Today, many consumers choose to enjoy a more immersive gaming experience on a larger screen. Therefore, game TVs that improve game performance on the basis of large size and high picture quality have become the first choice for many players. Samsung has always understood the needs of consumers, and has successively launched game TVs QX1, QX2, and QX3, which use QLED quantum dot 4K display, high refresh rate, and ultra-wide viewing angle to create a shocking gaming experience.

Recently, Samsung Game TV and JDG Team (Jingdong E-sports Club) reached a strategic partnership, as the official designated TV of JDG, in the upcoming 618, Samsung Quantum Dot Game TV will also bring sincere preferential benefits, inviting people who love games to play with True Vision!

Super image quality to capture every detail of the game’s “view”

The clarity of the picture not only affects the player’s game operation and sensory immersion, but also for competitive games, every detail is also critical to the game outcome. The QX1, QX2 and QX3 series of Samsung QX1, QX2 and QX3 all have 4K ultra-high-definition picture quality, providing ultra-high resolution of 3,840 x 2,160, providing gamers with the ultimate picture experience of large-screen gaming terminals. Equipped with a quantum dot 4K processor, it intelligently optimizes image quality and provides clear vision for players. The use of quantum dot technology also ensures a wide color gamut color rendering volume, so that the game screen can be vivid and vivid at different brightness levels. In terms of picture color, QX1, QX2 and QX3 are all equipped with Q HDR, HDR10+ dynamic tone mapping technology, which makes the dark light area on the TV screen deeper, and the details of the game screen and the light and shadow of the game scene are more outstanding, giving players an immersive sensory impact. In addition, the TV’s dual-color temperature LED technology can also optimize the backlight tone, so that the picture color can be adjusted according to the content type for the best viewing effect.

The QX2 and QX3 have been further enhanced with a number of powerful image quality technologies. Wide viewing angle technology effectively reduces color distortion and meets the needs of players for multi-angle smooth battles; Adaptive Image allows the TV to automatically optimize screen brightness and contrast based on the game environment and content, eliminating the need to manually adjust settings during play. In the latest QX3 released not long ago, Samsung is equipped with AI image enhancement technology and real depth of field restoration technology, which simulates the way the naked eye handles depth of field by improving the contrast in the foreground, allowing players to integrate into the real game world, further subverting the game TV experience.

Super performance, high brush and low latency ensure a smooth gaming experience

As a gaming TV, a high refresh rate is undoubtedly an important consideration for gamers when choosing a product. The QX1 has an automatic low-latency mode to help players enter the game faster and improve control. The QX2 and QX3 are equipped with a high refresh rate of 120Hz to minimize input lag and improve game smoothness and refinement. At the same time, it is strongly equipped with 4K 120Hz dynamic acceleration technology, which can also ensure players’ game experience stably, clearly and smoothly in the face of high-speed scene switching and complex screen presentation.

At the same time, QX3 also adopts FreeSync Premium technology, which supports forced start low frame rate compensation, greatly reducing delay time, alleviating problems such as screen smearing, tearing, and stuttering, and helping players make timely game decisions and win. Strong game performance configuration and technical support, allowing users to enjoy the ultimate silky ultra-clear game screen, enjoy the pleasure and happiness brought by exciting large-screen games.

Superior sound quality and slim design make it the perfect choice for gaming TVs

Samsung QX1, QX2 and QX3 all series of QX1, QX2 and QX3 are equipped with Dolby Digital+ Sound, bringing the ultimate in stunning sound detail and listening experience. Sound and Picture Tracking OTS Lite technology automatically tracks sound based on the action state of the game scene, providing immersive 3D stereoscopic surround sound that makes the game world more realistic. Adaptive sound can analyze the sound environment and analyze the real-time scene in conjunction with the game content type to optimize the sound. Q Symphony technology allows game TVs to echo Samsung soundbars, creating a highly immersive listening environment, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in detailed three-dimensional sound effects and devote themselves to the game.

In addition to the excellent immersive sound, the body design of the QX1, QX2 and QX3 also enhances the user’s gaming experience. The elegant and ethereal minimalist style fully reflects the industrial design aesthetics, the slim appearance design, so that the TV can fit closely with the wall, cleverly integrated into the home space, the adjustable base can adjust the height and width according to the player’s personal needs, minimizing visual obstruction. Slim borders and ultra-wide viewing angles, large screen ratio and picture field of view allow players to focus on the TV and enjoy entertainment and leisure comfort.

Samsung QX1, QX2 and QX3 series of QX1, QX2 and QX3 are designed with simple and beautiful design, with the ultimate sound and picture performance and powerful gaming performance, providing immersive vision and shocking gaming experience, not only becoming the official designated TV of the JDG team, but also the best choice for everyone who loves e-sports and life when choosing a large-screen game terminal! In the upcoming 618, Samsung quantum dot game TV will provide a number of preferential purchase policies, which is a good time to start. Come and bring your Samsung gaming TV home and start your exciting gaming journey!

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