As temperatures continue to drop, so does autumn and winter. Presumably, every time the fairies change seasons, fashionable and good-looking items will start a wave fiercely, of course, pants must be indispensable. However, the editor recommends that you fairies do not buy too many pants, because it is enough to have “leather pants” in autumn and winter this year, practical and versatile and improve temperament.

When it comes to leather pants, fairies must be no strangers, this kind of fashionable, modern, avant-garde leather pants have always been an indispensable item in the wardrobes of celebrities and fashionistas. The obvious silhouette of leather pants, the smart fit will appear straight and shapely, and at the same time very fashionable and versatile, it is definitely a quick artifact for fairies to enhance their external temperament!

“Normal” leather pants

Classic, vintage items such as leather pants, even after years of precipitation, still have many basic and timeless styles in the fashion circle. This kind of leather pants that seem to be “ordinary” in style and color, in fact, the upper body is not “ordinary” at all, but will look very fashionable, simple and atmospheric! Next, the editor brings you a few “ordinary” leather pants, let’s take a look together!

1. Straight-leg leather pants

Straight-leg leather pants, as the name suggests, are straight leather pants with a straight shape. Wearing leather pants with a straight upper body can make your legs appear very straight while also defining the leg line more slender, looking good and thin. Therefore, the straight leather pants are very friendly to fairies whose legs are not straight.

2. Cropped leather pants

Cropped leather pants, such pants with an upper body length just to the ankle, can perfectly show the slender ankles of the fairies, thereby well modifying the leg shape and lengthening the leg line. When choosing cropped leather pants, fairies can also choose the tightness of pants according to the principle of thick legs covering flesh and thin legs, no matter what kind of body shape you have, there are cropped leather pants that suit you.

3. Cropped leather pants

Pants with a large exposed area such as cropped leather pants can avoid bloat even in autumn and winter, giving people a very light feeling, fashionable and avant-garde, no matter what kind of top you match it with! These leather pants can also show the slender legs of the fairies, looking thin and tall while soaring eye-catching, which is very suitable for small girls.

“Trendy” leather pants

With the continuous change and change of trends, leather pants have also kept pace with the times, and there have been great developments and breakthroughs in style, color and other aspects. Next, the “trendy” leather pants that Xiaobian wants to introduce to you are to add personalized prints, colors and other designs to the leather pants that are originally aura, and the style is very powerful, and the single product is distinctive and open, and it is also very fashionable and versatile.

1. Serpentine leather pants

As one of the sources of vitality of clothing, printing is also the focus of fashion attention every quarter. Adding snake print elements to leather pants is surprisingly good-looking, and it comes with cool and modern to give people a sense of personality and fashion! Serpentine leather pants with a high-waist design can highlight the waist line well behind the upper body, so as to achieve the effect of adjusting the proportion of the body.

2. Colorful leather pants

No matter what the season is, if you want to wear fashionable and eye-catching outfits, you need bright colors to embellish your look. Apply bright colors to leather pants, color leather pants are born, the upper body color leather pants can make the overall look effective, so that you can easily become the highlight of the street, beautiful and sassy and fashionable!

3. Glossy leather pants

In the “trendy” leather pants, of course, in addition to the innovation of prints and colors, there is also innovation in materials. Combining glossy materials with leather pants gives a futuristic and modern feel. Stylish and personal, it is not easy to manage, but no matter what the occasion you attend, you can make yourself the most eye-catching focus.

Matching guide for leather pants

After introducing the fairies to the leather pants that suit them, they must start researching how to control them fashionably and beautifully, and at the same time help to show the advantages of their figure. Of course, different styles of leather pants match with different items, giving people different effects, next, the editor has sorted out three sets of good-looking and temperamental leather pants for fairies, let’s take a look together!

Look1: suit + straight leather pants

Suits and other items have a very formal and professional feeling, and combined with a pair of smart leather pants, the aura is instantly enhanced, giving people the style of a celebrity. And the two types of suits and leather pants are very feminine items, wearing is simply heroic and handsome, the overall gives people a high-class, generous and decent feeling.

The little fairy who is always worried that she can’t control leather pants can choose black straight-leg leather pants to match with a black suit when dressing, which is usually called the principle of wearing the same color. This kind of whole is emphasizing the matching of the same color system, which is not easy to step on the thunder while visually having a very strong convergence effect, and can be full of high-grade without modification!

Look2: sweater + cropped leather pants

Items such as sweaters can always give people a warm and comfortable feeling, and the overall use of wool materials is also very malleable in wearing. Adding elements of short leather pants to such a gentle piece adds a lot of neutrality and neatness to the whole, and the combination of the two also controls the handsomeness of leather pants just right, it is simply beautiful and sassy, fairies must not miss it!

Due to the large skin-revealing area of the cropped leather pants, fairies can also choose a proper skin-revealing crewneck sweater when matching sweaters, so that the upper and lower layers echo the overall look very coordinated, natural and light and breathable. The perfect combination of these two types of different materials is even more layered at the same time as the contrast, which is very attractive and fashionable!

Look3: Windbreaker + colorful leather pants

As a must-have item for autumn and winter, the trench coat is generally based on a long style, and the upper body trench coat can visually connect the overall line well, and modify the body more slender and full. Matching a trench coat with colorful leather pants is also surprisingly good-looking, and the colorful leather pants inject vitality and vitality into the overall autumn and winter outfit, which is avant-garde and fashionable without losing its elegant temperament!

Of course, in the wearing of trench coats and colorful leather pants, fairies are best to wear trench coats open, which can well avoid the bloated situation of autumn and winter clothing while also revealing colorful leather pants, thereby attracting attention, highlighting the waist line and adjusting the proportion of the body. Fairies who pursue individuality can also choose to match colorful trench coats with colorful leather pants, which are simply not too conspicuous, and have a distinct and unique personality!

Well, the leather pants introduced to the fairies today are over here! If you like the fairy, remember to give the editor a thumbs up.

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