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After stealing the car, he changed his jacket in the toilet and wanted to “hide from the sky”, who knew that he was betrayed by his white pants.

On October 26, the “Xu Kui Workstation” of the Jiang’an District of the Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau received a clue from the police station that a resident’s electric vehicle had been stolen on October 9, but the suspect was not found. He Yao, a police officer at the “Xu Kui Workstation”, led people to conduct a carpet investigation and tracking of the videos around the crime site.

A video was found showing that at 11:23 on October 9, a man wearing a blue jacket, white pants, a mask and sunglasses appeared in the Xinyuan Building where the crime occurred and stole an electric bicycle.

The police followed the line, and the man rode to a market on the east side of Jinqiao Avenue and disappeared.

The police changed the direction of the investigation and conducted an investigation along the man’s path and found something strange. I saw the man come out of a public toilet on Xima Road, but did not find him entering the toilet. The police deduced that they may have “disguised” in the toilet.

The police immediately compared the video of the people entering the public toilet and found that a man wearing an orange jacket and white pants was the same as the suspect’s pants and appearance. The police tracked down and found that the man’s foothold was in a community in Panlong City, Huangpi District.

At about 9 o’clock on October 27, the man was arrested by the squatting police. The man confessed that his surname was Wu, and on the same day, he came to the place of the crime from his home in Huangpi District to do errands, saw an electric car unlocked, and started a crooked mind, in order to evade the police to carry out a “disguised crime”. After he sold the stolen electric car to the car collector for 800 yuan, after returning home, he discarded the clothes used for disguise, thinking that he could “hide from the sky”, but he did not expect to be found by the police.

At present, the criminal suspect Wu has been criminally detained by the police, and the stolen money has been squandered by him when he is arrested.

(Correspondent Xiao Jiru, Liu Yu, Yangtze River Daily reporter Xia Jing)

[Editor: Zhang Jing]

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