Every year at the end of the year, female stars have to travel between the red carpets, at this time, the red carpet style of female stars will also become the focus of everyone’s attention, many female stars in the stage or red carpet wear usually wear more bold, bare waist and legs always want to show their body charm through this skin-baring outfit, but for female stars who really have a good figure, even if they are tightly wrapped, they can be beautiful and atmospheric.

Tong Liya’s styling analysis:

A white dress – refreshing and attractive

Tong Liya’s style is so beautiful this time, wearing a white puff sleeve dress has a strong aura and is amazingly beautiful. Tong Liya wore a basic refreshing white dress, the basic white dress on the body presents a very simple and low-key feeling, refreshing and enduring, for those too bright color matching, this basic simple pure color system is often the most attractive, the best to use, for female stars with a better temperament, this basic color is often the best to use.

Half-turtleneck design – adds a dignified feel

Many female celebrities will use the deep V-neck style design method on the stage or on the red carpet to show the charm of the figure, but for Tong Liya, who has a very slender neck line, the white dress with a half-turtleneck style is very dignified and atmospheric on the body, compared to the deep V-neck with a strong skin exposure effect, this half-turtleneck design method is more temperamentally advanced.

Oversized puff sleeves – wear them chic

When dressing, you must know how to use the color and style design highlights to show a sense of chic, if your clothes in the color design is very simple and low-key, not bright enough, you can start in the style design, with some personalized style design to present a sense of chic, Tong Liya on this dress on both sides of the cuffs using oversized puff sleeve design to present enough three-dimensional, in the style design to reduce the sense of color matching.

Slim fit – outlines the perfect figure

This dress uses a slim design method in the design of the style to present a moderate outline matching effect, for girls with superior body lines, you can use this moderately slim style design method to present a bumpy body curve when wearing.

Long mopping skirt – dignified and elegant

The dress on Tong Liya’s body is very simple and light in the design of color, but the use of oversized puff sleeves in the design of the style presents a sufficiently eye-catching matching effect, and at the same time, it presents a dignified and elegant matching effect through the extended mopping skirt.

Tong Liya’s other styling analysis:

Champagne dark V-neck dress

In the stage wear, you can use some appropriate bright colors to show more eye-catching, such as the color of champagne gold, wearing it presents a golden sparkling feeling, the visual eye-catching sense is very strong, in the style design with a deep V-neck shape with a high slit design method, through a moderate skin exposure design to highlight the beauty of mature women’s figure.

Color-block trench dress

The mid-length trench coat dress uses a very strong three-dimensional style design method in the design of the style to present a sufficient sense of three-dimensionality, the windbreaker skirt uses a tight and loose style design method to present a contrasting matching effect in the design of the whole body, the design of the upper body is slim on the body, and the moderately open skirt of the lower body can present a good enough inclusiveness, clean light color splicing base stable dark color, using double color design to present more richness.

Lamb fleece jacket + gray sweatpants

The short lamb fleece jacket is comfortable and warm to wear, and the lower body is paired with casual sweatpants, which does not emphasize the color prominence in the combination of the upper and lower body, and at the same time can be presented with enough comfort through a very loose design method on the upper and lower body.

Tong Liya is really more and more able to wear after her divorce, whether it is stage styling or daily street styling is very worthy of reference, women of the same age should learn quickly.

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