There are less than 30 days to go

Beijing Winter Olympics

The curtain will begin

The main media center of this year’s event was also held on the afternoon of the 4th

Officially enter the closed-loop management of the competition

This means that journalists from all over the world will be coming to Beijing one after another


Reception desk of the main media center of the Winter Olympics

In the Tokyo Olympics was the hot search in 08 years

Olympic Media Pack

Show up again

Many foreign journalists came to the reception desk to inquire

Still carrying a media bag from the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Talk about this

14 years old “advanced age”

Backpack still intact

Foreign veterans gave a thumbs up

“The media package in Beijing is the best!”

Not only Tokyo, but also Rio and London Olympics

The exposure of media packages for the Beijing Olympics also remained high

Many foreign journalists sighed

“The media package for the Beijing Olympics is

The most practical

The strongest

14 years later

The media bag for the 2008 Beijing Olympics returned to its hometown

Still intact

Make many netizens want to sing a song

“Your backpack is still not rotten”

Foreign veterans have praised the quality of China at the same time

It is also full of hope for the media package of the Beijing Winter Olympics

Some get the media pack

I can’t wait to carry it

Expected to be the next one


The Winter Olympics media pack

And what does it look like?

Let’s take a sneak peek

Does it feel similar to the 2008 media pack?

From 2008 to 2022, from the Summer Olympics to the Winter Olympics

The media package also witnessed Beijing’s

Double Olympic fate

According to past practice

Journalists need to work

Weather characteristics during the Winter Olympics

and the Beijing Winter Olympics coincided

Chinese New Year

and other factors

The Beijing Winter Olympics media kit items are

Backpacks, work items (

Notebooks, pens

Lifestyle items (

Thermos cup, warm hat set

and cultural souvenirs that are easy to collect

Including Fuzi/paper-cut window flowers, Chinese knots, badges, etc

Beijing Winter Olympics media kit

It will also follow in the footsteps of journalists from the global media

Become walking

Chinese business card

Reporter: Ji Ye, Li Li, Gao Meng, Wang Chujie

Photo: Courtesy of the Media Operation Department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, partly from the Internet

Produced by Xinhua Sports Winter Olympic Studio

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