Beijing News (Reporter Liu Jiaqi) At Fashion Week, gorgeous ready-to-wear and classic handbags are the focus of attention, while shoes and accessories play the role of the finishing touch, making the overall look more attractive. As luxury brands increasingly lean towards younger consumers, designers are keen to add some trendy elements that young people like to shoe designs, which often attract popularity.

◆Alexander McQueen

Photo: Screenshot of Alexander McQueen’s public account

Trea Slick is Alexander McQueen’s “Internet celebrity” shoe. After debut in Alexander McQueen’s early spring 2020 collection, Trea Slick’s unique style has been deeply rooted in people’s hearts, not only won the favor of fashion bloggers such as “Gun Chen Xingru”, but also stars such as Gulinazha, Hua Chenyu, Song Weilong and other stars have also “planted” this shoe.

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Trea Slick’s design is striking, with a silhouette rubber sole that stands out. The canvas upper is topped with intricate laces, and the brand’s English logo looms on the sole and heel. Trea Slick comes in a variety of colors and shapes to suit different outfits.


Photo: Screenshot of Balenciaga’s public account

Balenciaga also recently launched a new shoe, Speed 2.0, which is a new version of the 2017 hot Speed Trainer sock shoes, adding a hollow design to the sole, which shows the premium and increases the toughness of the shoe. Speed 2.0 uses 3D knitting technology and is paired with a “memoryless” ergonomic sole for greater freedom and resistance to shoe deformation. When Speed Trainer was first launched, Kwon Ji Long wore it and became the focus of Paris Fashion Week. Today’s Speed 2.0 may be able to set off a craze for socks and shoes again with “black technology”.


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The Burberry Fall/Winter 2020 collection, unveiled at London Fashion Week in February this year, is still on sale, but there are already people who are looking forward to the collection’s new shoes. The shoe is “similar” to Burberry’s previous Arthur sneakers, the laces and uppers are still made of canvas, the heel, toe and other parts have become formal men’s shoes design, and are also embellished with Burberry’s unique print pattern, showing a casual and formal collision. And this combination of formal wear and sports is exactly the brand youth innovation that Burberry is currently pursuing.


Dior’s hottest shoe last year was the basketball shoe with Air Jordan 1, designed by Dior menswear director Kim Jones. Blue-gray and white leather, high-end versatility, Dior classic print Swoosh logo on the side of the shoe and the word Air Dior, showing the “noble blood” of the shoe.

Photo: Screenshot of the KIKS website

In addition, Dior’s joint shoes with trendy designer Shawn Stussy are also worth paying attention to. The shoe is based on the Dior B23 translucent canvas shoe, and the classic Dior print on the upper becomes the Dior graffiti logo designed by Shawn Stussy, adding a street feel.

In recent years, it seems that it has become a trend for luxury brands to partner with sports brands or trendy brands. Shoes launched jointly are usually very popular, not only Dior, Prada and adidas have launched Superstar joint shoes, and Givenchy and Onizuka Tiger have launched black and white sneakers.

◆Louis Vuitton

Photo: Screenshot of the HYPEBEAST website

The topic of crossover of luxury brands is inseparable from Louis Vuitton. LV Trainer at Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion Week has attracted much attention recently. Designed by Louis Vuitton’s creative director of menswear Virgil Abloh, each LV Trainer was created by Italian artisans in six hours and uses up to 106 parts. 9 colors correspond to 9 different cities around the world, orange for Chicago, turquoise for Shanghai, pink for Milan… LV Trainer combines street and sports elements with Louis Vuitton’s unique elements, such as the upper number 408 to represent Louis Vuitton’s birth date, and the sole part with Louis Vuitton’s classic print pattern.

Beijing News reporter Liu Jiaqi

Edited by Li Zheng Proofread by Wei Zhuo

Figure/profile picture

Screenshot of the Figure/Nowre website

Screenshot of the Figure/Nowre website

Photo: Screenshot of the HYPEBEAST website

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