Webmaster’s House (Chinaz.com) June 1 news

A few days ago, Xiaomi router 3G was officially released, this new router is known as a “dual-core dual-gigabit fiber-class flagship router”, priced at 249 yuan.

Xiaomi router 3G main dual-core all-gigabit design, the internal network + external network adopts the all-gigabit network port design, to meet the access needs of fiber-level broadband users above 100M, and at the same time, the “broadband acceleration” function is added to the APP.

In terms of configuration, Xiaomi router 3G has 128MB of large Flash, 256MB of large memory and USB 3.0. According to reports, Xiaomi router 3G adopts classic quad antenna, with MT7621A dual-core 880MHz processor, 128MB super large SLC Flash, 8 times the upgrade of ordinary routers; 256MB large memory to process data 4 times faster. With USB3. 0 interface, fast backup of photo data, and support up to 128 devices at the same time.

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