What do people who pay attention to detail make a home? It’s not me bragging! My home is the answer. Bold and creative color-blocking combinations, very stylish and textured! The key is that each piece of furniture is carefully selected and repeatedly compared before it is left. In particular, this set of BAR+BASS+FLEX wireless home theater in the living room is completely the finishing touch of the entire space.

The multi-dimensional faceted fuselage looks really smart! In terms of texture, it is not a blind use of a single element that is not new, but a collision of metal and fabric, full of personality, providing a unique visual experience to the space. A variety of combinations and combinations can stimulate your trend whimsy.

The original intention of building a home theater is to have a higher quality of life, and a solid viewing foundation is the guarantee that this Bowers & Wilkins BAR+BASS+FLEX wireless home theater should provide! Therefore, in its 1.2m body, there are three channels of enhanced dialogue built-in, which are left channel, center channel, and right channel, which can make you get clearer sound, better sound field image and wider sound field when watching movies.

In addition, as a 5.1-channel home theater, this Bowers & Wilkins BAR+BASS+FLEX wireless home theater cannot improve the technology in only one hardware aspect, for better music transmission! It is designed with nine optimized drivers that allow you to hear subtle sounds moving in the background. Among them, the 1-inch double-layer aluminum decoupling tweeter and the 2.5-inch woven fiberglass mid-woofer are the most prominent, which can accurately restore the midrange and rich lossless bass, no matter where you are, you can deliver stereo sound.

The impression is that hi-fi and home theater are always inseparable! Of course, spaces like the living room do need high-fidelity technology to improve audio presentation. This Bowers & Wilkins BAR+BASS+FLEX wireless home theater also supports high-fidelity audio processing, giving you an exceptional listening experience without compromise with 96kHz/24bit audio processing.

At the same time, under the premise of ensuring sound quality, it is also equipped with 360WD class amplifier power, bringing 40Hz-28kHz frequency response, and the overall presentation of that kind of sound quality performance that does not interfere with each other and is full of energy, so that your ears can truly enjoy a music experience close to lossless.

Some say that Bowers & Wilkins was born specifically for streaming music and multi-room applications! This is undeniable, based on Mesh network technology, it brings audio transmission with a delay of less than 1 microsecond, and music signals can be transmitted to any room in the home in the blink of an eye, achieving multi-room music synchronization.

If you also want to create your own dream home, the simple and complex Bowers & Wilkins BAR+BASS+FLEX wireless home theater is worth considering!

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Bowers & Wilkins wireless home theater



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