At present, there are more and more English two real questions on the market, but the better real questions are a few that everyone can say by name, which real question is the best, which one should be chosen?

The following is a summary of some evaluations and recommendations of previous postgraduate examination parties on the real question materials, hoping to help the partners who are about to enter the postgraduate examination.


Subtle Morning Xu:

I used Zhang Jian Huang Book, and later my classmates recommended the “Graduate School Bible” to me, I can’t say which one is good and which one is not good, I feel that the latter is more suitable for me, and I later bought its “Writing Treasure in Treasure” when I reviewed the composition, which is very practical. The yellow book is not explained in detail enough, I have a bad foundation, and I can’t understand it.



Jiang Junhu’s real questions are not bad, but they are not as good as advertised on the Internet, it is a decent real question, everyone depends on their own situation to choose, have not used other real questions, no comparison.


I want stars and the sea:

I bought the “Entrance Examination Bible” with my roommates at that time, I felt quite surprised, originally the senior sister recommended this book we were still a little hesitant, after all, I feel that there seem to be more people who use the yellow book, and then look at the value-added services of the “Postgraduate Examination Bible”, but I didn’t expect that I was really surprised after buying, it is designed for candidates with a weak foundation The positioning is not nonsense, the content is really super detailed and comprehensive, and I also gave a copy of “Writing Treasure in Treasure”, super value!


Keep Summer:

I see that everyone seems to be different from what I used, I used Chen Zhengkang’s real question, how to say, went for the gift, and later found that most of the gifts mentioned on its webpage are electronic materials, which is not very practical. As far as the real question is concerned, the analysis is not bad, I feel that it is more complete than the yellow book.


Melon seeds:

I bought the “Graduate School Bible”, and later bought a copy of “Graduate School English (II) Compilation King” in order to brush the questions, both of which are quite recommended, at the beginning the foundation is not solid, and then the “Graduate School Bible” commentary is very detailed and comprehensive, you can use to memorize words and learn grammar. The back is good, and there is also some skill, you can use this compilation king brush questions, a total of 37 sets of real questions, less than 20 yuan, and gifts, and later bought “Writing Treasure in Treasure” to review composition.


Yoyo in the Age of Gods:

I used the “Examination Bible and Chen Zhengkang’s real questions”, the two books are somewhat similar, but the “Examination Bible is more detailed, and it is bound by year, which is very convenient to use, Chen Zhengkang is divided into three books, it is too troublesome to use. Both are very good, let’s choose it yourself.



At that time, the class of Wendu was reported, using the real questions of He Kaiwen, I felt quite good, some places could not be understood, and I could ask the teacher of the postgraduate class if I asked directly.


USXN wants to work hard for Amy:

Review with my girlfriend, the yellow book she bought, the “Postgraduate Bible” I bought, with a good effect, the “Postgraduate Bible” is parsed in detail, which just makes up for the defect that the yellow book is not parsed in detail.

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