Spring is coming, no need to wrap yourself tightly anymore! At this spring/summer fashion week, both Versace and Jenny Pcakham designers made off-the-shoulder designs on dresses. No ruffle embellishment, no complicated tailoring, clean lines and powerful handsome style make women sexy and a little dashing!

1 White lace dress dress This is a custom three-dimensional floral dress dress, the gloss and transparency of the fabric are particularly good, three-dimensional cutting, hand-typesetting; Classic waist design, noble style to release your small man’s waist; Elegant neckline, bow decoration, more temperament~

2. The chest temperament split long skirt has a comfortable neckline, low-key blooming sexy; Beautiful print design, giving people a romantic feeling; Half-split design, elegant and mysterious, looming, half-out long legs are more sexy; The playful combination of retro and fashion, elegant and more temperamental.

3 Small fragrant one-shoulder sexy dress Break the silent wrap of winter and express luxury with a simple black, because they are contained under the chic classic silhouette, so it is fascinating and not confusing, the sexy and alluring one-shoulder is full of femininity, multiple high-waist S-shaped cuts, the fit is thin, just like that, be a sexy little woman.

4, one-neck ruffle dress Casual one-neck skirt, trend vane, cute print, slim and thin, waist to show the figure, this summer’s MM who love the one-neck dress is a must-have.

5 European and American big brand style elegant V-neck dress Sexy V-neck, black and white, light and flexible, cold and noble, elegant and imminent. The openwork design of the shoulders reveals the charming little shoulders and defines the arm line, making it more neat and untidy. High-grade fabric, soft and elastic, not easy to wrinkle.

6 Neck off-the-shoulder long sleeve fishtail dress Fashionable and sexy neck off-the-shoulder design, with a fishtail ruffled hem, as if adding new life to the baby, sexy while not losing elegance ~~ red dignified and elegant, black retro sexy. MMs deserve to have~

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