When wearing jeans, everyone likes to wear tighter, so that you can wear the hip feeling of jeans, but if at this time, your hips are flat and sagging, you can’t wear the hips of jeans at all.

The hip muscles are not made of fat like our chest, because the shape of the chest you can basically only rely on genes, we can’t control where the body’s fat accumulates, so if you want to rely on exercise or diet to increase the cup shape of the chest, it is basically impossible.

The buttocks are made up of muscles, and we have a way to make the muscles in specific parts of the muscles enlarged through strength training and protein supplementation, which is called muscle hypertrophy. Therefore, we have a way to change and shape our buttocks through training.

Below we will combine mini elastic ring for buttock shaping training, this training program includes a total of 5 movements, according to the number of times and sets required below to complete the training, adhere to 4-6 weeks of training, you will harvest high peach buttocks, burst jeans, wear a beautiful hip feeling.

Training Movement 1

(1) Hold a fixation object with one hand to stabilize the body, and put a mini elastic ring above the knee of the thigh.

(2) Lift one leg off the ground with one leg bent, then raise it high backwards, and then slowly retract back to the starting position.

(3) Keep the pelvis stable during training and do not twist when lifting the legs.

(4) 15 training sessions per side, 1 set.

Training Movement 2

(1) Stand with your legs slightly wider than your shoulders, put a mini elastic ring above your knees, and stretch the mini elastic ring with your legs firmly outward.

(2) Squat down with your legs bent, get up slightly when you reach the lowest point, then squat down again, and then stand upright.

(3) When squatting, aim your knees at your toes to avoid your knees exceeding your toes.

(4) Train 15-20 times, train 2 sets.

Training Movement 3

(1) Lie on your back on the ground facing the bench press stool, step on the heels of your feet on the bench bench bench, put a mini above your knees, and stretch the elastic rings with your legs to the sides.

(2) Use the hips to push the hips upwards to the height of the thighs in a straight line with the upper body. Then slowly lower your hips, but always keep them off the ground.

(3) Tighten your hips and abdomen, keep your upper body straight, and don’t bend your waist.

(4) Training 25 times, training 2 groups.

Training Movement 4

(1) Lie on the bench bench with your upper body, snap the edge of the bench bench at the hip position, hang your legs in the air, grasp the edge of the bench bench with both hands to stabilize your body, and lift your feet off the ground with your legs bent at your knees.

(2) Raise your feet as high as you can, paying attention to the direction of the sky, not backwards.

(3) Raise the thighs to a height parallel to the upper body, do not raise them up too hard to avoid overextending the waist.

(4) 15 training sessions, 2 groups.

Training Movement 5

(1) Lie on the ground with your knees bent, support your body with your elbows, and cross your waist with your opposite hand.

(2) While pushing the hip up firmly, lift the upper leg up as well, and then slowly retract the upper leg and hip and put it back to the ground.

(3) Keep your body vertically on the ground and do not twist your body when lifting your legs and hips.

(4) 15 training sessions per side, 1 set.

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