Recently, Xiaobian’s friend liked to mention a new car and wanted to decorate it well, so Xiaobian looked at it with friends on the Internet, and also went to some decoration shops to see the current trend. One thing that is convenient is that it is convenient to buy this kind of car sticker online, and it is also very cheap. You can buy one for a few dollars, the amount is still excellent, and even you can do private customization of car stickers, isn’t it very convenient?

According to statistics, the logo of female drivers is the most special and attention-grabbing, what do you think?

What makes me cry and laugh the most is such a car logo, “novice female driver” is how many words are used to describe everyone must go around.

Brilliance also gave birth to a baby? Forgive my ignorance, is it that your BMW was born in the year of the horse, and as a result, such a logo came.

Chevrolet Sail’s car sticker is domineering enough, forgive my ignorance, just a Sail, and dare to say that the accelerator is stepped on to the end, who dares to compare with me, is it that you are not power-sufficient, so you must step on the end, the car can go ah!

Where are the eight precepts? Didn’t see it.

Another novice female driver, not only exposing your gender, but also your driving experience, without any sense of safety and confidentiality.

Don’t say I didn’t tell you, I’m a veritable big Ben….. Big is really big. Never underestimate a dream of driving a van.

What makes you look at is not this little lion vs dinosaur car sticker, but this domineering license plate, don’t look at me from a small place, but my domineering B 5 burst is barbaric. The editor really wants to praise the PS level of the owner, there is no sense of violation!

This is also from Peugeot, this lion squad logo carrying the national flag has been seen in many places, but why it is fired, I still don’t understand.

Toyota can not only become a minotaur, but also an invincible little crab.

It is estimated that many people have seen the logo of this Volkswagen Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, maybe you are one of them? This design is simply a perfect fit, without a slight sense of violation. The memories of the post-80s, I believe that most of the people who changed to this kind of car logo are post-80s.

Not only Volkswagen, Buick, BMW have been changed in this way, but in fact, Volkswagen’s look is the most comfortable. Inadvertently found that the following four cars were simply directly matched into a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles team.

This kind of emoji is really not suitable for putting on the car to make car stickers, it can be said that it is very ugly, a good golf is so wasted, but Facebook is indeed so popular.

Ford owners live tightly, life is forced, but also ask for support, it seems that the fuel consumption of this car is really not low, the owner of the car is forced by life.

Baojun is not only a divine car, but also a divine car, feeling a horse roaring up to the sky.

Poor math grades in elementary school, 4*4 equals 15, is your math taught by a physical education teacher? The owner of the guide’s car, no wonder the schoolboy was beaten.

Don’t look down on me Big Jaguar, I’m going to fly on Jaguar and fly to the end of the cape.

Mondeo owner, your list is big enough, the driver’s license has to be bought, and the car must be rented, what do you let the traffic police Shumai think?

At a glance, it turned out to be an iconic elf car of the Great Wall, which is also the earliest car launched by the Great Wall, its handling performance can be quite good, drifting is no problem, but such a good car is discontinued.

Tell me it’s okay, as long as you don’t tell the traffic police Shumai, otherwise, you won’t have a chance to drive.

Jeep owner you are really talented, but this little flying pig is really too contrary to the sense of harmony, how do you let the Jeep brand mix in the future?

Well, today’s car logo car sticker inventory is here, if you think that the editor collection is not funny enough, welcome to leave a message to recommend the more funny you have seen. Next time we have sorted it out and shared it with more netizens.

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