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Good morning everyone, it’s Monday again!

Today Anne asked Ah Meng only to find out,

It turns out that there is another week to celebrate the New Year,

No wonder there are many fairies who leave messages in the background to ask

What should I wear home for the New Year…

Anne thinks the first choice is of course red~


Anne only dares to wear red and purple when she goes out in the New Year~

The elders looked at it and felt festive,

A lot of red envelopes are given

Although All red’s aura is unrivaled,


A big red is not something that everyone can easily control~

So today Anne decided to give you some

Tips on “How to wear red to be stunning”,

Guaranteed to be warm and beautiful to fly together,

So you can have a good New Year!

Although it is a New Year,

But the temperature in the New Year is still quite low.

For the sake of the health of the fairies,

The first to recommend the matching of red coat~

The red tweed coat is a red coat that is more everyday,

Compare versatile styles.

During the New Year,

You just have to put a simple set on your body.

The group photo definitely kills a bunch of relatives.

The style of the tweed coat is a bit limited,

Fairies can choose a more intellectual style,

For example, this style of a cinched-in waist dress by Princess Kate.

Compared to the red tweed coat,

I think a trench coat or leather jacket is a better choice.

Because the material is more advanced,

It makes the look more attractive.

There is also a more textured red coat,

I wonder if the fairies remember the teddy velvet coats from last year’s fire?

Khaki white is actually out!

This year you can come with a big red,

Out on the street immediately overwhelmed!

Like the north there is heating,

Or friends who are often indoors,

Also try a red blazer.

Like this year’s popular corduroy material,

One set down,

Totally handsome!

If you are worried that large areas of red are difficult to handle,

You can try a red plaid coat.

The shape is also very eye-catching,

It will not be too obtrusive to wear at any time~

A red item that is safer, more versatile and cheaper than a coat,

It’s the red underwear.

Any coat can be chosen in one

Simple red sweater to match.

Wear it with blue jeans that are essential for your wardrobe,

Such a color scheme,

Don’t look at the single product style at all,

Very eye-catching,

Very eye-catching.

If you think the big red is eye-catching,

You can also use a black combination that is so cool that you have no friends,

Neutralize the visual colors.

Black in red,


Friends who often move indoors warmer,

Try a dress.

In addition to the red sweater,

There is also a red sweatshirt, which is also a top item that you can consider.

Sweatshirts are more casual styles,

It’s best with a variety of coats~

And red shirts like “Queen of the Sea” Amber,

Appears super advanced,

Good match,

It’s just a little cold to wear,

Anne suggests

You can wear it with a black turtleneck sweater underneath hahaha

I feel that the matching pants are not good enough,

You can try to match it with a more flowing long skirt,

Just add warm pants inside

Some fairies feel red

For people with darker skin, the face will appear yellow.

If this is the case,

You can try moving the red color to the lower body.

Try to stay away from your face.

Speaking of which,

There will definitely be fairies who say “the legs are not thin enough, so trouble”,

Then you can do it in the style.

For example, choose looser wide-leg pants,

You don’t have to worry about this problem of showing thick legs.

You can put a pair of shoes with heels inside,

It also helps you lengthen your legs.

Thin too~

About skirts,

In this season of baring legs is not suitable anywhere.

Anne really can’t bear to recommend skirts to you,

So I recommend the big red long skirt for skirts,

It’s the same thing.

How to stuff thermal pants is not bad for Doha haha

Can’t accept it when red is put on?

So you can narrow down the red range a little more.

Used in accessories.

For example, red bags,

Even if you are ordinary daily dress,

Adding a red envelope is very much bright,

The shape will be perfect!

In addition to the red bag,

And the little red shoes,

It is also a red item to consider for the New Year.

If you control the hat,

You can choose a favorite red hat,

From head red to jio~

Friends who are afraid of cold,

You can add a red New Year’s scarf to your outfit.

So warm and warm,

It’s New Year’s rush again~

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With these little tips with red colors,

No more worrying about wearing “New Year Red” ugly and low~

Hurry up and get ready!

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