Since childhood, we have grown up wearing blue, green and white school uniforms, and the loose and crumbly sports style is really difficult to play, and the same style is difficult to associate with fashion. However, in South Korea, other people’s school uniforms are novel and colorful, and there are popular idols such as EXO, Kim Youzhen, Apink, and Winner to endorse, and the school uniform style has even become an important consideration for students to choose a school, and is a fashion trend vane in adolescence. Film and television dramas are also more and more integrated into the campus theme, and it is really enviable to look at the pure and eye-catching student styling of idols. This academic fashion difference can’t help but make people sigh, it seems that they wear such cute school uniforms, and school is not so boring! At the beginning of the new semester, without further ado, let’s take a look at Korean school uniform culture with Seal-kun.

Ivyclub Autumn 2014 Pictorial Series

If you want to understand the school uniform culture in Korea, you have to start with the school uniform brand, unlike the customized school uniform in Chinese factories, South Korea has a more professional school uniform brand and a mature design and promotion team. Spare no effort to save campus fashion, the styling of the student period is no longer “black history”, it has become more memorable and worth savoring. The use of celebrity endorsements has given a new definition to Korean school uniforms, and the interpretation of idols makes students’ positive and energetic side very authoritative and more powerful. Let’s first take a look at the legendary four major Korean school uniform brands Ivyclub and Skoolooks… Expressiveness!

Ivyclub Fall/Winter 2015 Pictorial Series

MYELITE Fall 2015 Collection

Skoolooks Fall 2015 collection

SMART Fall 2015 Lookbook

Official poster for “Dream High”

From “Haojie Chunxiang”, “Fancy Men” to “Heirs”, “School 2015″… There are many romantic stories happening on Korean campuses, and this classic film and television work also reflects the variety of Korean school uniforms. In the play, the school uniform has pure affection and old age… Wonderful and all-encompassing, and it is not difficult to find that checks and stripes have also become the most popular design elements. It is this strong sense of substitution that resonates with the audience! What other school uniform styling in film and television works is your heart, welcome to discuss~

The official poster of “Haojie Chunxiang”

“Short Legs Strike Back” by Lee Jongsuk and Krystal

“Fancy Man” makeup photo

“To the Beautiful You” makeup photo

“The Heirs” stills

“Please Answer 1997” stills

“School 2015” stills

“Longevity Chamber of Commerce” stills

Girl’s Day member Lee Hye-ri at Gimpo Airport, South Korea, September 10 (flying to Japan)

Well, I don’t know if the seal-kun’s fancy inventory has mentioned your slightest interest in Korean school uniforms, even if we don’t have a chance to wear the school uniform, but I have to admit that the Korean-style college-style age-reducing style is still very useful! Finally, of course, to be a little practical, look at the Korean stars, passers-by’s daily college style style and seal jun matching recommendations: Korean girls’ college style, simple sweatshirt and shorts or short skirt are the most common, pure and lively, and those who like to wear shirts show a more intellectual side, which is also very attractive; Boys are more sweatshirts and Bermuda shorts, looking more handsome and casual.

Girl’s Day member Kim Ah Young on September 10 at Gimpo Airport, South Korea (flying to Japan)

Girl’s Day member Fang Min-ah September 10 Gimpo Airport Street Photography (Fly to Japan)

Korean Academy style is recommended

1.Volcom contrast baseball cap: 175 HKD

Markus Lupfer Disney Collection Mickey Sweatshirt: $420


4. Chicnova sunglasses: 805 RMB

5. Beats Gold Headphones: $100

6.J.Crew pendant necklace: 7290 RMB

7.Topshop frayed denim shorts: $52

8.Stella McCartney five-pointed star clutch: 291 euros

9.New Balance classic sneakers: 509 RMB

AOA group member Park So-e was photographed on the street of stars outside South Korea’s KBS TV station on July 3

D. Holic group member Duri July 31 outside KBS TV celebrity street shooting: recorded music program “Music Bank”

AOA group member Kim Seol-hyun July 17 outside KBS TV celebrity street shooting: recorded music program “Musci Bank”

DIA group member Jung Chae-yeon July 27 Incheon Airport Street Photography (Fly to Hong Kong)

1. Sheinside digital T-shirt: $17

Young & Reckless baseball cap: HK$101

3.White House Black Market tassel necklace: HK$504

4. Chicnova checked shirt: $17


6. Tignanello handbag: 6005 RMB

7.adidas Originals Stan Smith sneakers: $95

Jung so-yeon on August 28 Incheon Airport street photo in South Korea: wearing a Sacai striped shirt with ripped jeans

Seo Hyun, a member of the Girls’ Generation group, was photographed on the street outside KBS TV in South Korea on August 28

Girls’ Generation group members Lim Yoona and Hwang Mi-young (Tiffany) were street shoots outside South Korea’s KBS TV station on August 21

AOA group member Kwon Min-a on September 12 at Gimpo Airport, South Korea (flying to Japan)

Clothing matching recommendations

1. Chicnova pink pocket jacket: 211 RMB

2.Cheap Monday silver bone earrings: 121 RMB

3. Wildfox pearl white round frame sunglasses: 705 RMB

4.Theory stretch cotton-blend shirt: RMB 2060

5. Levis women’s mid-rise tapered jeans: RMB 856

6. Alison Lou diamond enamel bracelet: 9670 RMB

7. Grafea leather backpack: RMB 1812

8. Giuseppe Zanotti high-top sneakers: 4632 RMB

SHINee group member Key August 7 South Korea’s KBS TV outside the star street shooting: recording “Music Bank”

SHINee group member Key June 12 South Korea’s KBS TV celebrity street shooting: recorded music program “Music Bank”

EXO group member Park Chanyeol July 24 Incheon Airport Street Photography (Flying to Osaka, Japan)

Ahn Jae-hyun black-white-gray look flies from Incheon Airport in South Korea to Guam to shoot magazine blockbuster

1. Dries Van Noten sunglasses: 2447 RMB

2. STUSSY white half sleeves: 400 RMB

3. Supreme White Jacket: New unpriced

4. Proenza Schouler backpack: 15595 RMB

5. Blue Blue Japan denim shorts: RMB 1925

6.Golden Goose Deluxe Brand star leather sneakers: 2495 RMB

Korean street photography

1.Madeline Hoops earrings: $120

2. LENNON vintage round frame sunglasses: 6095 RMB

3. Nicolas Ghesquiere loose sweater: 5688 RMB

4. Modaoperandi striped trousers: 4025 RMB

5.Olivia Burton navy blue watch: £80

6. McQ Alexander belt: £140

7.Raf Simons X Adidas Originals Stan Smith sneakers: $3100

1.Equipment Shirt: $236

Marc by Marc Jacobs candy stud earrings: $65

3.La Garconne black sweater: 47,487 yen

4. Chalayan wool-blend gabardine coat: $1500

Alexa Chung For AG Jeans suede mini skirt: $750

6.Jeffrey Campbell black lace-up shoes: $139

Girl’s Day member Lee Hye-ri at Gimpo Airport, South Korea, September 10 (flying to Japan)

Korean Academy style is recommended

Korean Academy style is recommended

Korean Academy style is recommended

Korean Academy style is recommended

Korean street photography

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