That night, while chasing the wolves on a bare-bare horse, Nephnia fell off her horse and was re-surrounded by the fleeing wolves. The situation is critical! Fortunately, the horse was well-trained and dared to fight the wolves to the death to protect her, and thanks to the old village chief, the villagers’ horse team roared to support, which scared the wolves away.

Survived. Nevernia seemed to have grown strong overnight. She knows that the Siberian wolf likes revenge, and she has no way back because she has formed a hatred with the wolf. The wolves also already knew where she lived and the location of her sheepfold.

Father-in-law and mother-in-law encouraged her: Nevernia is good! But the old village chief warned her: Nephnia, you have cut off one of the wolf’s legs, so you must be careful! Look at the posture of this pack of wolves, it is already with you to death. But you don’t have to be afraid. I will support you, the villagers will support you.

★ A month later, the wolves attacked Nephnea’s house again

Nevernia has become strong. She knew that the wolves had taken her for an enemy and might come out like a ghost, bite her sheep, or even attack her family. Even the other shepherdess in the village began to learn from Nephnia – wolves do not pity and sympathize with the weak. They even like to pick “soft persimmon pinch” – bullying weak women.

So, one by one, the women began training in striking horses and sabers. And, of course, shotguns. Nephnia also has a shotgun, but it is not easy to use when wolves and sheep fight. Because shooting sometimes not only does not hit the wolf, but hurts the flock.

In Nephnia’s own words, she’s crazy now. She’s constantly riding on the prairie—she’s practicing riding. She would also constantly slash left and right with her saber on her galloping steed.

Young woman riding a horse

Who knew that the pack of wolves had not come to Naphnia for more than a month, and the other sheep in the village had not been attacked by the wolves. The people in the village are talking about Nevernia’s strength and bravery, and some shepherdess even said to Nephnia in her face jealously: Don’t be shy! You’re just a “soft persimmon”, nothing remarkable at all, just luckier. Maybe tomorrow the wolves will come to you to settle the score!

In a word! really

The next morning, the same wolves had sneaked past all the sheep and sneaked into the village from somewhere else. In order to narrow down the target of being discovered, the wolves entered the village in pieces, and then concentrated on Nevernia’s house.

Fortunately, the father-in-law Cossack was not weakened, and although he was old, his courage remained; Although old, his knife skills are still perfect. Although the evil wolf burst into his small courtyard, he was blocked by his father-in-law’s sabre.

It is the nature of wolves to pick soft persimmon pinches. They knew that their father-in-law was a fierce enemy, and immediately divided their troops to attack their mother-in-law and children, while the head wolf entangled his father-in-law alone. The father-in-law could not be separated, and he was actually succeeded by the wolves. But I didn’t expect that although the mother-in-law was old, she had the spiciness of a Cossack woman who was not afraid of wolves by nature. An elderly crutch was made by her. The wolf was afraid of injury and stared at her mother-in-law and the child in her arms. One carelessly, the mother-in-law’s thigh was bitten by a vicious wolf.

Seeing that his mother-in-law was injured, his eyes were cracked, and he roared angrily and rushed over, slashing the wolf that bit his mother-in-law, while his left shoulder was bitten by the head wolf.

Fortunately, the shouts of the father-in-law and mother-in-law fighting wolves and the terrified cries of the children alarmed the neighbors, and they took up arms and rushed to support. The wolves saw that the situation was not good, and immediately fled in all directions.

★ The wolves came once and left the mountain and pounced on her flock

Nephnia heard the news that the wolf had entered the village. Worried about the old man and the children, she immediately instructed the shepherd dog to take care of the sheep and galloped back to the village by herself. Fortunately, the father-in-law and mother-in-law were not seriously injured. The village doctor said that the two elderly people had been vaccinated against rabies, and their wounds had been disinfected and medicated, and they would slowly heal in less than ten and a half days. What reassured Nevernia was that the child was not harmed at all under the protection of her in-laws.

But the wolves who escaped the village seem to have calculated that Nephnia will return to the village to rescue. They saw that Nephnia rode back to the village and immediately disintegrated into pieces, frantically pounced on her flock. And Nephnia, who had just returned to the village, suddenly thought of the trick of the evil wolf, and immediately flew on her horse and ran towards the grass beach outside the village.

At this moment, the evil wolf had roared and approached Nephnia’s flock. The shepherd dog fearlessly rushed out of the flock to intercept the wolves. However, it can only intercept the imposing head wolf. Other wolves took the opportunity to rush into the flock and start killing.

When Nephnia rushed back, the wolves had already begun to kill. Fortunately, her horse was fast, and the wolves did not have much time to rush into the sheep, so the killing had just begun.

Nevernia raised her saber and screamed and rushed into the wolves. Seeing that this woman was unstoppable, the head wolf let out a long howl and took the lead to flee towards the forest. Fortunately, only five or six sheep were bitten.

★ The male wolf took revenge and took Naphnia’s child

Nevernia itched her teeth with hatred, and although she was ready to catch up when she sat down on her horse, she never dared to leave the flock. She ran around the flock for a week, calming the frightened flock, and seeing that there were no more wolves in the distance, she jumped off her horse to heal the injured sheep.

(Steppes of the Cossacks. The copyright of this image belongs to the Internet)

For about half a month, the wolves gave up their revenge on Nevernia. Several other flocks of sheep were attacked by wolves.

A jealous woman went so far as to call Nephnia a “disaster star” who had led the wolf to her flock. Fortunately, when the old village chief heard about this, he scolded the rampant woman and threatened her that if she dared to mess around and bully Nephnia again, once the wolves attacked her flock again, the village resolutely ignored it, which suppressed her arrogance. But this woman did not stop, and said behind her back how Nevernia and the old field chief were…

Nephnia doesn’t look weak, but her heart is much broader than that of the rampant jealous woman. She never counted with her. But she has deep concerns about temporary calm. She knew that the wolves were bound to plot a bigger operation.

Sure enough, a few days later, the wolves still sneaked into the village in broad daylight.

At this time, the in-laws’ injuries had healed. With the experience of his father-in-law, he also knew that the evil wolf must be waiting for an opportunity to take revenge on them, so he took closer care of his grandson. But when a hundred secrets are neglected, tigers also have times to nap. In an inadvertent moment, the grandson ran to the small courtyard alone, and was just waiting for the ambushed wolves.

A wolf rushed over, grabbed the child and ran. The child’s terrified crying alarmed the parents-in-law. When they rushed out of the courtyard, they were intercepted by other wolves who had ambushed them. They can only watch their grandson being taken away by the head wolf …

★ Nevernia’s revenge begins

Children are the lifeblood of Nephnia. But by the time she learned the news, it was too late. She rode into the nearby forest, and there were no wolves anywhere, except that she found one of the child’s shoes in the forest. Nevernia knows that the baby child is less fierce. She was spinning around the forest like crazy, ignoring even the sheep. Fortunately, the wolves did not attack her flock, as if the target was her child.

(A Cossack herder who can sing and dance.) The copyright of this image belongs to the Internet)

When the lost Naphnia returned home, the two old men of her father-in-law and mother-in-law were hugging each other and crying. They hate themselves for being useless, why can’t two people even look at a child? The old village chief and the neighbors are patiently persuading the old man.

Nephnia did not comfort the old man, her head was filled with the child’s voice and smile, which was the greatest devastation for a young mother. She threw herself into the bed to take a break, but her eyes widened without the slightest drowsiness.

The next day, Nephnia got up early, fed the horses, added fodder for the remaining sheep in the sheepfold, and returned to the house. She told her in-laws to take care of the family while protecting their own safety. She bluntly told her in-laws: she wants revenge on the wolves!

Back in her room, she placed a bottle of vodka and a saber in front of her, then drew her blade with a choked sound, and gently swiped it on her hand, and blood immediately gushed out. She carefully dripped blood on the blade, called the “sacrificial knife,” then opened the bottle of vodka and poured it into her stomach.

(Cossack woman drinking alcohol. The copyright of this image belongs to the Internet)

She admired her amount of alcohol so much that she didn’t get drunk when she poured half a bottle in one go. In fact, she knew that she could drink a bottle of vodka without getting drunk. That was a record set when I was a girl. After her husband went to the city to work, she also secretly drank vodka when she was lonely and helpless, and she was still not drunk. Today she drinks to give herself a grand deed.

After a while, Nephnia hung her saber around her waist, went to the stable, washed the horse, and then put on the saddle, and tightened the belly strap and the cage. When everything was ready, she took out the remaining half bottle of vodka, patted the horse and saber and said to her in-laws: A horse, a knife and a bottle of vodka are the three magic weapons I used to ask the evil wolf for my life today. He swallowed the half bottle in one breath, then the bottle fell, turned over on his horse, rushed out of the village, and fled.

It happened by coincidence. The pack of wolves was quickly found by Nephnia today. She saw the child’s other shoe and torn clothes. She jumped off the horse, took the child’s shoe into her arms, got back on the horse and began the search. Soon the pack of wolves was searched out by her. She today holds the belief that she will die and win. Although fierce but essentially greedy for life and fearing death, the wolves are not the opponents of a desperate woman!

(Cossack woman. The copyright of this image belongs to the Internet)

Chasing and killing all the way, the evil wolf was chopped by her four in a row in the forest. The wolves were furious at the sight of the dead lame wolf’s corpse, their grandmother, their number two leader, but their counterattack was slashed to death by Nephneya’s sabre. After three wolves fell under Nephnea’s saber in a row, the head wolf collapsed. It took the lead in abandoning resistance and fleeing for its life.

During the pursuit, Nephnia chopped two more wolves to death. The head wolf immediately changed tactics, and the remaining few wolves desperately scattered and fled. But Nephnia saw the poaching in hot pursuit.

The head wolf ran more than ten kilometers in one go, and Nephnia also chased more than ten kilometers in one go. The head wolf could not run anymore, and he had not run fast yet. Nevernia’s horse couldn’t run either, foaming at the mouth and covered in sweat. She gently patted the horse’s neck and said: Good man, hold on a little longer! The horse understood, hissed, accelerated again, and caught up with the head wolf in a few vertical leaps.

Nevernia raised her saber and lowered her hand. The head of the head wolf flies far away like a watermelon …

(Cossack female soldiers. The copyright of this image belongs to the Internet)

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