This article I want to vindicate the little brothers and sisters in the IT industry!

The income of the IT industry has always been at the forefront of the income of various industries, and some people may say that high wages are also overtime, but in fact, you have to admit that even if programmers do not count overtime wages, the salary will be higher than the income of many people in other industries. In addition to the misunderstanding of programmer salary, there are also some other aspects, such as:

1. People who do IT work overtime and are prone to sudden death?

“Overtime” has become a special term in the IT industry, so many people feel that this line is too hard and easy to die of overwork, but is it just that this line works overtime and is more tired? Think about the practitioners around you, the most common real estate sales, staying up late during the opening of the project to review the data about the customer is not hard? Aren’t the people working overtime on construction sites under the scorching sun and late at night to catch up with projects? No industry can easily make money, why is there such a big bias against the IT industry?

The IT industry relies on the brain to eat, so in the eyes of those who rely on physical strength to eat, it seems very relaxed, there will always be misunderstandings about IT practitioners, but where this line is a little windy, even if this wind and grass other industries have, it will be infinitely amplified. Let’s talk about sudden death, staying up late to play mobile phone games will also have the risk of sudden death, isn’t there still someone trying to take risks? In the workplace, any industry will have overtime, but not every industry will always work overtime, there must be stages, do not wear colored glasses to the IT industry.

2. Easy to baldness

Speaking of this problem, Brother Ba wants to laugh, baldness has become a real problem faced by everyone, how can it become a special term for IT programmers?

Take a look at CCTV News’ latest investigation:

This study shows that 250 million people in China are plagued by hair loss, a large number of post-90s have begun to lose hair, and even a large number of post-00s in the comments are also crying miserable, saying that they have also begun to lose hair, look, hair loss This is a very common problem basically everyone has, so don’t put the problem on programmers to amplify infinitely.

Besides, even if there is baldness in the programmer, people have money to do hair transplantation is not [dog head] [dog head] [dog head]!

3. Love to wear plaid shirts

The high salary of programmers has become a consensus, but although programmers are golden, they do not meet the image of gold, because in the eyes of many people, programmers are like this:

But do you know why programmers like to wear plaid shirts? Plaid shirt in the programmer circle is a totem is also a sacrifice, programmers are most afraid of Bug, because Bug transliterated as “Bague”, so wear the plaid on the body, wear it for seven seven forty-nine days can effectively reduce bugs.

4. Eat youth rice?

It is often said that technicians as long as they are over 35 years old, basically going downhill, so let’s talk about a more realistic problem, the precondition for going downhill at the age of 35 is that technology can not keep up with the needs of the enterprise and grows up, this kind of people don’t say 35 years old, even if they are less than 30 years old, the downhill road has begun to go, so the fact is that whether to eat youth has nothing to do with age, it is related to technology.

On the contrary, as long as IT practitioners have a good career development plan, the more they grow older and the precipitation of technology, the better they will develop.

Some have become architects, big bulls in the field of technology;

Some have become management and product managers;

Some start their own businesses and set up their own companies;

Therefore, “eating youth” is just a word used by those who are not enterprising to comfort themselves, and the real technical bulls have never been afraid of the so-called age crisis!

Look at how much changes IT technology has brought to our lives, in the past, you had to bring bank cards and cash, now you can travel most of China with only a mobile phone, the development of the Internet has long penetrated into all aspects of life, has become an indispensable part of national development.

Everyone thinks that programmers have high salaries, in fact, most programmers are relatively ordinary families, economic pressure, but they through their own efforts into this well-developed industry, although can not make you become rich, but through the accumulation of experience, their own continuous hard work, in the big city to buy a house and a car, live a decent life is still relatively easy.

So I hope that everyone will not have any misunderstandings about programmers, and I hope that every IT practitioner can live the life they want through hard work!

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