In the past few years of being a mother, the experience of buying and buying can be said to be more and more rich. Today, let’s talk about the characteristics and recommended series of common infant clothing brands for your reference.


Japanese brands, everyone’s basic impression of Uniqlo, may still stay in a variety of generous styles, comfortable fabrics of adult clothing, as everyone knows, its baby clothes are also very worth buying.

Uniqlo’s baby clothing is very cost-effective, and the four main materials suitable for babies are cotton, mesh, thread, and fleece.

Pure cotton material: soft and comfortable, suitable for newborn babies or autumn and winter priming;

Mesh material: pure cotton fabric, soft, light and breathable, too suitable for babies who sweat easily in summer;

Thread material: soft and skin-friendly, will not deform after washing, bought in autumn as autumn clothes can not be more suitable;

Shaker Fleece: It is a series sold out by Uniqlo, suitable for winter, soft and warm.

In addition, there are many co-branded models such as Peppa Pig, Shaun the Sheep, Thomas the Train, Minions…

Encounter the discount season is even more cabbage price, buy it buy it!

The soft and breathable mesh series is perfect for summer wear.


GAP is one of the largest apparel companies in the United States. Baby clothing is beautiful and cheap, a lot of pure cotton, the quality is also very good. When encountering discount season, it is a lot of hoarding.

The baby’s sweater is of good quality, the style is also very good-looking, our family has bought several sweaters, 100% cotton, no deformation and no ball, very recommended.

There are also thin velvet pants that are also very good to wear, soft and not deformed, I have bought a lot of pants, and GAP has the highest wearing rate.

Gap baby crewneck cotton jumpsuit, baby sweatsuit

GAP’s clothes are small in size, so be sure to pay attention when choosing a size!

The Cotton Era

Purcotton’s cotton era, taken from the word combination of Pure+Cotton, means to produce healthy, skin-friendly and high-quality life care products from natural cotton.

Baby clothes in the cotton era are characterized by plain color, good fabric, very soft, comfortable, and a great feel. The disadvantage is that the price is a little more expensive, there are few styles, and it is not very good-looking.

When he was young, he bought their monk clothes and cotton clothes. The fabric really feels better than other brands.

Super comfortable, super soft, like a nothing-like monk suit, suitable for newborns, suitable for summer. When my friends’ babies are born, I will give two sets of these baby clothes, because they are so comfortable.

This set of jumpsuits is also very recommended and very comfortable. Our family has always worn it when they are young, and it can be used as a base in autumn and winter, and directly worn outside in summer.


Domestic high-end brands, deeply loved by Yankong mothers.

The style of the Papa family’s clothes is very good-looking, and the Morandi color system represents, and the color saturation is not high. Many good-looking styles, the price is not very high, very suitable for the mother who pays attention to appearance.

Its newborn gift box packaging is very cute and exquisite, and the price is not expensive, which is very suitable for the birth gift of newborns~

There are many colors, male babies and baby girls have colors, and you won’t go wrong if you don’t know the gender to choose beige and yellow. The pants inside this gift box are designed to open (to make it easy to change diapers), so mind this carefully.

David Bella

Domestic brand. There are many styles, the quality is good, and the price is not very expensive.

The biggest highlight is that the sweater is very good (both the baby boy and the baby girl’s look good), and the skirt style of the baby girl is also very many and good-looking.

The little skirts of baby girls are all “tricking me into having a daughter” series.

Davebella David Bella Girls’ Summer Short Sleeve Dress, a little vintage and very playful.

Princess Fan’s pink gauze dress.

Embroidered and three-dimensional floral ornamentation, full of details.

Minibalabala Mini Balabala

A brand of Zhejiang Semir Garment Co., Ltd. Their summer clothes are very recommended, cotton, light and soft, and the style is also good-looking. The activity price is less than 100 yuan.

300 yuan, you can get the baby a summer.

Strap set, cool and cute. All are all-round fabrics, comfortable and cute.

A classic sea soul shirt, a summer must-have.


A children’s clothing brand from the United States. The beauty of Carter’s products lies in their pure cotton fabric, comfort and softness. Carter’s one-piece suits, fart wrapping clothes, and climbing suits are very popular with mothers, light and breathable, very suitable for small babies, but also relatively easy to break because of their thinness. However, the price is very affordable, and the quality is worthy of the price at which it is sold.

There are a lot of three-piece and five-piece sets of farts clothes, and the price is very good.

The fit is slender and not suitable for babies who are too fleshy.

90cm or less, cotton wrapped shirt. There are many styles, both for boys and girls.


A baby brand from the UK, founded in 1961. The design style of the clothes is simple, elegant and very beautiful. The Mothercare brand is regarded as the world’s top and most representative professional baby and children’s clothing chain brand. In China, Mothercare has partnered with Goodbaby Group to open stores in major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai.

The price is slightly expensive. The quality is not to say, pure cotton fabric, the style is also better.

The size is a little smaller, slim type, and the selection of the size needs attention.

Mothercare British newborn jumpsuit 3 pieces baby girl long-sleeved climbing suit. High-quality combed cotton, non-balling, smooth and skin-friendly.

mothercare, British newborn baby clothes for men and women, spring and summer animal pattern triangle jumpsuits

Tong Tai

Tong Tai, a very famous infant clothing brand in China, the price is very close to the people, the quality is also very good, and it is also comfortable to wear, and the clothes before Xueqiu is one year old are basically bought Tong Tai, that is, the style is relatively ordinary. It is basically light color, fresh, elegant and soft.

Tongtai’s newborn small clothes have a good feel and reasonable design, which is very suitable for newborns. But it’s not too fashionable, autumn clothes and pants, and focus on baby size, older babies can’t buy sizes in Tongtai’s house.

I think Tongtai is the preferred brand for mothers who pursue cost-effectiveness, and those who pursue beauty can skip this brand.

Tong Tai gift box newborn baby summer set

There are many colors, suitable for boy babies and girls have colors, if you don’t know the gender to choose beige, yellow will not go wrong.


Uberyi, a well-known baby underwear brand in the past 2 years. The quality of the clothes is good, the price is economical, and it is also a very cost-effective brand. This summer, I bought several T-shirts for 15 yuan at their house, the quality is very good, it does not fade and does not fade, and it is also very comfortable to wear, which is very cost-effective.

is the same problem as Tong Tai, the style of clothes is general, not particularly foreign, mothers who have requirements for the fashion level of clothes please skip this brand.

Pure cotton, light and soft set. Very soft and thin, daily wear, sleeping wear are a good choice.

A thousand fun clubs

Senfun Club is an old brand of maternal and baby products in Japan with a history of more than 60 years.

Children’s clothing is mostly cotton texture, soft and comfortable, elegant and simple style, the price is not expensive, suitable for baby’s bottom wear.

Recommend their onewear, pajamas, and loungewear.


Japan Senfun Club children’s pants do not clamp butt cute pattern cotton baby briefs

Japanese Senkikai summer children’s undershirt cute pattern cotton baby underwear sleeveless vest


Nishimatsuya is a super-large chain of maternal and baby products in Japan, with a history of 62 years, mainly engaged in baby and child clothing, maternity clothing, milk powder, diapers, toys and other maternal and baby daily necessities.

Children’s clothing is also more famous, consistent Japanese clothing style, comfortable fabrics, not expensive.

Super cute, cute fried PP pants, two.


British brand.

The style is very good-looking, the style is also very much, pure cotton, the quality is good, and the price is not expensive.

However, there are no specialty stores in China and no online shopping channels, so you can only buy on Taobao or overseas shopping, which is not very convenient.


The products are mainly clothing, covering baby beds, strollers, accessories, etc., mainly for medium and high-end consumers. I often joked about his clothes, except that they were expensive, there was nothing wrong with them.

When our family was a young month, I bought two of his summer butterfly jumpsuits, the style is good, the quality is very good, and it costs more than 100 after folding. When the back is big, I don’t buy it anymore. The price is not cheap, and the child grows too fast.

Recommended for families who have requirements for quality and style, and have a good economy.

Ying’s Belly Pocket Baby Tummy Guard Baby Newborn Baby Newborn Cotton Belly Pocket Summer Thin 2-Pack. The small vest is very cute, and it is cool to wear in summer and can protect the baby’s little belly.

Ying’s children’s pajamas, baby air conditioning clothing, tank tops, pants, boys and girls summer simple thin two-piece.

Breathable, lightweight all-round set.

zara baby

Zara’s baby clothes are very good-looking, simple and generous, and the quality is also good. I like it too.

hm baby

Similar to zara, close to the people, but the quality of H&M will be slightly worse, and the style is not as good as zara, but it is still very cost-effective to buy when it is discounted.

Mark Jenny

Domestic brand, good quality, not very expensive. It is worth mentioning that their baby down jacket is light and warm, and there are many styles.

Good boy

Flat. Not highly recommended in my buying experience. The price is average, I bought two jumpsuits, the style is good, but it didn’t take long to pill.

The focus of the good baby brand does not seem to be on clothing, so it is not recommended.

Les enphants

Les enphants, a domestic brand. Mainly engaged in children’s clothing, children’s shoes, toys, children’s beds and other children’s products.

The material of the clothes is soft and cost-effective. Perfect for newborn babies or older babies.

Baby room baby clothes children’s cotton underwear set, perfect for summer cotton set. Light, breathable, and refreshing in color.

Beauty baby room, children’s clothing, boys’ and girls’ cotton sets, children’s new sports suits

Moimoln small clouds

Good looking, good looking, good looking, good looking. There are many counters in China, the color is eye-catching, and the style is also very good-looking. There are many small sets, I don’t know how to match them to buy them directly as a set, the price is expensive.

Allo & Lugh

Allo & Lugh Korean baby fashion brand, the style is very good-looking!

The main age group is 0-3 years old, the style is more well-behaved and simple, like Xiaoyunduo, China has an official flagship store but more expensive, the price of Han Tao is about one-third, about 30~300.

Recommended for families who have requirements for style quality and good economic conditions.


Mikihouse, one of the most well-known high-end children’s clothing brands in Japan, is also loved by Chinese mothers.

The style is very cute and very cute. The feeling I feel is one word: expensive! Expensive! Expensive!

LUCKY BAG FOUR-PIECE MIKIHOUSE HOT BISCUITS SUMMER BOYS’ AND GIRLS’ NEW PRODUCT. At present, this set of lucky bags is still very cost-effective, divided into male and female baby models, and each lucky bag has four clothes.

Petitbateau small sailing boat

French national brand, more than 100 years old. The quality is good, the details are exquisite, and the price is not cheap. Lots of small floral and navy elements on the style.

What are your favorite brands? Which pits have you stepped on? Leave a message to tell us, give more mothers reference.

Snowballmom, a post-80s mother who grew up with her baby.

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