Due to the more “multi-functional” use compared to the sedan, the SUV series has been popular all over the country, because of better practicality and passability, higher passability than the sedan, many SUV users will want to drive their car to a small wild, but in fact, many SUV tires first of all, the owner looked down and wrote a big “HT”, and some riders saw “AT”, so what do these letters mean? Today, I will tell you about SUV tires.

1: HT tire (road tire)

HT tire is also a road tire, the English name is Highway-Terraintire tire, that is, a tire created for the highway, HT tire is the vast majority of urban SUV original factory equipped tires, tread pattern, structure will be more inclined to car tires, with a relatively dense tread pattern, the tire wall will also be relatively soft, because will not consider the needs of off-road, in the ride comfort will certainly be much better than other professional tires, whether it is shock filtering, sound insulation, road control, Fuel consumption performance is better, in fact, there is no off-road or escape needs, and most of the time in the city, occasionally walk some light non-paved road friends, can choose HT tires.

2: AT tires (all-terrain tires)

So what if I’m going to walk on something worse? Then it’s time to move out of our A/T tires, the full name of AT tires is all terrain tire, which means all-terrain tires, which can be regarded as a professional off-road tire. The tread of AT tires is rougher than HT, and the gap between the treads will be larger and the strength of the tire wall will be greater, so on non-paved roads, AT tires will have much more calm performance than HT tires, but on paved roads, the comfort and handling of AT tires will be worse, and wear faster. So AT tires are suitable for players who have some off-road needs to get out of trouble

3: MT tire (mud tire)

So if the MT tires are not enough, should I change the car? In fact, not necessarily, because there is a more general off-road tire model on top of the AT tire: MT tire, mud-terrain tire, which translates to mud tire. In appearance, mud tires are more “powerful”, the tread is exaggerated like a blade, don’t underestimate these patterns, with them, tires have better adhesion in bad road conditions, and can also discharge residual silt faster, the disadvantage is to amplify the shortcomings of AT tires a little more. Therefore, MT tires are suitable for driving on extreme off-road sections.

4: Write at the end

Now do you know the difference between these three mainstream tires? In fact, they are not superior, but we better use the right tires in the right scene, and finally a friendly reminder, although tires are a very influential factor, but for off-road or do your best, there is a sense of awe.

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