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【New Zhiyuan Guide】I don’t know if I don’t look, I’m shocked when I look at it! Boston Dynamics has fully “invaded” the human world! But don’t be afraid, the inner OS of the big yellow dogs is: help human beings, enhance value!

You’ve probably heard a lot about Boston Dynamics robot dogs this year.

It can be the company of beach beauties:

It is also possible to become a right-hand man of the police station:

Or at the scene of the space X explosion filled with gunfire:

In short, Spot has left the lab, and different customers have put them to work to keep people safe and improve efficiency. Let’s take a look at Spot in the real world this year!

Went to work at SpaceX to survey the scene of a rocket explosion

In March, SpaceX’s Starship prototype SN10 took off from Boca Chica, Texas.

Finally, it reached an altitude of about 10 kilometers, and in the huge smoke rising from the ground, the Starship prototype successfully landed.

However, due to its lack of stability, the SN10 exploded a few minutes after landing.

The whole process is also like a sci-fi blockbuster, very futuristic.

Compared to the previous SN8 and SN9, SN10 has achieved a new breakthrough. Musk tweeted, “Hats off to SN10 and honorary retirement.”

The day after the explosion, SpaceX sent Boston Dynamics robotic dogs to inspect the explosion site.

And help workers clean up and recycle rocket parts.

SpaceX named the Boston Dynamics robot dog Zeus.

In the video shot at the scene, this “big yellow dog” also has a red small room, lying comfortably on its stomach inside, which is simply too presentable!

Because approaching a crashed rocket can be unsafe, Zeus is used to search at test facilities or places where humans can’t go.

The robot dog is equipped with cameras and sensors to collect data to figure out what went wrong with the SN10 when it landed.

Zeus is an expensive robotic dog purchased by SpaceX for $74,500, plus $100,000 in add-ons including lidar, camera mount, sensors and more.

This is not the first time that the “big yellow dog” has appeared at the SpaceX explosion site.

Boston Dynamics robotic dogs first appeared on SpaceX’s site in June 2020, when it was used to inspect SpaceX’s proving ground in Boca Chica, Texas.

After 9 months, the Internet celebrity robot dog and the Internet celebrity aerospace company are “in the same frame” again!

The video of the robot dog patrolling the scene caused netizens to watch, “black mirror dog”, “a dog head is not so scary”

Not only at the site of the smoke-billowing SpaceX explosion,

The “Big Yellow Dog” also provided help in many dangerous locations – underground, electrified substations, nuclear power plants, etc.

Entered many places that wheeled robots and drones cannot enter.

For example, explore in the world’s deepest base metal mine:

Boston Dynamics’ first “coolie” Stretch went online to move bricks and finally started on the warehouse robot!

If the exploration site is far from our real life, then the time has come for Boston to really amplify the move, and Boston Dynamics released a new robot Stretch to perform a very specific warehouse job: moving boxes.

That’s right, “moving bricks”.

Such an ordinary job, isn’t it that other companies have long developed robots to move goods?

What is unique about Boston Dynamics’ “brick moving” robot?

Not to mention,

Stretch still has a lot to offer, and he aspires to be the strongest porter ever!

The new warehouse robot Stretch has a square mobile base, base wheels, and a “perception mast” with cameras and sensors.

The square base is equipped with a freely moving robotic arm with seven degrees of freedom, which can grasp and move up to 23 boxes, weighing about 46 pounds.

There is a large suction cup at the top of the robotic arm, and a vacuum cleaner-like device on the surface can absorb the cargo and hold the prey tightly like eight catch fish.

At the same time, it is equipped with intelligent fixtures with advanced sensing and control functions, which can autonomously know the material, size, and type of box, and can handle a variety of boxed and shrink-wrapped boxes.

The mobile base allows Stretch to navigate on loading docks, maneuver through tight spaces and adapt to changing facility layouts, eliminating the need for expensive fixed automation infrastructure.

Stretch’s vision system works together with pick-and-place activities for high productivity.

Moving bricks is too tiring, wake up buddies to fight together!

In order to let the audience experience the suction power of the suction cup, the two Stretch robots face each other, stretch out their arms, and suck together.

Who won’t dance, I will also show you two hands~

Boston Dynamics’ path to commercialization

Boston Dynamics was acquired by South Korea’s Hyundai last year for $1.1 billion from SoftBank, the third time it has changed hands in seven years.

What started as a robotics company as a lab at MIT spun off in 1992 and quickly became a well-known robotics manufacturing company.

It was acquired by the X division of Google’s parent company Alphabet in 2013 and by SoftBank in 2017.

After being acquired by SoftBank, Boston Dynamics has been aggressively promoting the “commercialization” of its products, after 25 years of focusing on military and research robotics.

Sometimes, Boston Dynamics is more of a “research institute” than a company, mass-producing technologically advanced but “unprofitable” machines. This has a lot to do with its founder, Marc Raibert.

Mark Repot is a classic “academic entrepreneur” who, after receiving his Ph.D. from MIT, founded the CMU leg lab at Carnegie Mellon University and served as an associate professor. IT, continues to work on the development and research of robots.

In 1986, Mark Report returned to MIT to continue developing and researching robots.

SoftBank ran into some difficulties last year, including investment losses like betting on WeWork, which may have been one of the reasons for the sale of Boston Dynamics.

Boston Dynamics, what else do you expect it to do?



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