Wood grain paint, also known as imitation wood grain paint, is a new breakthrough in water-based technical coatings, can make wood texture on various walls, and can produce different styles of wood grain effects according to different needs, can create artistic effects and beauty that can not be achieved, so that wall technology is more perfect and reflects higher value. The feeling of pure handmade wood grain paint imitating solid wood shows its nobility. The elegant atmosphere brings people more luxurious and luxurious visual enjoyment. So how is wood grain paint constructed?

Steel pipe wood grain paint

The wood grain paint construction method is through special tools and raw materials such as wood grain ware, triangular scraping comb, trapezoidal scraping comb, etc., and colored primer, which can realistically imitate various effects, which can be comparable to log decoration.

Wood grain paint

Construction steps: 1. Make the base color first according to different substrates and effects. If it is a substrate with good adhesion to imitation wood grain paint, the pigment can be directly added to the substrate; If it is a substrate with poor adhesion to imitation wood grain paint, such as PP plastic, it is necessary to spray a PP primer with a base color and no PP water primer; If the primer and PP plastic are not adhered well, PP underwater treatment is also required, and then colored PP primer is sprayed.

Wood grain paint outside

2. According to the color needs, the two colors of imitation wood grain paint are dropped into the pool with flow, and the imitation wood grain paint will automatically form a wood grain paint film floating on the water surface.

Imitation of rotten wood grain paint

3. Put the substrate to be constructed into the water along the width of the product wheel, and under the action of water pressure, the wood grain-like paint film adheres to the substrate, and then takes it out from the water surface without paint film.

4. According to the performance requirements, sometimes it is necessary to cover the light treatment to strengthen the adhesion

Wood grain paint

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