Hangzhou Mansion Spring Event

March 11-13, Hangzhou Tower A, -1F women’s shoes part 5-8% off (express product participation), some brands buy one get one free, full reduction, 2F-6F boutique women’s clothing/popular women’s clothing/underwear/cashmere part 5-8.5 discount, some brands full of gifts (express product participation); Block B, 3F boutique clothing part 5-8% off (express product participation), 4F/5F men’s clothing/men’s shoes/ 5-8.5% off for luggage part, some brands full reduction (express product participation); Block C, 1F international famous products part 5-7% off (express product participation), 2-3F trend casual clothing part 5-8.8 discount, some brands full reduction (express product participation) ;D seats, 3F trend women’s clothing part 5-7 discount (explicit product participation), 4F sportswear part 5-8.5% discount (express product participation). (Chen Nan)

Xiebai brand menswear event

Xiebai Shopping Plaza, Youngor: 9% off spring dress, 8% off combination, PART 6.8 OFF, Beverly Paul: Spring Top, Part 4-5 Fold, Manhattan: Spring Cabinet 8.5 Off, Winter 6 Fold, BOSSSUNWEN: Spring Cabinet, Part 5-7 Discount, JEEP: Spring 8.8 Discount, Binbo: Spring Cabinet, Part 6 Fold, Tim Palan: Spring Cabinet, Part 7 Fold, Walking Walker: Spring Cabinet, Part 6 Fold, Rowing Club: Spring Cabinet, Part 5-6 Discount, Part 179-1352 Yuan, Kanudi Road: Spring Cabinet, Part 3-6.5 Fold, JOE: Spring 8.8 Discount, Part 5-7 Fold, GOOD LUCK: Spring on the cabinet, part 3-5 fold. (Chen Nan)

Sasseur outlet brand discount

Sasseur Outlet Special Underwear Sale: Triumph Diane Fin buy four get one free, Embry Form Anlifang buy three get one free, Eve’s Temptation Eve’s temptation 10-399 yuan, a single purchase of 500 yuan or more 9.5 off, 1000 yuan off 9 discount, Aimer 4 pieces off 9 off, EBLIN 2-5 discount, some 78-88 yuan, BODY POPS 2-5 discount, some 78-88 yuan, SCHIESSER 2-5 FOLD. Calvin Klein Jeans 3-7% off, Beverly Paul 5% off, JNBY 5-6 off, TEENIE WEENIE 3-5 off, some items off 2 off, eifini 2-5 off, In’s 1-5 off, part of the price, Paw in Paw 2-5 off, part of the price, Kenopu 139-398 yuan (over 288 yuan minus 50 yuan, over 488 yuan minus 100 yuan, except special price), I LOVE CHOC99-399 yuan, Li Ning from 80 yuan, Clarks 2-7 discount, Reemoor 5-6 discount, internal increase 238-298 yuan. (Chen Nan)

Lei Shing Designer Plaza clothing promotion

Lei Shing Famous Plaza, 1F, SELECTED can purchase two or more designated regular-priced products with an amount of 999 yuan plus 69 yuan or more to purchase any 499 yuan designated product, and an amount of 1499 yuan plus 99 yuan can be exchanged for a designated product worth 699 yuan; 2F, ONLY new products listed, Le Cho new products listed, part 7-8 discounts, G2000 designated suit 799 sets, 999 sets, MG spring wear part 7.5 discounts; 3F, Buyifang spring clothing first 8.8 discounts, the second piece 2 discounts, pay 380 yuan to give a bouquet of fragrant flowers, Clocs part of the special price 249~599 yuan, Jamor over 1088 yuan to give a beautiful gift, while stocks last; 4F, the new model of pregnancy color is listed, part of 6 discounts, Fengyan new products listed 5-8 discounts, some 30-99 yuan, Tingmei some products 5 discounts, WeChat sweep a pair of socks. (Chen Nan)

House of Clothes White Day event

FROM MARCH 11 TO 14, CLOTHES HOME TIMES STORE SPRING WEAR AS LOW AS 3 OFF: YOUNGOR 2-4 OFF, MLB 3-5 OFF, GOOD LUCK GLDEUS 1.5-5 OFF, SG3-5 OFF, JASONWOOD 3-7 OFF, ILOVECHOC 3-6 OFF, PAULFRANK 2-6 OFF, 3 FOLD 9 OFF, CARBINE 3-6 OFF, HELLOKITTY 1.5-5 OFF, Evelyn 3-5 OFF, ASUKA AND NEW WINE 3-6 OFF, Gumu Xiyang 2-6 folds, red sleeves 1-5 folds, blue love 1-5 folds, HS 2-5 folds, EAWDO 1.5-5 folds, Grass 1 2-5 folds, Osili 2-5 folds, BRJ 1-5 folds, CK 3-7 folds, Mark Huafei individual 3-5 folds, Thursday Island 1-5 folds (see the counter for more details on new brands in spring wear). (Chen Nan)

Spring White Day event on the canal street

From March 12th to 14th, Spring White Day on the street of the canal – give it to his favorite person, spring clothes new, and pay 200 yuan Chinese gold coupon, 50 yuan men’s coupon, 20 yuan cosmetics coupon after discount. 1F, Belle as low as 1 fold, Jasonwood as low as 3 fold, red dragonfly 5-7 fold; 2F, MLB 2-5 fold, AVVN 3-7 fold, HS as low as 5 fold; 3F, Youngor 3-5 fold, Mark Huafei two pieces 3 fold, Babe Kingdom 5 fold; 4F, Adidas, Nike, New Balance, Li Ning, 361° as low as 4 folds. First floor atrium good kids sale. The East Square Farmers Festival is full of spring. West Plaza Love Cottage participates in giving away McDonald’s mini cones and a chance to win free movie tickets. (Chen Nan)

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