The author saw from the official website of Adidas today that the giant has launched the New Year of the Ox jersey mainly for the Chinese market on the mall, and it is suspected that it will be jointly released with Real Madrid, Bayern, Manchester United, Arsenal, and Juve. There are trousers, shirts, cotton clothing, short-sleeved T-shirts, jackets, etc., and a special version of Pogba’s Manchester United training uniform.

Looking at the selling price, it ranges from 329-1199 (the author verified that 1799 on the web page is the price of sneakers), which is a bit expensive for non-impulsive shopping groups like the author. Of course, in the eyes of some fans and friends, the power of idols cannot be measured by money.

Without further ado, let’s ask friends to take a closer look at the Year of the Ox jerseys of 5 clubs and see if they look like them.

Let’s take a look at Manchester United first.

At a glance, this looks like a shrunken Tang costume. If it can still be a little interesting to wear abroad, it is a bit uncommon to wear it at home.

Look at Arsenal.

For young gun fans, this big red-dominated Year of the Ox jersey is relatively festive. It’s just that most of the domestic gun fans began at the beginning of this century, and most of them are now past the age of standing. This red body is not so age-appropriate.

Look at Real Madrid.

White bottom + full of gray bull head and cow body, handsome guys should be able to wear temperament, and the appearance can’t help but hit the advice not to try easily.

Look at Bayern again.

I don’t know if it’s an illusion, I always think that Bayern’s jersey is a little old-fashioned. It is obviously the same design elements as the Juve shirt below, but it looks 5 years older than the Juve shirt.

Finally, the finale of Juve.

Juve’s jersey is among the 5 models, which should be rated relatively high, giving people a serious and lively sense of sight.

If you score, in the author’s eyes, Juve shirt 7.5 points, Arsenal shirt 7 points, Real Madrid shirt 6.5 points, Manchester United shirt 6.5 points, Bayern shirt 6 points.

According to the official store of Adidas, these jerseys will be officially released from 10 am on 1.16. If friends have a style in the picture, you can go to the official website of Adi to pay attention to it in advance.

However, the author seriously recommends that you buy such goods within your means. If we ourselves are under greater financial pressure every month, then restrain our impulses; If you are a high-income group, then the author did not say anything, after all, spiritual life is equally important.

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