Someone thinks

Happiness is owning a small piece of land

Idle to grow vegetables

Fat pumpkin, large eggplant, small loofah


During the harvest season

Pick a few vegetables you grow

Makes a plate of sweet delicacy

With the acceleration of urbanization

More and more urban people are beginning to nostalgia for ploughing and farming

Fresh fruits and vegetables produced and sold home

How to fulfill the dream of urban farmer?

The editor has good news for you

October 2018

As one of the four functional areas of the Central Park seedling base

The first phase of the urban vegetable field was officially launched

From now on, citizens can also live a “farmer’s addiction”

It is understood that the Central Park seedling base covers an area of about 1271 acres, and the base is divided into

A sea of flowers in all seasons

Four seasons orchard

Urban vegetable patch

Flower and tree nursery

Four major functional areas, of which the urban vegetable land covers an area of about 100 acres.

Overall floor plan

Aerial renderings

In the first phase, about 20 mu of basic farmland will be set aside in the area of Wucuodi in Xiaonanyang Village, Longjiang Street, as a demonstration construction site for urban vegetable land.

↓Approximate location↓

The first phase of urban vegetable plots according to functional needs

Divided into blocks of 20-45 square meters

The project participants choose the plots to be cultivated

Project participants can be based on

Unit adoption

Family adoption


Human adoption

Divided in different ways


What if I only want to experience it occasionally?


Rest assured, it can be adopted

Recognize the seed


Generational seeding

and other ways to experience.

Self-cultivation management throughout the process;

Planting by yourself, usually entrusted to the base management, you can choose to come over and manage yourself on weekends and holidays;

All are managed by the base for planting, watering, weeding, fertilization, etc. When the crops are ripe, they can be picked by themselves or delivered to your door

“The lease period is 1 year, and the citizens of Fuqing City or relevant units in our city will be confirmed by drawing lots, and units above civilization at the level of Fuqing City, excellent workers, and model workers can be given priority.”

According to the relevant person in charge of Municipal Urban Investment Garden Construction Co., Ltd., urban vegetable plots need to pay vegetable garden management fees and deposits in advance, the management fee is 800 yuan / 20 square meters per year, the deposit is 300 yuan, and the full deposit will be refunded if no one damages public property and smooth handover at the end of the lease period.

Among them, urban vegetable plots already contain the seeds, seedlings, water and electricity costs necessary for growing vegetables, and conventional labor tools are provided by the vegetable garden management free of charge. If there is no time for daily management, entrusting the vegetable garden manager to host it will charge a certain fee, the standard is 500 yuan/20 square meters per year.

It is expected that the income per mu can reach 2-30,000 yuan.

“The urban vegetable plot uses the management concept of ecological agriculture, focusing on horticultural fruit and vegetable and flower planting experience, and the seedling base provides participants with land, technical guidance, education and leisure activities.”

The person in charge told reporters that the introduction and development of the concept of urban vegetable land can drive the development of other functional areas such as four-season orchards, four-season flower seas and flower nurseries in the base, and promote a series of agricultural tourism and leisure agricultural development projects such as fruit picking, wedding photography and flower tourism.

Strengthening the development of urban vegetable plot-related industrial projects, and developing more additional functions other than vegetable field planting, including conventional products such as seeds, farming tools, fertilizers, pesticides, and service products such as seed substitution services, escrow services, picking and delivery services, can greatly enhance the economic and social value of the project.


Then hurry up and sign up!

Ordinary citizens, families, workplaces…

Registration is available

The project simultaneously recruits a strong operation and management team

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Recognize the seed


Generational seeding

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