Baidu official version of the dial high-speed downloader

As we all know, Baidu network disk officials have now implemented large-scale bans and other measures against third-party disc download tools such as PanDownload and / Shuanglin Disc Downloader. Now, iQiyi’s universal player may launch / the latest version v3.1.47.4069 in order to attract a large number of users who have blocked the download permission / Baidu network disk users, adding Baidu network disk download function, users log in to upload and download files in the network disk, download files high-speed download / unlimited speed, large file download full speed, support breakpoint resumption, support online playback of network disk video files, it is said that it will not be banned, after all, it is the official disc download / software under Baidu’s official video boss.

How to get software: Follow the headlines:”

Stream clouds

“, private message direct reply keywords:”


” or number ”


to get the software.

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