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Summary Online Online About “Buying wine on shake, I don’t reliably”, I have launched a fierce discussion. Dozens of pieces on the platform, more than a dozen imported wines are not a small number, such as the famous “996” (99 blocks). 6 bottles of money). The main concern is that the price is so cheap, is it true? Or is it really imported?

Last month, the Fujian Provincial Market Supervision Administration issued a wine purchase guide, according to the sweetness selection, the origin choice, the color, the aroma, and the price choice for consumers. Among them, you can usually purchase a wine below 50 yuan per bottle.


A box of 6 bottles of two or three hundred imported wine, the single bottle is less than 50 yuan, then, this price is imported, can you really drink?

Although there are still a lot of inferior wine below 50 yuan, it is not impossible to import wine to do this price. Various prices can have a good wine, but expensive wine often has a richer connotation.

Of course, the standards of different price of wine judges are also different. Today, let’s talk about the importance of different prices, what is the difference between style quality, so that everyone will purchase in their budgets and preferences.

One, 30 yuan or less

More than a dozen pieces, the variety of wines in this range is very chaos. Generally, most of them are not three-finished water, after all, the country has begun to strike, engage in this kind of death behavior is too big. But to say it is good, you still don’t have any expectations of this price.

Many of the following 30 yuan are directly imported large bottled bulk wine, and then fill in China. This kind of wine merchants generally promote the “raw wine import”. There are a lot of vintage licenses that look like a foreign name, and the propaganda is French wine, but the backboot is written in Yantai or filling. Shandong Yantai. Such wine, although it is also imported wine, but it cannot be considered “French wine”.

Why don’t I recommend buying this kind of water-filled wine in this bulk import, 2: 1 is that the quality of the grape raw materials used in this kind of wine itself is relatively poor, and the wine that is brewed is often not good. 2 is the wine bottles. It can be stabilized, and the use of buckets will increase the risk of vintage deterioration.

There are still although it is filling foreign filling, the original bottle is imported, but how the smell is to make a question mark. Foreign production wine is not in wine, as well as wine, but also the grapes of other wineries or grape farmers, making their own brands.

The range of grapes used can be seen from the grade of the wine label, and one of the most potholes is VCE.

What is VCE?

VCE is Vin de la Communaute EUROPEEN, which is the lowest level in the EU wines, which can be made from a grape in any EU member state. Or a country’s alcohol to another country is also effective.

Silted raw materials that are often vcEs are brewing other vintages, there is almost no flavor, which is the lowest-end cheap meal. Be careful, a lot of VCE wines will be sold in French wine, so pay attention to the wine standard.

Wine standard will be marked with Vin de la Communaute EUROPEENE


VCE wine, 99 pieces of 6 bottles are normal, more than 50 pieces should be careful, it is best not to buy, if more than 100 pieces are absolutely do not buy!

Second, 40-100 yuan

40-100 yuan This price already has a good wine. If you can make wine there is no strange taste, fruity is fresh, and you have a value. It is very good to have a dried glass of dried glass of drinking on the day. If you have a good job, you will have a hope.

This price has a large group of civilian line products, such as Yellow Tail, Legend, Legend. The target group of such alcohol is a wine entry, so it will deliberately brew the sweetness, weakene, if this wine is not balanced according to the standards of the experts, but it is just good for whispered. .

However, now Australia is sluggish in the Chinese market, you can choose some substitutes of Chile, South Africa, Argentina, such as the CONCHA Y Toro.

There are a lot of meal levels and AOC levels within 100 yuan. There are always merchants to promote AOC into the best wine. In fact, AOC is more stringent, I want to make a good wine within 100 yuan. It is not easy. .

Because this price is generally collecting others, I want to receive quantities every year, the quality is enough, and the large group is more guaranteed.

Such alcohol may have surprises, may also step on the thunder, because it is a relatively simple wine, most of them are consumed by the local market, so they do not have to have long-distance transportation and storage, in case the storage conditions are not good Street. So the wine to buy this price should pay attention to the year, the better the year.


100-200 yuan

Wines above more than 100 yuan can begin a little more special and complexity. If the aroma is more than fruit, the entrance is relatively balanced, that is, it is very good. It can reflect a certain variety of characteristics and even the characteristics of the production area, that is, it is already cost-effective.


If you have already spent the super small white stage, or just get started but have certain requirements for the taste, you don’t want to drink simple fruity wine, 100-200 this price can look more. Many of this price of wine began to pay attention to balance, it will make normal acidity and rationality, although the general skeleton feels are not particularly strong, but it is no longer sweet.

Four, 200-500 yuan

200 blocks can be said to be a “watershed”. Generally, 200 wines have begun to have a certain value, the flavor of the wine, the taste can reflect the typical or even special brewing techniques, That is, what we often say is “wind”.

From a natural point of view, the so-called orange Huainan is orange. It is born in Huaibei to be 枳, climate, temperature, soil, light, will affect the taste and quality of grape fruit. The same variety, old vine and young vines, the fruit, can taste completely different. People’s behavior is equally important, although the wind determines the style of wine, but can reflect the treasury from the wine depends on the practice of wine farmers and winemakers.

There are more than 200 or more good wine, countless, here is just a few examples, helping the first-order enthusiasts to put the door of the wine door.

For example, Bordeaux, you can start trying some intermediate crowds or column-level villages, experience a textbooks with depth, level, complexity.

This price of wine can also start focusing on the layout of the subcomponents and even the location of the vineyards. For example, Burgundy, even 200-500 yuan or the magnitude and village level, even if the vintage of the same village, the wine is different.

For example, the Argentine wines, in this high altitude wine country, the higher of Malbec, the higher the sea level of the vineyard, the more refined, the more connotation. Low altitude of rough feet style and high altitude elegant and delicate style, no need for a wine expert, can also taste it easily.


More than 500 yuan

Drinking wines will definitely drink more fine, more and more can drink different alcohol differences. In fact, the wine is even more expensive, and more than 500 yuan will start with a lot of famous big wine. Although many people usually hung in their mouths, they can say that they are already a good wine in the common sense.


This stage of good wine, in addition to meeting the good alcohol standards:

– Balance (no flavor is very awkward)


– Have complexity (not only simple fruity)

– Hierarchical (flavor variation)

– Flavor concentration (drink no water)

– 余 味 (味)

In addition, it should be able to reflect the characteristics of the wind and varieties of origin to a certain extent, and even the concept of winemakers.

However, buy more than 500 wines, many people have to face a problem – why do I have a feeling and 50 cheap wine? Even 50 more drink? 500 wines so difficult, is it a fake wine?

In fact, the main reason is 2: 1 did not drink common; 2 The ceremony did not do it.

Let me say 1 didn’t drink it.

With perfumes, the perfumes and wine have many common things. For example, there are thousands of aroma, which is very important to the raw materials, the craftsmanship (winemaker), can also have consumer goods and The properties of the collection; even for consumers, contact, understanding, appreciation this path is very similar.


Some people who originally reached the perfume may be a bottle of famous products, it is not fragrant? delicious. Is there any texture and connotation? no. Just like the alcoholic drink of the small-selling department, there is no texture and connotation, but it is enough to drink. Then there are some popular brands of the popular perfume, especially the most popular, even because there are too many people who use too much, then there is a batch of lovers and tired of this sweet flower, start to explore more The small, the alternative taste, the acceptance threshold for odor is getting bigger and bigger.

As prices rose to this stage, products may become more “personality”. People who don’t know why people are willing to put ink, smoked, and musk like this, just like drinking people, some can’t accept the soreness of Chablis, Barodo ( Barolo) The kind of tannin as if you have a feet.

Just like the perfume, the accepted level of the vintage taste style will also be more and more wide, but it is not necessary to think that it is not good to drink, how is it? The perfume is also the kind of scenery that only likes citrus incense, drinking wine, and drinking wine, drinking wine, I only like Charmnnay.

2 The ceremony did not do it:


On the other hand, the high-end wine is really “reasonable”. When drinking, you must pay attention to it, such as waking up, ice to the right temperature, with a suitable cup type. These pay attention is not to say simple rituals, but it can really affect the taste of wine, which is very troublesome.

Although we have been talking about drinking, there are still many consumers in real life, but they can’t do such a frame box. They don’t wake up, the aroma is closed, and the tannin is too heavy, it is not good to drink; directly at room temperature, The aroma is not fresh, the alcohol is too strong, not good to drink; just find a cup to drink, the aroma tastes not come, not drink …


It is really troublesome to really experience the benefits of good wine, but have to say that the result is still very worthless.

Finally, there is no matter what the price has surpassed the amazing and namelessness of all beings, the price range is just a probably reference, not absolute.

The more you often carry things, the more things that are carrying, this land is, what kind of influence is there in the weather, and the winemaker has used what is going to express anything, in other words, such a wine may have no way. “Don’t drink your brain.” I sometimes have a kind of “I don’t understand the pressure” when I drink more expensive wine, and I don’t think about it. Is this not a happy original intention? However, it is also another pleasure to continue.

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