.

The Wenzhou area where the owner himself is located is densely forested with mountains and streams, and a hiking trail will encounter complex and staggered terrain, and the adidasTERREX equipment I chose with its excellent adaptability to meet the needs of environmental changes and help me face various challenges.

Shoes need to cope with the needs of off-road wading, and lightweight, shock absorption, breathability, and anti-slip are the necessary prerequisites for us to go further.

The choice of trousers needs to have flexible stretching performance, and it needs to have the function of preventing grass and trees from scraping and splashing the stream, and only unrestrained can take a big step.

The short sleeves of the inner layer need to be close and comfortable, moisture wicking, the so-called “outside must first settle inside”, I think it should also be applicable in the choice of outdoor inner wear.

And, most importantly, the most important point. We need a lightweight, durable jacket with a variety of protective functions, and we must be protected by armor to overcome difficulties and walk fearlessly.

So with these factors in mind, I ended up buying adidasTERREX’s new May Professional Outdoor collection. The shoes are TERREX CC VOYAGER hiking shoes, the trousers are MULTI BETTER P1 trousers, the inside is M LOGO short sleeves, and the jacket is a Mistral WB jacket.

For the details of the above set of equipment and the actual use of the outdoors, here is a summary of a small video, friends can briefly check ~

Next, I will give a detailed explanation of these equipment.


The TERREX CC VOYAGER hiking shoe was designed with the needs of outdoor off-road in spring and summer in mind, because wading in the water is inevitable in spring and summer, so there are multiple drainage holes on the side of the shoe body.

This design allows us to wade in the water and complete the process of rapid drainage the moment we lift our feet. Compared with the many straight drainage holes on the shoe, the side drainage holes not only have the same drainage ability, but also prevent road sediment from entering the sole directly from the straight drainage holes.

The outsole of these hiking shoes is made of Stealth rubber and has a spike-like texture for a stable grip on slippery surfaces such as wading and moss.

Of course, this texture can also provide a firmer, smoother landing support when climbing slopes.

The midsole is an extremely light, soft EVA material, and a certain material thickness brings excellent shock absorption support for outdoor enthusiasts.


The mesh upper and widened body provide excellent temperature and humidity control and a wider, more comfortable space during outdoor activities.

The fixed position of the laces on both sides (i.e. the position of the three ribs) is wrapped in rubber, and the tightening of the laces creates a snug wrapping feel, which complements the tightening design of the heel position.

Even as the outdoor scene changes and the range of motion increases, these hiking shoes fit snugly to the foot and provide favorable external support for the foot, helping to dilute the effect of pressure on local position.

In terms of details, the toe cap protection design allows friends to keep moving quickly when wading in the water without worrying about hitting rocks in the water.

MULTI BETTER P1 trousers

I’ve worn the MULTI BETTER P1 trousers outdoors and for my daily activities recently: they’re comfortable for outdoor sports, their styling is slightly business-conscious for their daily commute, and overall, they’re versatile and versatile.

The color scheme also makes it easy to use in multiple scenes, but it is slightly lighter for the outdoors, but I didn’t stick too much dust as I jumped up and down. This has to do with the material of the fabric: the upgraded fabric allows rainwater to slide quickly down the texture of the pants, and this smooth, waterproof function inadvertently brings anti-stain effect.

Another feature of the fabric is that it has extended elasticity in any direction, reducing the sense of restraint during large physical activities, making these pants suitable for hiking, trail running, climbing and various activities.

Also influenced by its excellent fabric characteristics, these trousers do not appear scratching and drawing when moving on the lush road section, and have reliable wear resistance.

The design of the cuffs that can be elastically adjusted by the rope is also very practical, and the rope is fixed internally, which can avoid the phenomenon of stepping on the rope after tightening.

In the southern region, there are many grasses and snakes, and the protective effect of tightening the trouser legs is greatly improved.

The crotch position is specially made a three-dimensional splicing, which allows us to squat or stride without pressing the crotch, and the activity is more comfortable and convenient.

The upgraded fabric and ergonomic design give me a very flexible fit.

In addition, as far as the workmanship of the inner part of the pants is concerned, the thread is neat and delicate, all the splicing positions are hemmed and the force points are reinforced with dates, which also determines that it can bring a reliable and safe wearing experience outdoors.

Its side pockets are reversed and can be compressed and stored to help improve the convenience of storage and carrying. Of course, this design also reflects the lightness of the fabric from another angle.

Lightness will inevitably increase its sweat-wicking and quick-drying effect, making these pants more suitable for different kinds of outdoor activities in summer with multiple scenes.

It’s just that the waist of these pants is slightly larger, take me as an example: 170cm tall, 127 pounds, regular wear size M, and this time the wear is slightly loose; But don’t worry, the belt will also fit properly after the belt is adjusted.


The design of M LOGO TEE is based on the perspective of allowing outdoor enthusiasts to better explore nature and integrate into nature, so Climalite fabric is used. Climalite fabric is a garment fabric developed by adidas, using a special treatment double-layer mesh process. Its advantage is that it can keep the body surface dry and comfortable, the clothes using this fabric are easy to dry, there will be no uncomfortable feeling of sweaty clothes, it has the characteristics of sweat absorption and comfort, and keeps the body dry and cool during exercise. At the same time, the brand side and the Better Cotton Initiative Better Cotton Development Association are committed to promoting the development of the global cotton farming industry.

The Climalite fabric is characterized by a specially treated double-layer mesh fabric, the principle is that the inner layer of small mesh absorbs and transmits sweat and moisture; The large outer mesh evaporates sweat and moisture. The simple and versatile crewneck design and the TERREX semi-offset logo on the front side also decorate its overall appearance.

In this way, it brings a simple style when worn alone.

As an underneath, Climalite fabric helps control surface temperature and humidity for a dry, comfortable fit.

Mistral WB jacket

The Mistral WB jacket is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of activities in a variety of outdoor scenarios, whether trekking, trail running, mountain biking or rock climbing.

Mistral WB jackets are versatile and highly technological. First of all, it has a thickness and weight similar to traditional skin clothing, and it is made of soft shell material, which is lightweight and portable, but also allows it to cope with the outdoors and further enhance its ability to cope with the outdoors, and it can overcome difficulties in the process of exploring the outdoors without worrying about scraping grass and trees.

This jacket can withstand the friction of rocks when climbing, allowing me to fully experience the flexibility of fully stretching my arms during the climbing process, without a sense of restraint.

The integrated hooded design and wind rope can bring effective wind protection when the scene changes, which also allows us to get a more suitable rotation ability for the head after wearing the hat. The placket zipper corresponds to the position of the jaw and has a hemming treatment to prevent the zipper pull from rubbing against the jaw. There is also a zipper puller with a drawstring head wrapped in a heat shrink tubing for easy pulling when we wear gloves or at night. The rope head heat shrink tube wrapping treatment helps to avoid loosening the knot at the end of the rope, and the heat shrink tube has a rounded touch.

Therefore, after wearing the hat, the sun protection and windproof performance are greatly increased, and it can be comfortably linked with the head.

The cuffs and hem ropes also provide tighter protection when necessary, and the large zippered side pockets on both sides provide greater carrying capacity.

Like the MULTI BETTER P1 trousers, the Mistral WB jacket also has the portable performance of self-storage, which brings great convenience to travel and saves time on storage and organization.

From the data, it is known that its jacket does not have the waterproof performance of pants, but the conclusion obtained in actual use seems to be contrary to the data, and it is precisely said that it has the performance of short-term light rain protection (water repellent).

In fact, the water droplets can fall smoothly after splashing the stream waterfall, of course, there will be a sense of penetration over time. In terms of performance, the performance of the Mistral WB jacket has the same effect as many products on the market marked “surface water repellent”. It can be seen that adidasTERREX is more demanding in terms of performance, but it is more conservative in the annotation description, and there is no phenomenon of false labeling.

The inner back position is made of mesh format, which brings better breathability. When you look closely at the inside, like the trousers, the splicing position can be seen with good hemming, neat threading, and very few threads.

The back position is seen from the wearing situation, and the mesh format is open downward. So after the jacket is accidentally wet by rain, the rain can slide down without wetting the mesh that soaks into the vents.

The TERREX logo on the arm of the dress has a reflective effect, but the color is very close to the clothes, and in my opinion, its embellishment effect is more general, and I strongly hope that the brand logo can be more obvious.

In addition, in terms of the overall wearing effect, although the TERREX suit is functional, because its shape and color design can also fit in daily leisure, this relatively “versatile” design is also an important reason for me to attract me.

After a few uses, the excellent performance of this equipment can be fully felt, which is brought about by its excellent technology and technical fabrics. Because of this, adidasTERREX’s attitude of “created by me” and “LIVE without limits” is very appropriate: to help me express myself better, break through myself, and experience a more exciting outdoors.

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