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Gender-neutral LOOK items have become a hit in the fashion industry, with celebrities appearing on the red carpet at fashion weeks and film festivals in a variety of styles and colors. Trousers are no longer exclusive to men, and if the suit elements are interpreted on women, they can immediately wear a super stylish sexy LOOK. Today, let’s take a closer look at the artists who love unisex dress in China, and learn with them how to wear their own unisex fashion style.

Versace spring/summer 2015 white vacuum suit

Although Li Yuchun’s neutral style in everyone’s impression, may be more handsome, masculine, this white Afelier Versace handsome suit unveiled, slightly exposed career line, with a pair of feminine white high heels, Li Yuchun has always pursued a simple, generous dress style is fully displayed, such a simple but sexy outfit.

Li Yuchun is wearing Junya Watanabe Fall/Winter 2014 black leather

Angelababy wears a velvet bow tie, a black suit, pencil pants underneath, and high-heeled sandals

Celine 2012 Resort series, with Faye Wong’s short hair, looks more playful and very young and capable

Fendi spring/summer 2015 denim set

Song Jia broke into fashion week again with a high appearance in a denim look, with her super skills, this time super cute wearing method is practical and playful~

Wang Luodan wears the Versace Spring/Summer 2015 collection white openwork suit cropped pants wide-leg pants suit

Hogan Fall/Winter 2015 collection

Linda’s handsome denim appeared on the Hogan Fall/Winter 2015 runway, neutral and chic.

In fact, celebrities will also choose a neutral style when they are private>>>

Song Jia is wearing a Ports white casual T-shirt and trousers, with Marni casual shoes, a pants, red and black striped slacks with a loose white top, compared with the previous exquisite and cool, a little more relaxed and simple, but the coolness of “Hua Shuai” is still irresistible, and the gesture shows the temperament of the “domineering female president”.

Yang Mi wears a striped shirt, ripped jeans underneath, a Chanel chain bag on his shoulder, and Nike color-block running shoes, which is neutral and sporty.

Wear a denim jacket with a tutel collar and black leggings and black studded flats.

Zhang Yuqi wears a black sheepskin motorcycle jacket with BF-style jeans at the airport.

After cutting off long hair, it is even more “handy” to look cool

T-shirt with jeans and canvas shoes, very neutral outfit

Carrying a guitar and hanging headphones is casual and handsome

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