After entering the winter, I often cook a sweet soup at home, and the method of sweet and soft glutinous is also very simple, it is the red date snow pear silver fungus soup that many girls love to drink.

The winter in the north is particularly dry, and I need some soup and soup water to nourish it, and my two daughters love to drink the silver fungus soup cooked by their mother, basically at least twice a week.

The boiled silver fungus soup is sweet, smooth and glutinous, melts in the mouth, the snow pear is soft, and the sweet taste of red dates is exactly what every girl loves.

Usually I will cook it in the afternoon, and when my daughters get home, I can drink it directly, and the temperature is just right. There is no special skill in cooking silver fungus soup, just simmer slowly, come and see how I do it!

【Red jujube snow pear silver fungus sweet soup】

【Ingredient list】: 9 red dates, 1 pear, an appropriate amount of goji berries, an appropriate amount of rock sugar, a small half of silver fungus, an appropriate amount of water;

Detailed production process:

1. Prepare the ingredients, the silver fungus is dry, you need to soak it in water in advance, at least soak for more than 30 minutes, let the silver fungus fully soak, tear into small florets for later;

2, the choice of silver fungus need to pay attention to, generally there are two kinds of silver fungus, one is suitable for cooking soup, the soaked leaves are relatively large, it is easy to cook to the degree of slippery when cooking. The other is suitable for cold mixing, the taste is crisp, if used to cook soup, basically it is not boiled to the extent of smoothness.

3. Put the processed silver fungus into the soup pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and start the quick cooking function;

4. Soon the water in the pot will boil, at this time turn to slow cooking mode and cook for more than 1 hour;

5. An hour later, the silver fungus was soft and glutinous, and the gum inside was also stewed, and the soup in the pot was slightly thicker;

6. Wash and cut the pears, peeled or not, and wash the red dates and goji berries for later use;

7. Put the red dates and rock sugar into the pot, cover the pot, and continue to cook for 30 minutes to increase the aroma of the dates and the sweet taste of the pears;

8. Finally, add goji berries, continue to cook for about 5 minutes to turn off the heat, and the sweet and delicious silver fungus soup will be ready;

In the cold and dry north, drinking a bowl of sweet and delicious red date snow pear silver fungus soup with moisturizing skin is a very enjoyable thing, my two daughters and I love to drink, once boiled such a pot, the three of us drink just right, twice a week, moist and comfortable.

Hello, this is Mordor Kitchen, I am a mom! A stay-at-home mom with two lovely daughters. I love walking around with the kids and cooking at home! Trying to make my stay-at-home mom life simple and wonderful, thank you for your support and encouragement!

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