adidas will release a new spring model every New Year, and the shape is also very good-looking,

The point is that adidas also chooses spokespeople in particular, and don’t mention how good it looks to wear them every year!

This year’s adidas has a new trick! A short film of the stars was also filmed,

But you can see it from this gate full of ancient style,

This time, the ancient style of the New Year will be more intense~

As soon as the door is opened, there is a man’s back, and the clothes are a bit like the style of the storm jacket,

There is also a very classic Siberian tiger behind it, which is very imposing!

This imposing man has been the face of adidas for many years

Eason Chan


This smoky makeup is really amazing, and the wine glass in my hand is actually an ancient wine bottle.

The second to appear is

Yi Yang Qianxi

, the way to appear is the street dance form he has always been good at,

In addition to adidas’ New Year collection, Yi Yangqianxi’s bottoms are typical of ancient draped curtains.

The costume worn by Yi Yangqianxi is a sports jacket with a Spring Festival style print,

The black clover sweatshirt inside also has a local Spring Festival style print.

The next to come out is the one who just announced his retirement this year

Ning Zetao

He’s really, really handsome~

Here is also a close-up of Ning Zetao’s shoes, in other words, I really love this shoe!

Ning Zetao is wearing a Spring Festival style printed sweatshirt, and the sneakers are also New Year,

Black running shoes with gold adidas three bars,

Special is the heel part, which represents the white crane of the East, which is too meaningful!

Peng Yuyan

Appeared wearing the same printed jacket as Yi Yangqianxi,

To be honest, two generations of male gods I really can’t determine who is more handsome,

It may be that adidas wants to show everyone that “this dress can be worn with different temperaments”!

However, Peng Yuyan’s sweatshirt is slightly different from Yi Yangqianxi’s.

Peng Yuyan’s sweatshirt also has a Spring Festival style print on the inside of the hat,

But the predecessor did not have the logo of a clover, but a tiger pattern on the back, super domineering!


Angela Big Baby

There are also appearances, she is really suitable for this glamorous role!

She is wearing a navy blue Spring Festival print, a short sweatshirt,

Have you ever found that matching with period headwear is almost completely inconsistent?

At the end of the film, Li Xiang and Wang Yuelun’s daughter

Wang Shiling

There are also appearances,

This girl has really grown up, and I feel that I have seen the shadow of an adult.

Wang Shiling’s upper body is a sports woven cotton suit, and there is a lotus leaf print on it,

This one is also a double-sided pilot jacket, and the other side is a touch of pink, which children will definitely love!

This time adidas 2020 Chinese New Year model is the best in recent years,

Especially Ning Zetao’s pair of crane running shoes, it’s crazy! Will you buy it?

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